Future of the Game Part 588

The homey BC asked me on the forum about the future of the game.

Game is moving online.  I’ve touched on it here, and on the forum.

Let’s define game for the purpose of this post first.

Q. What is game?

A. It is what you say and do to make a connection with a girl

There are 5 main environments that we play in

Night Game – usually at night,, marked by high density, lowered inhibitions, music, alcohol, and generally more social – though social through a filter.  Concerts and festivals fit into day game, because the real constraints of socialization and chance for lowered inhibitions are greater than normal.

Day Game – a girl is going about her daily business, not necessarily interested in socializing.

Social Circle Game – people you already know, and their friends. This is how you’re supposed to meet, but has the highest probability of blow back.

Online Game – the new night game, but without the implicit social contract of decency.

World Game – when you go to a new country and you come at the dating environment with mostly your natural attractiveness in a basic animal sense.

What am I most experienced in

In descending order

  1. Night
  2. Social circle
  3. Online
  4. Day
  5. World.

I think Day Game and Social Circle game are relatively stable.  What guys do now in those environments, worked in the 90’s and will probably work to the same degree 20 years from now.

What is changing?

Night game – Industry wide, there are less bars and clubs. This means that a new player has less opportunities to get high density practice.  Veteran players have less places to go.

You’re seeing folks not going out regularly to small events, but big spikes in “viral” events.  The need to socialize is now met somewhat through their own social circles, and through “attention whoring”.  Dating sites have replaced candy crush as a hobby for some chicks.

World Game – World game changes as westerners go to new places and the girls get over the novelty of foreign guys. Places like  Europe, South America, and Asia have been “gold mines” – but Western European guys on holiday are ruining Eastern Europe for Western Guys, and a general change in politics have made things more difficult for players of color.  None of this is insurmountable, but pretty much everyone agrees that it was easier 10 years ago, and 20 years ago.

With those out of the way, what I’m seeing is the market move from night game to online game.

Night game is my bread and butter.  The music, the smoke, the chaos, the predictability, the locking down of venues, tightening of logistics…. And the more you do night game, the more the night life seeps into your circle of friends – thus social circle.

Clubs are closing and girls are going out less.  Instead of loud, smoky, noisy night clubs full of “losers” – they’re finding all the attention they need online.

As an old man, this is straight odd to me.

Nowadays, girls are more willing to meet strange men sight unseen.  From a straight up safety perspective, she can do all the vetting she wants, it’s far easier to meet up with a guy that’s socially maladjusted than to make the face to face decision whether to continue a conversation at a bar.

In economic terms, this basically reduces some of the upfront costs of dating for both parties.  She no longer has to get dressed and look good 2-3 nights a week, she can take one really great set of photos (something she already likes doing), make up, photoshop, special angles…and get far more attention from a vast range of men.

So her box is flooded.

For a guy, we can send hundreds of low investment pokes/likes/swipes – and get in far more “approaches” that way.  At a club, you really only have 4 hours and X # of girls.  The only comparable thing to the online experience is some EDM festival or a mega club in Vegas.

But overall the medium of the internet constrains a man’s typical options.

Going back to the working definition of game, what you say and do.

In a passive sense, you can make yourself look better.  Not just work out, eat right, and dress better – but use the camera the same way that she does.  Indeed, what a lot of players have found is that they use the camera, the pics, to tell a story more than just showcase the guns.

That’s the passive part of the game.


Online, all you can do is send messages – primarily words, emojis, pics and memes.  Timing your messages by time of day, slow responses, and radio silence round out the arsenal.

By contrast, an offline player has

  • Words
  • Sounds
  • Eye contact
  • Body language
  • Dance
  • Third parties to play off of
  • Music, lighting, smoke, social proof, pre selection

These are all different ways into her mind that assist you in putting your best foot forward.  And all of this you can engineer real time.  You only get muted forms of these things online.

Let’s assume you’re like a lot of guys.  You actually get the meet based on what you do on a dating site.

When you meet her in person, you still have to use this in person game to complete the spell.  So with night game on a decline, the ability to get those reference experiences (like YaReally would say) has declined.

Of course, all is not lost.  To Be Continued in 589


13 thoughts on “Future of the Game Part 588”

  1. WIA,

    How should a young black player adjust to this new reality? I feel like online dating/Tinder is waste of time for Black men because they get instantly discriminated. How should I adjust to the new reality of nightlife? Any different strategies at night?

    1. Coming up, but the short answer is that a lot of us don’t do that well in dating apps, especially across culture. Of course optimize image, use best practices, but what is happening on a cultural level is the merger between online life and offline life. That’s the point of the next post

  2. What are your thoughts on pursuing night game if your logistics are bad?

    Would it be better to save your money while you search for a better job?

    Or is it better to stubbornly drive 40 minutes into the city three times a week?

    1. 40 Minutes is not that bad all things considered. Especially if you don’t drink
      I’d be interested in seeing your full game plan if you get a chick ready to go @ 1:20 AM

      1) Saving money is good. But making sure game doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg is better.
      2) If you are stuck in a small town, as long as it’s not an oil rig/nuclear submarine/oil town
      – there are women locally that need to be “romanced”
      – the key is infiltrating those social groups

      I move around quite a lot for the work I do (Analyst for the Illuminati)
      I’ve found that night school/community college is a good way to meet young locals,
      hang out, and then become embedded in their social circle.

      1. The plan would be to bounce from the bar to some food/hookah joint, then mention this “really awesome cake” that I got from a bakery. Some reason to come back to the spot.

        Thanks for answering my questions and getting me thinking.

  3. I think a lot of brothas are doing online wrong.

    I’ve got enough friends who clean up the on there to know there is something wrong with the typical approach shooting bricks.

    A few basic tweaks I did with them also helped a lot (basically pushing for the meet sooner rather than trying to make small talk).

    The issue I see (and I think WIA is gonna get to this) is that if you’re going to run online, then taken to its end it means you’ve got to start Branding yourself. So that you can say to a chick “add me on snap and IG” and she can pick up on the things you want there.

    That can be time consuming and I do enough of the curated personas in my day to day, I don’t like that for myself in the Game. I also like the flexibility of pulling different shit depending on the girl in real time. Vs slotting myself in to a “look” with a bunch of IG photos.

    The benefit of all this is I think that real life is getting easier cause even stepping to a chick is now showing value. Wow you can talk to people? 10 points. Wow you’re not awkward and can make a chick laugh and carry a convo? That is solid gold these days.

    There are way more avenues for connection in real life, and she’s missing a lot of those (whether she knows or not) cause she is just swiping.

  4. what you’re getting at here is an extension of the principle that you can fuck up the bang at any point, even if she is interested. Online dating and sending emojis, / text game is but an extension of this “possible to fuck it up” period. So what is the point? It’s well taken…

    1. Not really where I was going.

      A chick ALWAYS has options. Even a 70 year old granny can suck a dick if she has to.

      This post was more about the old ways to meet women are disappearing, and the new ways have new opportunities that you couldn’t replicate before.

  5. Q. What is game?

    “Game” is the Female Language of Seduction. It is a verbal and physical language. Those that can communicate in this language become the guys who “just get it” whether they are “naturals” or native speakers [exposed at a young age etc.] or it is learned like German on Rosetta Stone.

    Game is not a lifestyle, it is not an end point. It is a tool, like all languages. A very valuable tool.

  6. Night game is alive in well in college towns… Less club game, more bar game, but crowded everywhere. Bars and clubs close in major metros because rents going up or aggro shuts them down, plus less disposable income available. See rents going up…

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