Pattern Interrupt

I just read this about our new robot overlords.

” In young infants, language builds on basic abilities like perceiving the world visually and physically, acting on motor systems, and understanding other peoples’ goals

Beyond compiling pure data input, the mind filters, assimilates, and joins new information to memory to create and break patterns, as well as processing information through emotional and social filters.”

Why bring this up at all?  A key to a lot of the game is understanding the motivation and goals of the people around us.  This is where picking up women extends to control over the universe.  If you can discern what is on someone else’s mind by observing their actions, you can stimulate them in that way – and obtain results for yourself.

A lot of The Game is replacing the ideas that you think you understand any given woman’s goals by her actions.   Her actions, typically if you want her, do not really line up with the goals that YOU THINK SHE HAS.  Indeed, her actions don’t often line up with the goals SHE THINKS SHE HAS.   There is logic to what she does – if you understand what her goals are.

Brief Aside – This idea of “logic” also reflects on us Men. Chicks find us as baffling as we find them.  Topic for another time.  The teaser is that we do things to try to get “sex” from her that make no sense to her at all.   Further, there is a layer here where men/individuals have short and long term goals, both conscious and unconscious – that we are trying to align to achieve particular ends.  This may be the ultimate goal of game – to set all of your resources to accomplishment.

So let’s consider this scenario. Guy meets very hot chick on Bumble. Chick says coffee shop date only.

Keep in mind – A chump folds when these cards are dealt. The player plays the other players, not the cards.

Enumerating it..

  1. The protagonist  went on the coffee date (against his gut feeling)
  2. He goes to the coffee shop and intends to do a walkabout date.
  3. But the chick has a “policy” to only go where people are.

Guy agrees, but is planning to turn it into a walkabout date. (Which is the strategy to use, with some caveats. Her behavior stems from earlier bad experiences, so trust must be rapidly developed)

So when he gets there, he attempts to venue change to nearby retail, and chick has a nonsensical policy about not going to places where people aren’t.

She of course doesn’t know her own psychology as most people don’t.

What they think and say they want is not what they actually respond to.

Because of her issues she ruins her own chance at happiness. She’s basically trapped in her frame, like a child scared of the dark but unwilling to use a nightlight. (In my mind the girl needs therapy.)

If you are into frames

– She chose him
– She chose the activity
– She chose to limit the action to the coffee shop

She basically constructed the reality and then used the environment and her will to stop the dude from progressing.  As a defensive move, this is quite smart – and plenty of girls will pat themselves on the back for screening in this way.

The obvious move here for intermediate to advanced players is to bring the “walk” to the coffee shop.  It doesn’t matter if she tries to limit the movement (the ability to get both trust through movement and isolation) – you can use the environment of a coffee shop to your advantage.   That means using group theory and merging sets.  Creating the atmosphere by using third parties to your advantage.

But our guy faces the typical situation.  The chick who’s all business, has a very boring Q & A conversation. We can only imagine the sub-communications between the two.  For you guys keeping score, this horrible environment is actually ideal for you work out guys.  If you can show off your physique in a tasteful way – that should be unnerving to a chick.

For my verbal guys, this is a straight up disqualification time.  “We’re totally not right for each other. *wait for reaction*…build on it”

So going back to the theme of today – of interpreting a chick’s actions to understand her goals.  Why did she set this situation up this way?

She’s gotten him to basically agree to her frame, a frame to protect her.  But that frame also to confines her.

If she did not think he was physically and therefore sexually attractive – he would not have gotten the coffee date in the first place.   But the environment is such that the only way for a guy to surmount her defenses (in her mind at least) is to be such an engaging personality that she loses sense of the world.   This is of course the ultimate goal of every player that focuses on the verbal game.  You almost want your speech to be hypnotic.

Objectively, what is the likelihood that she’s going to meet the Devil in a sportscoat with a pocket square, and get him to reveal his wickedness in a 15 minute conversation over Americano?

She’s wasting her time, even though she doesn’t realize it.  And women have a short time frame to truly operate.  That’s not patriarchy, that’s biology.

When you meet coffee date girl – Part of me wonders how much of her behavior was clinical or idiosyncratic and how much of this is in the realm of normal behavior?  Normal for girls at least.

The girl might be a one off, but the mathematician in me feels like there are particular solutions. This is the tool that you order from Snap On, because they’re the only ones that make it.

What was her goal here?
What did she expect to happen?

Subconsciously she expected magic. She would show up, do nothing, actively work against whatever he was doing AND he’d somehow manage to fix her.

This reminds me of the old chestnut about psychologists and sociopaths.

If a patient says that they’ve seen other doctors, the others haven’t helped, but you seem special.

This is how this situation reads.

This post is a bit sprawling, but the key ideas

  1. As humans, from the very beginning, we learn how to interpret the thoughts of others through their actions
  2. Game teaches us that our pre-game social programming is very bad at helping us puzzle out a girl’s thoughts and motivations through her actions
  3. When a chick limits her own freedom here – the key is not to try and knock on the front door – so to speak.
  4. She set up the situation to dislike you (thinking it’s neutral)- because she doesn’t understand herself or men
  5. The options are here are to communicate on the level where she really is. Be it with your look, with your sub-communications, or using group game to gain leverage through third parties


6 thoughts on “Pattern Interrupt”

  1. I’m really digging the blog lately archie, I feel like you’re really hitting your stride.

    But outta curiousity with the logic part you mentioned and how a girl views sex. Do you mean that like she’s the gatekeeper and can have it anytime she wants (eventhough it’s not always good) so it isn’t as big of a deal to her as it is to guys? Or something totally different?

  2. Nice post… This is exactly the kind of thing that would be discussed in detail over at TRM Archie… Come along and join in. Will only help you reach a wider audience.

    1. @ Sentient

      Very true but I will say, you guys reach a pretty wide audience even if you’re not aware of it. I’ve read, re-read, experimented, and screwed up trying to figure out a lot of yours, Scray’s, Hank’s, and etc.’s field reports from the YaReally archive.

      It’s definitely inspiring stuff! Thanks a lot!

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