I don’t like big guys

I am not a big muscular dude. Genetics wise, that’s probably not in the cards. And desire wise, I’ll be happy with doing a fuck ton of pull ups.

Uncle Archie does care about my Lou Ferrigno players.

Q. Archie, all I get is fat girls and ugly girls wanting to feel my biceps.

And the cute skinny girls say I’m too big.

A. There’s a whole lot going on in the average chick’s mind.  I’m not a mind reader, neither should you be.

But for those of us who’ve been in the mix..

1) Fat girls give no fucks. Until you want them to fuck you…

On the one hand, her taking a selfie with The Mountain pretending to be a man gives her validation and a hint of sexuality.  But if you stoop down to her level – she’ll be able to reject you, which is more delicious than any sweet love that might happen later.

2) Shouldn’t the skinny chicks be all up on me?  What’s all the hate?

You’re being disqualified on appearance. She’s judging you before you have a chance to plead your case.

Prejudging aka prejudice

Some of you guys weren’t expecting that.  But that’s what it is, and now that you realize that you’ve been on the wrong side of it before, don’t do it. Be on the lookout for it.

Chicks that are disqualifying you on appearance are saying that they expect a brute when they see you, and 

– some chicks want that
– others are afraid
– others will think you’re a dumb jock/low class/can’t bring you around her social circle (it’s ridiculous, because the smaller frat boy type is far more obnoxious, predictably so)

These broads aren’t going to change. “It’s my preference..”

As Young Dro would say, FDB.

And now that we’ve ranted, what’s the solution?

Subvert expectations.

But you don’t actually know what her objection is. If you knew she thought that muscles were low class, then you’d counter that with high class impressions. Like being fashionable.

If you thought that she was afraid of your size, and that you might get angry, you would play that off being upbeat, happy, and funny.

But you can’t read her mind. (Even if you could, their minds change so quickly, you’d be in constant reaction)

And as we have not previously discussed, you can’t reason your way into romance.

You change her mind by changing her mood, by going for the emotional jugular.

Like all game, the play is always personality, more so than appearance. Humor, intelligence, insight… The exact thing us “small” guys use.

– get her attention

– chit chat

– player says

“I know when you see a guy like me…”

This acknowledges what she might be thinking – but frame wise even if she wasn’t thinking anything – she is now.

“There’s only one question you have on your mind.”

– cold read light. Builds intrigue

“Do i have a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA….”

– the release

It has a nice logical ending in that the build-up goes left from expectations like all good jokes – but from a game pov, we’ve now gotten some emotional churn.

And keep doing that…


New Player meets an 8

Dear Archie,

I’m new to the game, and having some decent success.  And then I met this 8, and we really hit it off.  The sex is great and I really like her.

[Ed. So what’s the problem?]

It’s just that if I turn this into an LTR, my game won’t get any better.  What should I do?

This is actually a less straight forward question than it seems to be.

The young player sees it as

1) Play the field

2) LTR until he’s in a pine box.

That LTR with an 8 is problematic for many reasons.  He has no relationship skills. Much easier to be rock solid when you’ve got ten chicks, than when you only have one.

Often the dynamic flips and the girl is in the position of power.

So when offered this horrible situation, what should a player do?

Get into the relationship!

It’s the only way you’ll learn to avoid them. (Plus one on one skills)

Just know the end will come, and it’ll hurt.





Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

I had different hopes for this post, but I really just like this song.

At some point I’ll write a post about Break Up Recovery, but let’s just focus on the break up – and what happened.

As players, the break up we care the most about are the ones where the 8+ “perfect check”/Mrs. West Indian Archie just gets tired of us and runs out, leaving us heartbroken.

How did we get here?   Did I lose my alpha?  What happened to my game?

In the real world, people change and they grow apart.  The game that you used to pull her stopped being effective long ago.   That’s to be expected.  A chick will grow used to your charms as time goes on.

So you have to keep going to the well to bring up new game.  Put her in new situations, keep changing things on her.

Now if you ask me, this sounds a whole lot like work.  And my current thinking is that she’s not really bringing much more to the table.  She’s getting older, the sex is getting boring, and the nagging is increasing.

Where a lot of guys are like,

  • What can I do to keep her?
  • What can I do to get her back?
  • Why isn’t this lasting?

My current thoughts on the matter are – why should I stay?

What is she doing to keep me interested in giving her more of the feelings that she wants?

If she’s not inspiring me to be alpha, to lead, to take charge – what good is she?


Maybe you’ve heard this one?


Just Wrapped a Podcast with McQueen

I was hoping to have more content written here, but I’m kinda all over the web right now.

Here’s the initial post and you can see what  questions I was asked –


In other “forum developments”

I’ve been checking out  SedFast and Pick Up Artist Forum.   I know a lot of you guys know me from Roosh’s joint, McQueen’s Joint, and the Moma and Rudebwoy “2 Boys doing a Ting” podcast.

Here’s an interesting scenario that I used to run into in my own LTR’s


There’s more to unpack here as well.

Elsewise, the East Coast is looking quite marvelous today.

I however am in a coffee shop working on 2 different side businesses.


Perfect Game

Realize that you’re in the Matrix, your life has been spent trying to live someone else’s dream, attain things that they want.

This is why you can’t get what you want, because the Matrix has rules built into it that stop you

Unplug from the matrix.

Start to deprogram yourself, and build yourself.

Recognize that game is real, it works, it can work for you.

Learn the techniques, the rules, and the rationale and theory behind the rule.   Practice. Keep notes.  Post your findings and experiences for others to interpret.  Keep updating your skills.

As you external skills and technique get better, integrate that into the rest of your life.  Bring your internals and externals up

Round out your game by examining those goals that society started with, and now you have the external and internal tools to get there.

Four types of Game and Four Advantages

There are four main types of Game

Cold approach night game

Cold approach day game

Online game

Social circle game

Cold approach night game teaches a new player the most.  He has to find where people are having fun and then attempt to convert a stranger into a friend when everything is going against him.  He has to deal with staff, other players, white knights, hating girlfriends, drunks, crowds, flashing lights, loud music…And he still has to spit at the chick.

It’s easily the most exhilarating of all the forms of game, and the one that should be the foundation of your other game.

Day game is intimidating and hard on its own accord.  With night game a chick is ostensibly trying to be social, even if she makes it difficult for herself to actually be social.  With day game, she’s just going about her business and is typically not interested in meeting anyone except Jesse Williams.  But day game opportunities abound. If you live and work in a big city, there are women everywhere.  Being able to strike up a conversation while you’re on the train, waiting in line at Chipotle, or as you go between offices will open up a new world. For you college kids, it’s the same  chicks that are wearing full social body armor denuded.

Online game focuses primarily on two vital aspects of game, seducing through words and creating rapid comfort on the first meet.  Written communication is a major part of all game, but with day and night game, you have the additional tools of making emotional impact on a girl in person.  The rapid comfort has to come on the first meet.  The idea is that she has basically said that you are attractive enough to hang out with, but I need more assurance for anything more.  Rapid comfort/trust will help a player in his live game as well.

And finally the most powerful of all, the style of game that can move well past merely picking up chicks – social circle game.  Great social circle game becomes fame and power.

Basic Socialization Skills can be Improved

And that will help your game

Tone, depth, pace, diction, enunciation, pronunciation, projection, volume. All that can be learned.

Improv, story telling, comedy, emoting, can be learned as well.

Those skills will have dividends outside of game.

If you really see the point of this, some grappling MMA stuff would be very useful in the bed room. Not that you need to arm bar these broads. But the right knowledge of how to sweep her into bed, like a controlled fall, and you can really start speaking a girl’s language.

Part of why I don’t see much pick-up progress is that you can do quite well for yourself with 2% of the available knowledge and consistently going out.

In essence gentlemen and scoundrels, the bar is low because of overall social programming.