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Debeguiled made a good comment on the last blog .   This is a bit of theory of technique/history of game type of post.   But he made the correct observation that clinical hypnosis tries to achieve the same sort of thing that verbal one-on-one game is going for…sorta.

The idea behind hypnosis is to use language, setting, and ritual to get a patient into a state that is conducive to suggestion.   “You’re getting very sleepy.  Now cluck like a chicken!”

In the game, the sequence is after you meet the chick, you run your attraction material (heavy on disqualifying yourself, heavy on disqualifying her, very much getting her to chase you – or in woman speak – flirting) – then she’s invested and wants to figure out what makes you so different.  You hook her on the conversation, you hook her on the randomness and her inability to pin you down, and then you up the ante and make her do more and more sexual things, in order to get more compliance.

So in essence and in practice, she’s suggestible.

Now in our sequence, after getting her into a cycle of seeking our attention and validation – we switch to trust.  (in Mystery model, attraction -> comfort).

The game is basically won in comfort with a skeptical girl.  You can troll a girl all night and get her to want your validation – but she has to trust you after she’s figured out that your personality is sexually appealing.  So not even the “sweet talker” phase, or the “Lot of Laughs” Lamar – but this guy isn’t a psycho type thing.

So the trust moves

  • Break the touch barrier
  • Stop touching her before she wants you to stop
  • Meet her friends
  • Introduce her to your friends
  • Interact with 3rd parties
  • Move her around the venue
  • Stop for a pint of ice cream on the way back to your place, and let her see you talk to staff

You’re a normal guy, I will be safe now and still get to have fun.

Verbally, you’ve got the chick on the couch, she’s attracted, she’s interested – but one of the issues a guy faces is that – she may be attracted, she wants to talk, she’s okay with touch, she’s touching him – but that doesn’t mean they’re going to end up back at his place.   Them boys @ RSD describe this situation is the “sexual hook point”.  Where she’s participating.

But since we’ve been doing this from a different perspective – this is where the pimp game says that you sell her the dream, you put her in a bubble, just me and you, just the two of us.


So Debeguiled made the point that putting her in the bubble, getting that level of trust – we’re she thinks of not just her, but as “we”, – that’s approaching the a hypnotic trance.

And the history of PUA online starts in Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) – and basically ways to get people to do things on a subconscious level through. 1) word, 2) setting/environmental engineering, 3) ritual.   When you look back at even the Mystery Method, his end game sequence involves getting the girl to light candles…  It’s not because Mystery is a romantic, but it’s part of a ritual.  And when she puts up resistance, he breaks the spell by blowing out the light.  It’s symbolic – but works on deeper levels.

So yes, I think Debeguiled is right – there’s something to adding elements from hypnosis to your game.  I think the best place is not during the attraction, but during the trust stage.


3 thoughts on “Hypnosis and Game”

  1. There is a lot of back history (now prolly lost) that links all of the early PUAs to the NLP/Hypnosis groups.

    Basically if you go back, they all come from similar disciplines and teachers.

    I used to be more down on NLP stuff but I’ve been throwing some in for kicks and it’s pretty fun.

    1. All the early NLP dudes used their stuff to get women, it was just common knowledge with those guys. Then Ross Jeffries copied John LaTourette’s “Speedman” sales copy for martial arts products and transferred it over to seduction/pick up, marketing the niche that the other NLP guys weren’t doing at the time, as most were using it for other sales stuff. Then the Usenet groups started up, guys started pooling info/tactics.

      Now most guys will eschew actively talking about “the Ehn Elle Pee” even if they are actually using it, or generated a lot of the early content that got adapted later like Kenrick Cleveland. Guys like Scott Adams, who by the way is a trained hypnotist, just in case he forgets to remind you, will down play it while pumping up their brand. Dudes I personally know, who know I know they know (ya’know) NLP will try to distance themselves from it, even when I actively catch them trying to use it on me to get something they want.

      A lot of egos, and feuding back in the day with all of those guys. Same as now, same as always.

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