Don’t be a Serial Killer

Watching Mindhunter on Netflix, the story about how behavioral profiling became a “thing” at the FBI.  Cop shows are generally good because they often show interrogation. If you know what to look for – you can see how coercive everything is, and learn to eliminate that sort of thing from your game.   And there was actually some game dropped, which we’ll get to later.

But in the current climate, I gotta get this off my chest first.

Probably the scariest dude on the show is this guy.  Ed Kemper.

“Women are born with this little hole between their legs which every man on earth just wants to stick something into, and they’re weaker than men so they learn strategies,”

“They deploy their minds, and their sex, and they intuitively learn to humiliate.”

“If a woman humiliates her little boy, he will become hostile and violent and debased, period.”

CHILLING.  Obviously the show is not going to be kind to women given the subject, but there is a whole lot of unvarnished crazy. A lot of the dialogue from the killers was taken verbatim from interviews and legal proceedings.

DOUBLE CHILLING is that I’ve seen this sort of anti-female sentiment in comment sections and blogs.  You log on to your favorite dating tips site, and some erudite guy says something that starts out plausible

“Women are different than us”

Sure, no problems with that. Them being different is half of the fun!

But then the author goes wildly left and connecting dots that turn women into some sort of eternal enemy.


So on to nicer topics,

In episode 2, the main character, Holden and his girlfriend, Debbie – they’re in a diner getting dinner.  Holden has just come back from his first interview with Kemper.

Debbie – You’ve got mention-itis. [one itis!]
You cannot stop mentioning him.

Holden – Think of how much we can learn from a guy like Kemper.

Holden – He called it a vocation.
Debbie – Killing women?

Holden – Yeah.
Debbie – Jesus.

Debbie – How do you wrap your mind around that?

Holden – Couldn’t attract them. Didn’t have the social skills.

Debbie – That would describe a lot of guys.

Holden – Why does he hate women? I should ask.
Debbie – But not outright.

Holden –  No?

Debbie – He sounds like the kind of person who would tell you what you wanna hear.

Debbie –  You have to disarm him first.
Holden – You mean, like – What?

Debbie – Ask him questions about himself.
Debbie – Lean into him, listen intently.
Holden – I do that.

Debbie – Keep your arms uncrossed.
Debbie – Mirror his movements.
Debbie – Encourage him to talk about the things he’s excited about.

Holden – Are these feminine wiles?

Debbie – Cross your legs in his direction.
Holden – Do you really do that?

Debbie – But don’t touch him.

Debbie – You want him to like you, but you don’t want him to think you’re gonna fuck him.
Debbie – [LAUGHING] Look at your face.

Now this is great game, but it’s great GIRL game.

Ask yourself this question, have you done this with a girl before?  Take an interest in her and encourage her to talk?

What happens?

She puts you in the friend zone before you can get a bid in.


This is comfort game. This rapport game.

If you lead with this, she’s just gonna be comfortable talking about stuff with you – she gets her intimacy – but she doesn’t given up anything.

All in all this is a decent series just for the game/relationship aspects.



3 thoughts on “Don’t be a Serial Killer”

  1. Oh man, stuff like this are why there’s whole sections of the “manure-sphere” that I just can’t frequent. Even guys who I know aren’t twisted and deranged like Rollo can weigh down on my psyche at times, and I have to go for a walk.

    So, on one hand, thanks for keeping it as positive as you can while being real Archie!

    …but yeah, there are sites I used to visit daily that I haven’t been on in years now.

  2. “Debbie – Encourage him to talk about the things he’s excited about.”

    My fourth LTR, who played me like a fiddle, would always have a mischievous look on her face whenever I would get excited talking about something and go on a mini-rant.

    Keep these gems up man!

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