Quincy Jones – Player for Life



So much game, I might have a post about this coming later.

Here’s some choice quotes

We are interrupted by a man named Michael who earlier had welcomed me into the house. “You need anything?” he asks. “I’m gonna send up some stuff. You need a drink or anything?”

“Some girls,” Jones replies.

“Will do,” says Michael, clearly joking. He disappears, and Jones’s attention returns to me.

“You married?”


“I’m not.” He laughs. “I got 22 girlfriends.”

Pour up something for a mack!

3 thoughts on “Quincy Jones – Player for Life”

  1. Older single men who still date attractive women are my role models.

    The wife, the kids, the trips to Disneyland, the boat…y’all can have that.

    well, maybe I’ll take the boat and trip to the DR!

    1. Most def. I’m in my 40’s, so I value the conversation of an older (25+) chick (and the skills), but a younger chick has a certain infectious energy as well.

      1. Young feminine energy is the best. It’s so natural to pair with older male experience and wisdom. At 50 i dig it. You do have to be careful to not slip into Dad mode, not give her all the answers, just appreciate where she is on the journey. I’m convinced it keeps you young .

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