End of an Era

Most of you guys know me from Roosh’s Forum.  Now that he’s gone Born Again, the forum will change accordingly.

I wish him all the best.  I’d been following Roosh since the DC Bachelor days, along with the brothers Virgle Kent and T. Ricky Raw.

I thought Bang was a really good distillation of the Mystery Method.  The line/the sentiment that I found most important in the book – “I didn’t change my appearance, I changed my behavior.  Changing my behavior, changed my luck”.

Since then he’s gone from PUA to world traveler/Love Tourist.  He tried neo-masculinity at some point.  Something happened with Return of Kings and Gamer Gate that I don’t fully understand, but that’s when I think he moved on from the guy who meets girls and makes the connection to more of a “thought leader”.

His thoughts and words are controversial, and well beyond the scope of my blog – which is really about how to talk to girls at parties – but I think that’s had a major impact on his life.

I think it was on Moma/Rudebwoy podcast where we talked about when teachers move from talking about meeting girls to self development or politics.  I get it.

Even I think it’s weird for me to stay on this topic, but I’m weird, so….it is what it is.

Book still coming, and now more needed than ever.


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      1. Yes I am truly thankful for ref forum for the value and insight it provided me, but the era has ended. It would be a shame to see the great moms and rude boy post go down as it was a great gathering of black minds sharing our experience in the game.

        As it’s been noted swoop the world seems to be the go to spot for an influx of RVFers.

        The good news is also they don’t allow politics which also was a major contribution to the decline of RVF.

        From time to time I would see many highly contributing members all of a sudden banned because they spoke out against trump or some other white nationalist view.

        Heck I’m currently in a warning 60% 7 day ban because I posted a link to a book about Colombia dating in the Colombia master thread.

        The reason for the ban? “Affiliate link” WTF? It not an affiliate link or no financial gain on my part. This was on the 5/22 1 day before th we ruled and come to Jesus rant.

        That said no where doesn’t say unless I’m mistaken you can not reference other websites I was affiliating.

        Either way RVF is falling and I recommend any guys there who have post and data sheets they wrote up to save and archive them in some other medium. Be it google docs, words, flash drives etc.

        The direction that roosh is going I mean the fact that this man has burned his books is sheer madness. He is too say in a matter of weeks to the year he starts removing post that even mention banging women.

        Just because he’s now born again on the Jesus juice other people invested time and hours of editing providing data sheets and content. Perhaps he may keep them around but in a war or so the more he seeks faith and getting “closer to the lord” and those influencing him he may very well delete those post.

        I’m sure as the “brown nosers and brownie point boys” become moderators they will be happy to “clean up” the forum which means deleting list that doesn’t fit their holier thenn thou sex before marriage baloney.

        Whenever I come off my temp ban(Wednesday) I will make a post and send out PMs to the good contributing brothers in the Mona and rude boy thread and I will most likely be done with Rvf.

        In the mean time I am going to start going through my data sheets and other post of value and save them in some medium because I wouldn’t be surprised if a year from now the message “this forum has been closed/changed or outright banning off all previous bang topics is a thing.

        If you get a chance come on over swoop the world forums. It would be nice to have some brothers over there. Not sure if we will create what was over at RVF minus the numbskulls but it would be cool to get the insight and keep the like minds alive.


  1. It would be a damn shame if the great community of men and its content were to disappear or disperse because of the new direction that the forum is going.

    Anyway, just like how accessible air travel and AirBnB made it possible for us to travel abroad to escape toxic feminism and seek better women, it’s possible for us to migrate our online presence and discussions when a place becomes too oppressive or too extremist.

    There are quite a few refugees who are have already signed up at https://swooptheworld.com/forum, eg: Mercenary, Off The Reservation, Suits, Rottenapple, Globalman, scotian, Vinny, etc It’s owned by 20Nations, who’s one of us.

    Would welcome your wisdom on the game and not foregetting the rest of the contributors from the Black Man Game thread over! 🙂

    1. I’ve been over there before, might check them out.
      Naughty Nomad started a facebook group for those who are on the travel bent.

  2. Hey WIA how’s it going man, Dalaran from RVF.

    I so wished to join Comte St Germain and Noir on the black men threads to say a proper goodbye, but got suspended for my post on the new rules lol.

    I’m just so glad you are writing the long-awaited book. You and a few of the old guards think Tuth, Comte, Noir are the only reasons some of us even care about RVF. Frankly I don’t give a shit for RVF other than not being able to consult some of the old wisdom. Still got mindblown on some of your old comments, and the number of time they have saved my ass!

    Keep doing the Lord’s work brother. Hope to see the book soon.


  3. How could you review _Game_ positively? Some of its advice is banal – “If you like Asian girls, go to Asia, … black girls, go to Africa.” Other advice is weaselly, ““You won’t let her know your intention to enter her place until you’re within sight of her front door,” or depends on wearing down resistance ““If she resists … don’t give up until you receive at least five clear no’s … I’d try an infinite number of times until it was easier for the girl to say yes than to resist … .”

    Archie, you are sophisticated enough to know that tricking and badgering women is bad frame and terrible strategy. Roosh relies on numbers game and hanging out near the bathroom line. He reports a lot of bad sex with ugly women. He never reported crazy women pursuing him, threesomes, or other successful stuff.

    I think you reviewed the book you wanted him to write, based on the idea that your behavior can change your results. But Roosh’s actual advice and results were always pretty limited.

    1. That’s being very charitable. I felt that I needed to say something because it was a topic of conversation.

      With that in mind, he’s probably bagged more skinny eastern european girls than most – and I think his game advice reflects that.

      I date girls living in America, so my game reflects the culture here.

  4. Roosh lived in Ukraine for six months without a one-night stand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1irc5ZZu9OM
    Of course he slept with locals – he met an Anglophile Ukrainian girlfriend at work, teaching English. I do not need books to meet women at my job!

    _Game_ admits _Daygame_ was overkill. Then it adds overkill, telling you to approach hundreds of women. He gets bad results because women sense his flaky, incoherent thinking.

  5. From the things Beardo was saying a few years ago this seemed inevitable.

    I dropped out of Pick Up just before Neil Strauss hit, when I cleared away the cobwebs and came back Roosh and Roissy were in full effect, “red pill” had become a thing and my reaction was “wtf is this shit?” I wasn’t down with the politics. I suppose it’s ironic that I’ve drifted further right than where I started, but barely, same old story across the “man-o-sphere.”

    I was never into RV’s style of game. Not really going to knock him for that.

    Don’t blame you for not wanting to run a forum Archie. Didn’t blame CMQ for shutting his down. I’ve looked into setting them up for other areas of interest, and the effort/pay off is never equal.

    Guess us sinners will just have to muddle through.

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