Future of Game Part 587

We’ve talked about this before, and I will keep bringing it up.  He does mention Facebook and Tinder and Slot Machines.  But the some insights to grab

  1. To be human is to be persuadable
  2. We all seek social approval
  3. Variable Reward

Which obviously translates to

  1. Game Works
  2. Social Proof
  3. Intentional unpredictability

So 1, you’re in the right place.

2  – Chicks are always looking for social approval, and we often give it to them the backway through having social proof/pre-selection.  Once deemed “important”, compliments and “beta moves” are considered sweet and gets a man closer to making connection.

3 – Being a verbal slot machine.  She has to want to play you for one.  But she keeps playing when you do things that are unexpected.  Guys understand this intuitively, that’s why they want fresh openers and wear cologne that no one else wears.  They want to be unexpected in very tangible ways.

What going out to clubs and dealing with lots of women teaches us, is that the real unpredictability is in words and actions.   The basic guideline is that you need more roller coaster the hotter the chick is.

So as the great Jesse Pinkman once said

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