I’m writing…rewriting the section on Tests

I’m feeling like George RR Martin right now.  I got at least 1600 pages of stuff, and probably 1 year of RVF, Reddit Posts, and etc stuff I could adapt – but I want the my words to be clear to someone that hasn’t read a lot of what I write.

You can learn a lot of game from women.  You can learn a lot about how to talk to women by reading what women write.  However, a straight girl can’t really tell you how to pick her up, or some other girl.   Usually the things they tell guys are not actually the things they respond to.

I came across the particular tweet doing research for the book.  Word to the wise – following porn stars on Twitter is an exercise in madness.  1/2 of them are run by bots.  The other 1/2 by her promotional team.  The 3rd 1/2 (these chicks are bonkers) are self serving/self promoting things they write themselves.  The whole point of P-Stars twitter feed is to get guys to send them money, buy product, buy memberships, buy studio memberships.

Occasionally you run across gems like this.  A lot of these girls don’t self edit.  Or they self edit in ways that hide one thing but show others.

Put yourself in this guy’s place.  This chick gets more male attention than an NBA game (not a playoff game, just a regular game), but is actually a nerd when she doesn’t have her warpaint on.

At the club, this chick is untouchable except for the kings.

But when she’s not “on”, she’s not this super extroverted person. She’s “normal”.

This is the basic promise of Day Game.  It takes real balls to step up to a hot chick during the day/in a non-social environment, when she’s not in social mode.

Moreover, it takes real skill to get her out of “I’m going to work/I’m going to lunch/I’m going home” headspace and then really let your personality shine.  On top of that, you might need to convert, more so than screen for immediate interest.

Even when you manage to do all that, even if the girl is well acquainted with male attention – she can still give you this weird reaction because she doesn’t know what to do.

Stepping up to the chick and working ze magic – unless you structure the encounter right – give her “choice architecture” – she will scamper off despite liking you.

Lemme be super clear – a girl can like you and reject you.

Here’s another one – the guy at least got a date out of it

Date looks like my dad. Being wrong never felt so good from dating_advice

Rejections aren’t rejections.  And the chick agreeing to something doesn’t necessarily means that she’s down.

So in a pick up situation, be it day game, night game, or online *shudders*, things are rarely decided.  Things are always in flux, always up in the air.

Most guys can’t handle the uncertainty of it all.  We’re all Heisenberg to an extent.

And that’s what makes meeting girls so fun.



7 thoughts on “I’m writing…rewriting the section on Tests”

  1. I feel like I do this to girls too that I’m in to but step to me when I’m noy really expecting it.

    Then I’m kicking myself lol

  2. It would be interesting to discuss choice architecture in the context of daygame at a grocery store/mall. The default is what she’s already doing. How do you frame the choice to leave with you in a way that seems more favorable than finishing up her shopping?

    Do you make her “default” seem less exciting than what you have planned? For example:

    Man: Sure, you could keep searching for that perfect box of vanilla ice cream…
    *Pause, turn body away from her, scan the ice cream aisle”
    Man: Forget that. i know this nice ice cream joint about a block from here, they got this pistachio rocky road combo. I hear its like an orgasm on your tongue.”

    Something like this is what I have in mind. but yeah, this concept of choice architecture is intriguing.

  3. Fun.

    Yeah remember that? So tired of these guys doing check the box b.s. – looksmaxing, working out, career shit, matching up on some SMV scale lol…

    Wtf has happened to GAME…

    You book is gonna be the new MM if it ever comes out…

  4. Choice architecture?

    That’s an appeal to reason.

    Better just have logistics sorted (I.e. Whole Foods isn’t great when she has a fish and ice cream, have your bounce spots ready close buy) and get her swept up in the moment and then lead.

    1. More nudges than anything. It’s like the old chestnut, I don’t care who you vote for, just let me decide on the candidates.

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