On the Importance of Dancing

Cued up to Little X aka Director X’s cultural commentary.


2 thoughts on “On the Importance of Dancing”

  1. I do believe that dancing is one of the most important tools in a Black Mans game arsenal especially when going after non-Black girls. That’s the one advantage we have over White Males. You can show off more raw masculinity while dancing than you can from gaming.

    But, I had one takeaway from that video. This video demonstrated the importance of storytelling than dancing. The way the director told the story of how he made the video conveyed so much emotion. You felt like you were there with him. He explained the technical aspects of the video, but he didn’t nerd out. He went in depth about the little detailed touches in the video. I could imagine someone telling a girl that story and her being entranced.

  2. I try to talk to girls before I dance with them.

    If I am dancing by myself, a girl will usually come over because the vibe is right. Usually to get her to stick around, I try to move her to another part of the club so that we can chat.

    But ideal is to get a good conversation going first, THEN dance with her, then go back to talking.

    No need for anything fancy, just feel the music.

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