The Set Back

It’s weird to me how much game has taken a step back in recent years.

If you would have asked me in 2001, where game would be in 16 years, I would have told you that everything that had been figured out would be built upon. Lots of data and well understood practical techniques for the following

  • On the spot 3 some game (you walk into a spot, see a 2 set, and then stay with them the whole night and bang both at the same time)
  • Hired gun game (waitresses, shot girls, strippers)
  • Ten game (objective 10’s – i.e. dominant society’s highest order of chick)
  • Harem game
  • Male positive open ltr’s

Instead, most of what was figured out back in the day  was

  1. Trivialized – as a bunch of people tried to cash in
  2. Lost – as people shifted from message boards/irc/instant messenger to personal blogs, Facebook/Twitter and Dating sites.

Everything went from centralized to decentralized.

So now guys are rediscovering that dressing GQ and lifestyle game sets them up to look like “alpha providers” not “choosy alphas”. They fight from a deficit from the beginning.

Let me be clear, cash, nice clothes, nice car, nice crib, physically fit – those all make sex easier – but for a lot of different reasons.  With game, sex is important – but CHOICE is more important.  There are tons of guys out there who have all the “right stuff”.  And they get laid plenty – but as we’ve seen with our Celebrity Chronicles – “the right stuff” is not a replacement for game.

On the socially approved scale, having “the right stuff” kills for lower end girls (6’s and below – who may have nice face or nice bodies, but not both).   But as we’ve seen with Tag the Sponsor, there’s always guys with MORE, and chicks are surrounded by offers.  Not all of them “jump” on a Sheikh shaking 40K her way for a weekend in Dubai.   At the local level, you don’t think the chick at the hottest club in Kansas City doesn’t have access to the Kansas City Chiefs?

She is constantly surrounded by that stuff, and it doesn’t impress her.

When you’re out at the spot though, when you meet these “higher end” girls, take them off the pedestal, – they just end up being the same ball of insecurities as a chick that’s not so much in the public eye.   It’s cliche only because it’s true.

With this overall setback in game technology, I wonder

  • How long it will take this generation to want to bait shit tests so that they can ramp up attraction?
  • In days when clubs are dying, will merge sets ever become important?

To be fair, a lot of PUA’s were selling sex to women when Pimps and Player’s sold dreams instead. I’m not sure what these modern alphas are really trying to actively sell.  It’s all passive sell.

I’m so great, a chick would be ludicrous not to get with me.

Book Update – 54% through the rough draft.  Looking @ 150 pages so far. (At current rate, 277 pages of rough draft).


Using Real Psych for Game

This is the sort of thing that gets me excited

The processing scene discussion about 1:46

“Asking questions with

“Relive the experience that causes the …

“When the person has a positive realization…”

For me, this is the sort of thing that points to a direction.

Once you’ve got the chick on the solo, and she’s feeling you, this is when the “manual” says you go into deep and wide rapport.

What if you had some actual technique in that?

What could you then do?

Now peep game here.

This is a choice line

The failure of decision-makers to grapple with the inner workings of their own minds, and their desire to indulge their gut feelings, made it “quite likely that the fate of entire societies may be sealed by a series of avoidable mistakes committed by their leaders.”

How do you adapt this to game?   The background of this quote is 2 psychologists are trying to influence military and political leaders.  Those guys basically went with their gut.  But their gut feelings got people killed.

The game lesson here is not that just that we want to play the #’2, but to understand how our minds affect our decision making skills AND how her mind affects hers.

We’re not about tricks.  We’re about figuring out what the chick is TRULY motivated by.  And that’s what we’re trying to tap into.




Stuff you can’t learn from books

When cats aren’t asking when the book is coming out, they’re asking me what to read.

  1. The Game by Neil Strauss
  2. Tyler’s Digest

I’d probably toss the Mystery Method and Magic Bullets for an idea of old school, super technical game.


I learned a ton from reading.

But I learned far more from going out 5+ nights a week.

What is hard to learn is that killer instinct.

You’ll get to the point where you know when it’s “on”. You’re getting the right sort of feedback. That’s not what I’m talking about.

There are a ton of chicks that either they don’t give you any indication, or the shit is so subtle you need a scanning tunneling microscope to see it.

So you have to take that leap of faith that you know it’s on and she’s with it.

That comes from experience to some extent, but largely it’s from within.  The basic belief that you have that things will turn to your favor – despite her initial reluctance.  Not that she’s going to give in – never that.  But she’s going to be skeptical, then become an enthusiast.

The advice here – not so much the question – is to be bold and daring upfront and when you’re out and about.  A lot of guys play meek and mild at the outset, and slowly seep into a chick’s world.  She sorta kinda likes him/tolerates him – but things are in “her control”.  She has certain expectations, and he’ll get a kiss (of her toe) when she’s good and ready.

When you start learning the game – a big inner game key – is being okay with showing your own sexuality.

Guys are scared to let a chick know, “hey i think you’re sexy, let’s make like a ceviche and marinate”

But Archie, aren’t you into indirect game?

There’s that term again, Indirect Game.  Indirect doesn’t mean beat around the bush.   Indirect means that you hold off with your interest until she’s showing you her interest.  So you engage with her, get the laughs and going, test her out – and see if you like her.

You can have a “direct” opener to start off your interaction. The problem is that it basically puts the girl on notice, and a lot of them like to shut down the interaction before it even starts

^But this can happen even if you’re not trying to flirt with her.  Chicks be on some shit regardless of how you come at them.

So this is where I connect the title of this little essay.

You can’t learn how to handle a typical chick like above, strictly from reading books.  Reading books – useful- needs to be in conjunction with going out.  And when you go out, you need to push your own limits.   Pushing past where you feel comfortable is what the killer instinct is about.


[This was a post from August 2016, that I never posted.  Got about 40 saved that I never ended up posting – Archie]

I was reading a pick up artist board today, and there was this super elaborate list of skills needed for MASTERY of the game.  But as those things go, it quickly turned into a pissing match – where guys who aren’t concerned with MASTERY started concern trolling about the mythical newbie who happens to find that list and dedicates himself to memorizing everything in the encyclopedia of game.

Clearly, I’m on the technical side of game.  I think a whole lot of stuff goes into it…if you want to master it.   And although I allude to and sometimes discuss the meaning of “advanced game”, the mastery of game is something I should spend more time on.

That’s my own personal interest though.

My fellow traveler is usually interested in what we should call efficient game.  Easiest pussy for the least amount of effort.   Recognizing that there is a good amount of effort needed…to use a weights analogy….

Mastery of Game is perfecting  the squat

  • Hypertrophy
  • Strength/Power Lifting
  • Explosive Power
  • Endurance
  • Playing with tempo
  • Playing with time under tension
  • Deep squats (ass to grass) to emphasize different muscles
  • Etc

Efficiency of game is just having good form to make solid increases and not injure yourself.

So let’s talk about efficiency with an eye towards mastery.

Ground Rules

Pay for Play is verboten.   

But there’s really nothing more efficient than that.   There isn’t much game, personal growth, ego stroking, or anything particularly mentally healthy about shelling out dollars.  This goes without saying

But how do we measure efficiency?

With online game, you can spend some time working on your picture, craft a few opening messages, develop a funnel involving dates in usual locations, with usual adventures, all of which end upat home.    You can blast chicks by the dozens, and for a lot of guys, set up a # of dates.   In terms of it being easy on your soul, it’s not like getting ignored or worse hated on in meat space.  A lot of regular dudes are meeting and banging chicks this way.

In terms of time, you can automate/script the message blasts, but when you get interest -then it’s playing text-tag until she’s ready to come out.  Obviously the better you write, the better you can stir her emotions, the more efficient you are – but there’s a steep learning curve when it comes to the written game.

So right off the bat we have two factors,

  1. How hard is it on you, the player?
  2. How long does it take from initial contact to meet up?

Let’s consider day game.   I’m not one of these guys that hangs out at Leicester Square in London or Union Square in NYC running after tourists who look like they have nothing to do and barely speak English.   The way I’ve made connections during the day time is seeing chicks, approaching, and trying to generate interest right then and there.    My overall problem with day game is that it’s not really that dense.

Second, girls aren’t particularly social like they are in other contexts.   It is true that it’s easier to open, easier to get a conversation going, but unless you’re in person verbal game is stellar – any phone # you get is likely to be weak.   She loves you in the moment, but forgets you when you walk away.    So the hack for that is to extend the time and do an instadate.   If she doesn’t agree to coffee when you’re right in front of her, she’s probably not that attracted – and any later call would have resulted in the same thing.  Not to say it can’t be done.

So now we have more factors in terms of efficiency

  1.  Density of ladies
  2. Social Context

Social Circle game is the 3rd out of 4 of the main types of game.   Density is a non issue.  Ease of approach and social anxiety for the player are typically low.  Chicks may be more receptive to talking to a guy that they basically know.   So for the most part hollering at girls you already know is fairly efficient – but you also have a limited # of women to really talk to.  Furthermore the downside to bungled approaches is higher.    So you can’t rule out Social Circle game based on efficiency.

Which leaves night game.   High Density, Good Social Context,  Ease of moving her about, and a player can strike when the iron is hot.   The only real problem of night game is that rejections are harsh, and near misses are worse.

So ranking them

  1. Online Game is the easiest (in terms of effort, not in terms of results)
  2. Night Game – at proficiency – it’s go out and meet someone tonight
  3. Day Game – least efficient, but low stakes

Leaving the final 2, Social Circle and “World” Game off the meter for a bit.

Got some thinking to do


Do You Need Game

There are 5 books I want to write
– a beginner’s game
– basic game expanded
– intermediate game – after you’ve internalized the structure, and you want to expand
– problems and scenarios
– the book I want to read myself – advanced game.

I want anyone that reads what I write to develop their “Mind for The Game”.

Trying to put what is in my brain into the reader’s brain.

It’s tough.

But I think a lot of cats that read what I write, just want to fuck bitches.

There are MUCH easier paths to pussy than what I write about.

Eat Right, Lift, Dress Well,Go Out, Be Social -> These 5 things alone will get guys more pussy than they can handle.

Truthbetold #’s 4 & 5 is all dudes really need.  1-3 just makes 4 & 5 easier.
Furthemore, I’d never want to be known as “looks denialist” – 1-3 can open up a diff class of female altogether – because you end up going to diff places.
For example –  if you’re ripped, you can start hitting those pool parties and spring break shit, and not feel self conscious
around all the other creatine junkies.  And that leads to you feeling good about yourself, not being one of them skinny fat “losers”.  So you’re emboldened to holla at anything in a bikini.  Indeed, you might level up in that sort of Jersey Shore/Lake Havasu/South Padre Island/Ft. Lauderdale environs.  And when chicks are on vacation, they give themselves permission to act on those crazy desires that have to keep in check at home. That same demographic of girl you might not fuck at home, but on Spring Break?

So let’s break down the 5 in order of importance for conventional socially approved “this is how you attract females” rules

Eat Right

This can take a lot of dimensions, but I personally advocated the ketogenic diet.  It’s less than 20 grams of net carbs per day.  (My meals look like a 12 oz ribeye + spinach, or 10 oz of Salmon sauteed in a cast iron pan and then put into a hot oven to finish with greens)

If you’re fat, this will take the weight off.  If you’re lean, this will reveal the six pack abs.  If you’re already jacked – this is basically eating clean.  You can cycle carbs on work out days – but I’m literally the wrong person to talk to when it comes to getting jacked.

Get Fit

This should be self-explanatory – but anyone who says something is self-explanatory usually can not break it down.  The visual and the functional

So getting fit in the context of game is getting rid of the gut, losing some of the fat around the jowls to reveal your natural square jaw.  Defined muscle is nice.  6 pack is over kill, given how much fat you need to lose and the dietary constraints.  A flat stomach, defined arms, defined legs.    If a chick reacts when you take your shirt off, or she feels your bicep when it’s exposed – that’s all that’s necessary.

No need to go all Jay Cutler to pull bitches.  None whatsoever.  Your basic working athlete is about as far as you need to go.

The second aspect is the functional.  Way back in the day I asked forum members about a “performance” related work out.  None was forthcoming.   So I had to start figuring out that myself.  Love to hear you fit guys speak on it.   When it comes to handling your business, there’s 3 basic positions, Missionary, Cowgirl, and Doggy.  Everything else, I leave to Justin Slayer.   Never managed to do the piledrive, the carry, any of them jujitsu moves, side saddle successfully.  Believe me, once you get your skillset together –

    1. Missionary is push ups, hindu push ups, and planks + hip drive.

    1. Doggy is essentially lat pull downs (back and shoulders) + hip drive.   It wouldn’t hurt to do the horse stance as well.

  1. Cowgirl is the abs work out from hell plus hip drive.  Glute Bridge is probably the best one here. And if you’re one of them broughams that doesn’t shy away from the “Thick” this can actually be some

Also I know guys hate steady state cardio (I don’t mind riding a bike for hours, or 50 minutes on the elliptical) – but let’s say you realize that you’re on the last legs of a relationship.  You’re thinking that this is going to be the last bang ever – you want to be able to handle your b.i. for a couple hours straight.   REVENGE. Hammer it long and hard.  Send her off to the guy she has waiting in the wings sore.

So this is one of those things where you need not just the power of high intensity interval training (HIIT) but the endurance of low intensity steady state cardio (LISS).  I honestly don’t have any idea of how to do that sort of training, but I remember it being touched on in Convict Training.

Dress Well

This is a huge topic, and I’ve personally never seen it done well by guys in the Game or by fashion guys.   I’ll probably try and do a lot more of this on the blog, as my situation has changed and I actually have a shit ton more time to write.

Guys come at the style game with 3 things in mind.

  • Wear Suits
  • Wear Designer
  • Wear the best stuff a man can afford.

I wear suits for work (or at least I did for 7 years.  Nowadays, I’m shamefully wearing slacks and a dress shirt).  The suit effect is real – but guys that don’t wear suits – think that suits will affect the lady.  They neglect the effect that the suit has on the man wearing it.   That’s the real killer app – wearing things that make you feel powerful.  Women wear lingerie to feel sexy, an intern can put on a suit that fits, look in the mirror, and feel like a boss.  The suit itself can actually make a man change his posture.   Just looking up more, looking people in the eye – THAT ALONE – will make you realize how many chicks are digging you.

But I can tell you, that suits @ the happy hour – makes you fit into the crowd.  Now you will have to play the “business card” game.  In a place like NYC, DC, London – there’s always somebody in the room that makes at least 10x as much as you, and is wearing something more expensive.  Although these 5 steps are about NOT USING

GAME – a smidge of game on the mental level helps here.  Don’t try to go head to head with a guy that just stepped out of a men’s wear ad.

The dude on the left is not killing it.  The guy on the right is.  To go from left to right probably wouldn’t cost that much – but you need the EYE to understand what’s wrong with the guy on the left, and what’s right with the guy on the right.  (Also for you guys that work out –  the guy on the right might not be the biggest dude in the world –  but getting a fitted suit and you’ve got shoulders and biceps is a good way to look like you mean business)

Here’s how I handle it.

That guy is not competing with me, but I’m not competing with him.  If a chick wants a 20 dollar Cosmo, I let Daddy Warbucks get her drunk.   Then I come at them both and big the guy up for being a gentleman, and asking him how much he works.

We’ll discuss more of this as time goes on.

Go Out More

There were times that I went out 7 nights a week for months on end.  Learned a ton of game, lots of notches, and then I met one of the loves of my life.   3 years of domestic bliss, and then back on the dating scene.  I couldn’t return to that 7 nights a week because I had actual professional responsibilities.  80-100 hour weeks is a bigger cockblock than being short, trust me.   I did develop some of my workplace game – another topic for another time – but messing with chicks that you work in the same building with (Jah forbid you actually work with them in the same company) – that’s no substitute for “free world females”.

So you have to figure out when you can go out , and have that minimize the damage to the rest of your life.  If you’re just starting out in the game, DO SOME DAMAGE.  But after the first 10-20 notches, you can ease back.

This is what normal guys with no game do.  They go out a fair amount.  Even if it’s to watch the game, they go to a sports bar.  Putting yourself in a social environment is key.

Be Social

Most guys have no intellectual problems with 1-4.  #5 is being social.  And that’s when dudes clam up.   They get in shape, look good, and attend the local free salsa lessons – but they don’t talk to girls.  Being in the same place, but not being able to talk at all is the biggest hurdle in the game.    But part of the issue is that they’re putting too much emphasis on meeting a girl and bedding her that night.

Take the pressure off, and talk to the guys, staff, the not-to-your liking girls, and the girls you like a lot.

Hey, how ya doing

Nothing even as elaborate as this.

Tell a story.  Have them tell a story.   That’ s it.

Just doing these 5 things regularly, and a guy becomes naturally attractive to chicks, and his cold approaches
will open much better.

But there’s a problem with this right?


Big Bank Take Little Bank

Archie – I was at a club, talking to a chica, and I think I was getting somewhere.  Then a guy out of the blue came up and grabbed the chick to go dance with him?  What gives?  Was it you? She even gave him her number!


Not me, but he had a lot of balls to do that.

But that whole “I’m gonna steal your girl right in front of you” mentality is one of the darker sides of the game. Rappers of the last 16 years are always yakking about I’m gonna fuck *your* girl, even though there are tons of attractive single young ladies out there

Let’s get down to the analysis.

Failure to Lock In

In hindsight, it means that you were moving too slow, and he recognized that on some level.  The proper move for a situation when you’re chatting a chick up is to LOCK IN.

The idea is that if you’re chatting up a girl, use the social momentum to move her into a position where it looks like SHE’S chatting you up.

So if a girl is leaning up against the bar, one of the moves has been to “read her palm”, and then pull her out of the bar, and move into her spot – so that she’s standing up and leaning in to you.

That’s the general practice.

It sounds like you were “Out in the Open”.  Like from all angles, she could be “gorilla’d” and you’re standing there looking like Steve Urkel.

So the better move is to MOVE HER OUT OF THE ZONE OF DANGER.  So away from the dance floor, towards the bar, out for a smoke…

The guy was basically able to move her from a low energy/stimulation of chatting, into higher sexual energy situation of dancing – in a place where that was the purpose.

Fortune favored the bold

What to make of the guy?

Since he took a phone number, his game was ultimately weak. Chances are low that the subsequent text is going to convey the same level of alpha.

Why?  In a high stimulation environment – the girl is getting all the good feelings and good vibes.

Next day?   “Who is this fool texting me?”

My Personal Experience

I’ve always been of slight build, even when I’m chubby. That’s happened to me a few times. But then my dance game went up, and after that my sense to get her out of the venue increased.

So now, if I’m rapping to a chick, and she either is feeling me from jump or gets into the validation cycle (sometimes you can’t tell) – I EXTRACT



Dime Piece

UPDATED 1/9/2017

The “dime piece” discussion is strictly about looks (face and body) and
1) How hard it is to find them
2) Needing some super jedi mind tricks to pull this unicorn of a bitch.

Trust me, if they fuck me, they’ll fuck you.

#1 is a legit question
#2 is some bullshit.

But it goes back to how guys pull 7’s in the first place.

If you’re just sniping tipsy chicks as the leave the club, or dancing with a chick all night and just staying on the bitch and being persistent – (both valid strategies) – but it’s straight up you pursuing her.

Usually your passive value as a black man, that works out, dresses well, has a few dollars in his pocket (not a whole lot, but enough) – the snipe moves or the persistence or the spam approaches – is gonna get you a whole lot of pussy.  And if you’re in it for the bangs – just on volume you’re going to fuck 9’s and 10’s.

Volume, tho.

I basically promote a hybrid of those 3.

  • Spam the crowd with light game, meet everyone.
  • Figure out who has some natural attraction and the best logistics (snipe).
  • And then just stay on the broad until it’s time to break out.

Easy Peasy.

Get to the club @ 11, make your rounds, by 12:30 you know which chicks were feeling you just off of being social.  Pick the right one, and you’re getting your dick sucked in your grandmother’s basement.

With an average dude trying to scope a 10 – the real problem is that of proximity.  Either these high end bitches are nowhere to be found, or they’re roped off in VIP.  What’s a regular guy to do?

Now if you’re an exceptionally good looking dude, tall, muscles, dressed – etc – any of the 3 main ways guys gain entry into the upper levels, or a combination/hybrid of the main 3 – and you’ll get the really hot chicks – because this is the guy that they typically go out with.

He’s social, good looking, tall, has muscles, and has money.

He’s the thing that society has sold her on.   So if that dude sees Beyonce coming out the lady’s room – she’s at least open to the idea of meeting him.  Who else does she dream about at night?

But that’s more “macking” and less pimping.
If pussy wasn’t involved, you’d call that sort of thing hustling.
That’s cold calling.
That’s outside sales. (not inside sales)

One thing I ask myself when I’m dealing with a chick.

Am I running GAME ?

Are you running game when you’ve made yourself into visual perfection?

That’s the question you should be asking yourself.

What does that even mean?..

The reality of the game is that most guys can stay knee deep in pussy, just talking to bitches, and taking the limits off of their personalities.  I think the professional teachers say that “You are enough”.

It’s very close to “Just Be Yourself”

“Just Be Yourself” is actually good advice – except for the fact that most guys do not know
1) Who they really are,
2) What they really want,
3) How to be themselves around people that are strangers/hostiles/potential mates.

The solution to JBY?

  • Go out enough,
  • Desensitize yourself to new people
  • Acclimate yourself to new environments

And boom – you’re getting chicks just off of who you are, because you’re no longer afraid to express it, and know how to put your best foot forward.

The pretty boy that’s social?  He gets the 10’s just doing this.

A regular dude?  He might be slaying bitches left and right, but let Halle Berry walk in – and he can’t talk – he can’t be himself.

The 10 intimidates a regular guy.  So he either clams up, or turns into Mr. Smooth Player and puts on an act.  Now, I’m not going to say she sees right through you.  I don’t believe that girls have super powers.  But when you can’t be yourself, your body language is off – and that is visible to anyone.

How does a man get used to 10’s

Maybe he is a pharma rep, and is used to working with hotties – or a bartender?

In those types of situations – a guy normalizes beauty and it no longer intimidates – well that guy can be himself – and at least he has a shot with the chick.

He can step to her and be real.

Still, none of that is GAME.

That’s just normal “guys socializing with girls”.  It’s especially normal to girls – because the only kind of guy that she regularly interacts with – are guys that are able to express themselves.   Guys who can’t are INVISIBLE.

So just getting social – which basic game teaches you – is usually what sky rockets a guy from chilling at home, to chilling with bitches.

Arguably, that’s one of the things black dudes have coming in to the game, that others typically don’t have.

In general, our culture is full of a bunch of people who talk shit incessantly, are defiant, don’t follow (white) social norms, will get it popping quick.  Those 10-20% of folks define the 80-90% of us who just want make a few dollars and go home.

African, Caribbean, Black North American…that’s the stereotype.  And all of us know guys like that, if that’s not who we are individually.  (I’ve become that guy and turn it on or off as I see fit) I’d throw in my Latino and Middle Eastern folks as well.   I know a few other folks in other demographics that “take life by the bull horns” – and those guys are all players.

I’m digressing.

Back to the 10’s.

So you don’t see these chicks often.
When you do see them, you’re intimidated.

But assuming you’ve been going out a while – you’re not as intimidated as a guy just getting his feet wet- So you step to the broad and run the basic “show them your personality” type game.  Spam, Snipe, Persist – whatever.

But any chick can take it or leave it.
Any chick.
The 2 or the 11.
Any chick.

Nobody ever talks about getting shot down by a 6.  Much less a 5 face with a phat ass. (I have, I been burned six ways to Sunday.  It’s why i’m telling you guys to avoid the narrow paths)

So now that you’ve presented yourself, tried to sell her something – she can choose to buy or not.

She’s the buyer.  She remains the buyer.

You may have raised your stock, your worth, your “value” (ugh) – but she’s buying.  She’s not in any rush to make a decision.

So guys that say they never pull the 10’s – chances are that they strike out with a fair amount of 4’s-7’s as well.

That’s not a knock to his game – just recognizing that if he only pulls 1 in 5 of the 7’s he raps to – that 10 is one of the 4, that he didn’t pull.

Sometimes a chick just doesn’t like your look, like your pitch.
She says no, and you move on.

So when a 7 rejects your offer, she’s rejecting you as a buyer.
If you can get next to a 10, she has the same female behavior.

They are not different.   A 5 that shows a lot of cleavage can get out of a traffic ticket just like a 10 can.  You got grandmas well past their prime manipulating people to get what they want.

It’s really not that deep.

The 10 rejection is the same as the tall chick with the weave and nice ass.  It just feels worse.

But the Lite Brite chick and the 10 are rejecting you on the same basis.  She’s the buyer, you’re the seller.  You don’t meet her buying criteria.

Game is about being the buyer.

There are guys that fuck a lot.  Running up on chicks @ Trader Joe’s and talking about melons.  Taking trips to Uganda and running subtle Green Card game.  Jocks and famous dudes.

And THEN there are guys that are good with women.

There’s a difference.

Do guys understand how women operate?
They don’t need feminism to get what they want.

So to pull the 10 – you have to operate like her.
You have to think like her.
You have to get in her mind.

That’s what a guy that’s good with women does.  When you see a cat like that, take note.

What does she notice?
How does she behave?
What does she really want?
What really gets her going?
When does she make herself vulnerable?

When is she the seller?

Once you start thinking like that, – How do I put myself in a position that 10’s want to fuck with me, that she sees me as more than just furniture?

That’s when you change.

Who do these genetic freaks and make up masters fuck?
1. Guys in their social circles

2. High value strangers (celebs, sheikhs from Dubai)


3. Players.

So the steps …..

Step 0

So the baseline of your game is the “look your best, get your dollars up, dress well, talk to a lot of bitches, get comfortable in doing so, have some shit to say that shows off your personality”

Step 1

To find these 10’s – you gotta start working your network – trying to find out – who knows who, where the after party is, how does the dj put on his list, the promoters, the local celebs.

Because these high value chicks want to fuck with other high value people.

You got to get next to them.

Step 2

Is now that you know she’s gonna be at these clubs – and you’re looking your best – if you find yourself next to her, or in a group conversation – is there anything you can say, not say, do, or not do – to make that connection?

Wait, do you know how to do that?

When you were fucking 6’s and 7’s, had you been working groups, going into deep conversations, getting folks to share their vulnerabilities with you, holding court, teasing?


Well that’s the skill set you need in this environment.  You don’t need to be just funny or “irreverent” – you need to hold attention and direct the action of the group.

All the shit you should have been doing with 5-7’s groups, that you don’t have to because you can just get by on “show my true colors” game.

When the 7’s see you run shit in HER social circle – she wants you.  Most chicks respond to status, power, social momentum, to getting attention from said dude( or not getting it)

Wait, who is this guy?  Why am I not getting Keisha’s attention?  Why is Jareem listening to this guy?  Okay why is he not paying attention to me? 

The roles have flipped – and you’re the buyer.

That’s game.

You’re getting this chick in a group of her friends to follow you, and then want to hear more from you.  And then you get her to crave.  You get her friends involved, egging her on.   And she loves that shit – she’s finally alive – finally not more interested in her phone.

Suddenly that 7 is trying to sell you on why you should be together.  She’s seeking your approval, but you’re taking away your validation and giving it to other girls.

That’s what we’re after – that sort of

“Look at me, pay attention to me…i’ll do anything to be in the spotlight”

That’s how you pull 10’s.  Because that’s how you PULL 7’s.  The psychology is no different, and arguably – given that most 10’s are artificially made up – the attention/validation/cycle is MORE effective on these chicks.

Most guys aren’t running game on 7’s, so they can’t run game on 10’s.