Black Man’s Game Part 1

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while.

This being black history month, Black Panther in 2 weeks, and reading the Underdevelopment of Africa by Walter Rodney – it’s time to flex a little bit from the other side of the tracks.

So let’s start with some definition

Black Man’s Game needs two definitions.

The Black Man – I specifically mean black men, born in the states, whose recent forefathers are from the South.  I’m West Indian, and a lot of the black players I know are from the Caribbean and Africa – but this is specifically about my American brothers who grew up here.  Soul Food, Barbershops, Gold Chains, Crown Royal, Newports, Church on Sunday, Caddilacs, know the words to Lift Every Voice and Sing, grew up with a lot of other black people that were not family…maybe live in the city but got country cousins.

I will go RBG on that ass.  I don’t really delve too deep into my politics on the thread, but West Indian Archie wasn’t just some random name.

But this is about the biggest slice in of sweet potato pie in the US, the Black American.

The Game – Traditionally, the black man’s game is divided into two parts.  The Pull (the pickup) and the Maintain (the relationship).  There are other words for this, and true black game scholars might subdivide it even further.  For the purpose of this little series – we’re just gonna do the two.

The Pull 

This is what our fathers, grandfathers, mothers, and sometimes our uncles (we’ll get back to uncles in a second) tell us what to do when we see a girl we like.

  1. Walk Over
  2. Hi/Hey/Hello
  3. How are you doing?
  4. What’s your name?
  5. Can I/Lemme get your number

They even made a song about it.

[Ed. Technically this song isn’t about pick up at all, I just love De La Soul]

She’s supposed to like how he looks, gladly agree to give the man her number, and then answer the call later to set up a date.

That is the black man’s pick up.

Reader, I kid you not.  I been black all my life.  This is the dominant train of thought on how to pick up women.

“Pick Up” would be how I would phrase it, because there’s not a whole lot of psychology to this.  (And I’m big on the psychology of things)

In fact, the 1-2 non-black readers that I have might be asking themselves this question

How is this different than what white guys do, what every guy does?

Lance, Chet, Sanjay -> you would be right to ask this question.  There really is not much different about this than what the majority culture teaches the mass.

For my true seduction veterans out there, this “game” is just a clumsy direct approach, that could be tweaked into something more serviceable – but then…

I’d say if you were to ask mainstream America what should they say when to a girl that they think is cute

  1. Walk Over
  2. Hi/Hey/Hello
  3. My Name Is
  4. How are you doing?
  5. What’s your name?
  6. Can I/Lemme get your number?

That’s the basic difference.  The mainstream guy introduces himself with his name.

We will get to why this is more effective when brother’s do it below.  That only begs the question….

How Effective is BMG?

If one looks at all the little kids running around, one would think that it is quite effective in terms of sheer procreation…  Let’s keep it real though.

Most women choose from guys they already know, or are familiar with.  “Known Quantities”.  Black, White, Latin, Asian, etc – girls typically choose from their extensive and extended social circles.

The broads I went to college with are still chasing the same set of Black Greek Fraternity dudes from then.  If not those particular dudes, it’s friends of friends.

So I can’t really judge the BMG Cold Approach Protocol (way to nerd it up there Archie) based on what I see.

I’ve used BMG before and as a “skill” goes, it’s basically turning over a rock and seeing if the chick is feeling me.

In the “community” we’ve talked to death about direct approaches. There are a few hacks that the community came up with – but by and large – when a man goes in hard, the cutie has to make up her mind about him right then and there.

BMG is direct approaching, and if a man already fits the overall profile of an attractive guy – he does better.

But of course he should do better, he’s an attractive guy.

The BMG hacks are what you would think they are

  • Dress Better/Dress more flash/Dress for attention
  • Work Out
  • Pick Girls that look like they might be Receptive

Obvious.  When Pick Up Artists decided to grow up and incorporate common sense improvements – whaddya know, they started to get more #’s.

Now, I’m not the biggest on conforming to this commercialized and socially approved of what a Man Should Look Like

*the irony about this movie is so many PUA’s want Brad Pitt’s body…another topic, another time*

That’s basically it – traditional BMG is direct approaching. To get better results, look better.

But that’s not all there is.

To Be Continued…


4 thoughts on “Black Man’s Game Part 1”

  1. So basically BMG is 1) SMV development and then 2) being direct, and not being butthurt if it doesn’t go your way.

    Sounds like more of a “frame” thing than game persay.

    1. BMG in practice is direct approaching, on the technical/practical/active side.

      The secret sauce is made of
      – short encounters that don’t put much ego at risk
      – previous experience in roasting and getting roasted – which calms the body language going into the pull – that in turn – the ease – makes chicks now receptive and less defensive

      Scared money don’t make money
      Study long study wrong

  2. I get tired of people repeating the whole “lift, dance, be confident” mantra because that has not worked for me.

    If there’s anything I could do right now to improve my game, it would be to figure out a way to go out more without sacrificing sleep. This 40-hour work week + commute just ears time.

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