Pink Elephants

Do you understand how this joke works?

There are a few players

  • The Elephant
  • The Cops who don’t want to see the elephant, and won’t let you get out of your ticket
  • The Victim
  • The Audience

So the crew/cops pull over the victim.  The victim thinks to herself that I must have done something wrong, or I haven’t done anything wrong.  The cop acts like a cop.

And then this pink elephant with yellow spots walks in the background.

Predictably, the victim tries to redirect the cop’s attention, but the cop being a cop is not falling for it.  When the cop finally does, the elephant is nowhere to be seen – thus proving that the cop was right not to believe the victim.

This cycles a few times, and the audience is the only one in on the joke.  The audience sees the humor, the exasperation, and frustration.

So the humor is really for the viewing audience, why do they then show the audience the shot of the victim seeing the camera?

Clearly when the victim sees the camera, there’s a huge sigh of relief that they experience – but the tension is also relieved with the viewing audience.

This is the sort of thing I think about when it comes to game.  How can I use these sort of social rules to make emotional impact on the girl.

At the theory level, this involves two sets, with your target girl being the audience.   You run your flim flam on some cute chick.  She’s tense, she’s bouncing around, and then you relieve the tension.  Your target sees this, and her own tension is relieved.

So there’s really not much more to it – and this is just coming at Group Theory/Pawn Theory from another angle.



Am I Getting Anywhere?

Q: Archie – I thought this chick was feeling me, but when I ask for the meet, she says, “I’ll let you know”

A. If a chick hits you with the “I’ll let you know” that’s a “no” not a “know”

[Ed. This video has nothing to do with the topic, I just find it comical]

Overall, dissecting the problem is that to get to that point of “I’ll let you know” – you had to spark some initial interest/attraction and then lose it.

1) the chick opened,
2) and you ran your material/showed value
3) and you she wanted to hear more,
4) and to get more from you, you made her invest

She’s on. This ain’t rocket science. As much as guys want to overcomplicate things, this is basically how all the styles work.

– Pretty boy steps up, yammers – the value is his prettiness. She wants more, he makes her invest.

– Meathead steps up, yammers, the value is in the muscles, to bang her, he makes her invest.

– Player steps up, yammers, the value is in how he is making her feel in the moment. To bang her, he makes her invest.

So it’s guys getting weak opens (like environmental openers that are “clever” but don’t actually push a girl’s emotional buttons), and then assuming the rest.

I can’t assume sexual/physical attraction. She might purse her lips, or bring her legs together, or give off some sort of biological tell – but she might need to pee. Her twirling her hair might be interest, might be what she does when she’s bored.

Yet, getting her to play along, and to further invest is something I can see, verify, and keep on doing.

They get to the end where they go for the #/kiss/instadate/bang – and suddenly the girl’s not interested.

There’s nothing sudden about it.
The player didn’t show her what she wanted to see/hear.
But because chicks get punched in the face for being blunt, she was cordial the whole time.

I used to run into this shit all the time. Then I realized I needed to really push the emotions harder. The good pulls I had, the chick was REALLY feeling what I had to say. But I was focusing on the material, not so much the [b]depth of the emotional reaction[/b]. That’s the roller coaster that we keep talking about.

So to focus on that, if I had a chick giggling, i’d hammer on that a minute or two then switch gears. She’s laughing, now she’s defending herself for laughing too much. Switch, switch, switch – whatever she thought initially, however she felt – I’ve changed her mood and have now changed her mind. This is what good customer service reps do. It’s not that hard to adapt to game.

I don’t want a giggle, I want her sides to hurt when she laughs at my shit. Whatever emotion I think is possible, I want it to be on 10, not 0.5.

And people get sold TV’s, newspaper subscriptions, loan products, life insurance, and switch electric companies when they go to the grocery store. You go into Wal-Mart for some oil filters and end up picking up shit on the way. It’s not an accident.

People’s ability to control their urges is not that strong. The real problem is that they don’t have the money to buy everything they want.


Double Bind

Q. Do your parents know that you’re a Vegan?

A. No… wait yes…wait I’m not a Vegan…

The Double Bind, something that lots of debate people to trap people into statements.   Now if you’re debating, it’s a dirty trick. But if you’re flirting, its fun for the girl.

Rather than bore a chick with your bragging or humble bragging, invite her to play using a double bind.

How to set it up

1) Come in with the opener,
2) She doesn’t hear you
3) You turn the topic of conversation away from what you had in mind, and on to her in playful manner
– it’s an accusation that she has to defend herself against
– it’s a cold read
– it’s a tease
– it’s a flirt


And not in an intellectual way.  She probably has enough boring conversations at the job.   So focus on flirting and having fun.  Giving her something to play with.  That’s what I go for, and what I think you should go for.   Plus this is something you can do during night game, day game, online game, and social circle game.   It’s sexy without touching on sex.

4) She’s going to keep playing this game where she’s the center of the discussion.

And that’s where you want it to be

But Archie, I just reached the top of Mt. Everest

She doesn’t care.  She doesn’t care about that stuff, because she doesn’t care about you.  You know what she cares about? HER

Chances are that whatever you were going to say initially isn’t going to give you this sort of reaction that flirting will, and a double bind is a good little conversational piece to keep in your back pocket.

Remember, often times you need to go off of your “script” – and focus on the here and now of the conversation.

That means the conversation should focus on
– her
– you and her

You want the girl to be mentally engaged and talking to you – so even if you had this killer story or joke planned, there’s no real point in going back to what you were saying until you get her interested in you.

All that cool bragging stuff that you want to lead with, You need to let that go.

But now that she is chatting – you have to move the ball forward.

So you throw a double bind at her, and now she’s playing with you.

This is where you’re now playing the game.