Jokes and Game – What am I? A Comedian? Pt. 1

Let’s just get right in to it.

So on the thread, the homie Comte is talking about the latest Dave Chappelle specials.  I didn’t realize I had an international audience, but Dave Chappelle is a Black American comedian noted for his general humor and his particular take on Western/American culture.

Comte is endorsing the the idea that Humor is a valuable lesson in the game.  There are some obvious push backs (look @ the wives of the top comedians out there – and generally they aren’t that attractive.  But same goes for most billionaires)

But I do think humor is very important to the game.  The easy reasons are 1) making the girl laugh is important, 2) making yourself laugh is also important.

Humor though?  Humor, in my terms, is about frame control.  The way a joke works is that you give the audience a believable premise, an honest premise, something that they know.   And you establish the premise.  But they know and you know that the SUBVERSION of the premise is coming.  There is some truth about what you’re going to illuminate for them.

But the audience accepting your premise is really accepting your view of the world.  When a comedian steps on stage, they can set up HORRIBLE premises – but the fact that he is a comedian – lets the audience just “Go With It”.

Let’s put some vids up.



For you guys really trying to expand your game in a deep way – you need to take in the RSD stuff (Who I love.  Don’t get me wrong.  Shout to them boys), but also these bigger more MAINSTREAM type videos.  Nerdwriter, and Charisma on Command are great – and they will get you to think about game the way that I do.

That game is advanced socialization.  That game is understanding how people think and feel, and then how they behave.  That then leads you to apply psychology because you know what is truly motivating people.


2 thoughts on “Jokes and Game – What am I? A Comedian? Pt. 1”

  1. I see where you’re going with this. Sexual attractiveness and the ability to make someone laugh are both like a kind of magic that only some people have, and it is really easy for a guy to conflate the two and think that if he has a girl laughing, that she is attracted to him.

    But girls usually have a bunch of guys in their lives, they have the boyfriend guy and the sex guy and the ask for favors guy and the tell your problems to guy and the guy who can always make me laugh, so I will call him up when I am feeling down.

    Once on a talk show, Norm MacDonald was asked if being a comedian meant he had a lot of girlfriends because whenever you ask a girl what she likes in a man, she says one that can make her laugh.

    MacDonald said no, he didn’t have a lot of girlfriends, and that the thing about girls is that they just think anything that a guy they are attracted to is funny.

    So, to put it together, what I am getting from this post is that you have to have the stronger frame, and it has to be an attractive and sexual frame, and that being funny can be part of that.

    Like look at the difference between this video of Norm MacDonald on Conan interacting with Gretchen Bleiler, the snow boarder, and then the next video of Joe Rogan interacting with a female heckler.

    Funny as he is, MacDonald has the frame of the annoying guy interrupting a conversation, and Rogan is the attractive dude who is the master of his domain.

  2. One of the things I love about humor is that it is both attractive and comforting. Plus it’s crazy versatile and can be used just about any time during the interaction.

    But I think the two biggest problems with humor and game comes down to the place or frame it comes from like you mentioned. This is something the RSD crowd explains well. But where they tend too gloss over is the simple concept of remembering to see the forest from the trees. It’s easy to get caught up in the good vibes of laughter and forget to form a connection.

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