Black Man’s Game Part 2 – The Game of Squares

Let’s not get it twisted, Archie is a SQUARE, as in 7 to the 2nd power.  I’ve met a handful of pimps in my life, read a lot on em, chatted deeply with 2 – I’m not in their game at all.  I’m just setting up a situation with a nice young lady for mutual benefit.   And I do that by drawing principles from what they do as practical psychologists, and other psychological principles at play in every day life.

And guess what, most black guys are squares too.    Not that we’re all Steve Urkel.

Square in the sense that they’re not trying to put chicks on “the track” to go make money by spreading her legs.

Within that world of pimps – there are only 3 options.  A Trick, A Ho, and A Pimp.  If a man ain’t pimping, he’s one of the other two.

Before you get carried away, like I’ve seen so many times (for instance Freaks vs Sluts vs Good Girls when pimps use those words)

This idea of Trick/Ho/Pimp is just like that “money vs game” debate – if a man takes a lot of these ideas and lets them rule his brain, he can’t think of much more.   It’s a logic trap. The male version of the hamster wheel.

It’s like talking to a person who just read Wealth of Nations or The Fountainhead.  Super capitalists! Read Marx and nothing else – Communism is everywhere.

Let’s get back to the game of squares though.

So Regular BMG is direct approaching, and the first step up is looking better while doing it.  I’ve basically established that.

Why does it seem like brothers are better at direct approaching than any other group?

Roasting! Playing the Dozens!  Talking Shit! Snapping on folks!

As a West Indian, as a brother who’s been around lots of West Africans, and fairly in tune with the black American community – being quick of wit and quicker with the tongue is an essential part of the community.  It probably goes back to the mother land if you really want to think about it.

I’ve lived in all kinds of neighborhoods – poor, rich, black, white, old, college kids, native born, immigrants – I rarely see other groups engaged in the depth and amount of wordplay within our community.

So how exactly does this help BMG?

The average black guy probably doesn’t have Patrice O’Neal  level skills. (or DL Hughley in the Comic View era)  But he definitely knows someone personally who does.  He’s been hearing it all his life.

So when he steps up to some random broad – no matter what she says to him – he’s basically heard it before, and worse.

Where a lot of guys fail with game in general – is that they are not only afraid to walk up and disturb the girl, they suffer from analysis paralysis in trying to figure out the best response prior to talking to the chick.

Newb Player sees a cutie.

  • Hmm, I’m gonna go up and say Hey, like WIA says I should.
  • And she should say “Hey” back.
  • But what if she says, she’s waiting for her mother to call her about her sick dog, WHAT WILL I SAY?

Some variation of these destructive self-talk goes on BEFORE he even steps to the girl – and our would be player talks himself out of rapping to the chick.

I’m not saying every black dude is ice cold when it comes to rejection – far from it.  Everybody deals with approach anxiety.

What I am saying is that the average black dude has faced teasing social situations, and is generally more comfortable than average.

With experiences comes competence.  Relying on competence, increases confidence.

I’ve been roasted, and basically no random broad can rip me apart like my people have.  It just can’t happen.

So what a lot of members of the community have to supplement very basic direct game is actual inner game that comes from experience.  And in general, because of the value of the “gift of gab” in our community – he can draw from that when he runs up on a chick.  He might not have it, but he’s not afraid of hers

Part 3 – The Real Strength of BMG – Relationship Management – coming soon


4 thoughts on “Black Man’s Game Part 2 – The Game of Squares”

  1. Good post.

    Biggest takeaway for me: when not actively developing my game, being roasted helps decrease approach anxiety.

    RVF meetups where we roast each other…

  2. Yo this is definitely why a typical brotha is going to have better Game.

    Also being able to chat up chicks is something prized in the community.

    The cats in West Africa pretty much all have a base level that would blow the average American dude out of the water.

  3. I’m blonde and white. I think roasting, burn etc. is more of a class thing than race. I grew up in a working class neighborhood of italians poles and irish. Ball busting never ended. We used to call it “ranking”. In the WI that has a different meaning I guess. We had rank out contests all the time. All good until some Italian guy would flip out when it got to mom jokes…

    Maybe it’s a Queens thing.

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