The Game of Walter White

We’ll get back to the comedy at some point.  Book 1 is still coming along.

This is Lessons from the Screen Play – a very good non-game source of game material.   Again, a point I will belabor – is that game is applied psychology.  So anything that tells you how the mind works, what the mind responds to, is uber useful when it comes to talking to the ladies and making connections.

The video should start at 4:38, but i recommend that you watch the whole thing.

Act 2 – The Premise – What the show is about at the core.  The Pilot conveys this to the audience.

The protagonist’s life is turned upside-down when X happens, so they decide to do Y.

A high school chemistry teacher finds out that he has terminal cancer and decides to cook meth in order to make money for his family

Walt’s decision here affects who he is and what decisions he makes in Act 3 Power.

Lajos Egri – “A man whose fear is greater than his desire, or a man who has no great, all-consuming passion, or one who has patience and does not oppose, cannot be a pivotal character.”

Act 3 shows how his desires overcome his fears.

The video goes on to say

“Standing here, Walt feels a kind of power — one brought on by the absence of fear

Any light bulbs coming on yet?

“Television is historically good at keeping its characters in a self-imposed stasis so that shows can go on for years or even decades” – Vince Gilligan

So what GAME lessons can we draw from here?

In the movie that is your life – has your fear been greater than your desire?

I know I can say yes to this one.  And like all the t-shirts say, good stuff happens when I overcome my fears.

Since I’m chopping game here – that’s the inner game piece. If you are aware that you’re stopping yourself because of fear, that can help you move forward.

What’s the external game piece here?  How do I turn these words that give me power, into words and actions that help me connect with a girl?

It’s the thrill — for once — of taking risks.

Does this sentence not hit you in your core?  When you read that sentence, your mind goes to all the times when you let fear hold you back.  And also to the pleasure of when you let go and went with it.

Imagine reworking this sentence when you have your first *real* chance to talk to a chick.   Not during the initial little chat.

Along the sequence of

  1. See the girl
  2. Open the girl
  3. Flirt with a girl
  4. Deal with her obstacles and issues

Right after this point, is when you really start to connect with a girl.

If a player gets to this point during the meet, all he needs to do is keep the vibe going, call a cab, and have the girl go to your spot to make some cupcakes late into the night.  I like to meet girls at night clubs so that we can study Psalms.

So you’ve got the girl at the martini lounge.  She’s comfortable chatting with you in the booth.  What happens next is a done deal – but here is where you break out what you learned from Breaking Bad and writing television shows.

You start talking to her about how fear holds people back.   And when they drop the fear, they can do what they really want to do.   From there, you go into the idea of how “self imposed stasis“.

You watch TV? Me too.

What shows do you like?

I like this show, well I like 95% of the show.  But it seems like every week, the main character gets into the same sort of problems. That fills out the show – but it’s like the character keeps himself stuck in a rut.  If he would only change a bit…

So rather than the regular Bible session you have lined up with the chick – if she likes what you’re saying here, if you can draw her out, if she can give you examples of how fear held her back, how she feels like she’s keeping her own self down – and then how she didn’t succumb to fear…and how YOU can help her get past some of her fears …

Ask yourself how that Bible Study is going to go now, when she’s not only ready on a physical level, but you’ve made it okay for her to dig really deep and show more of herself because she’s no longer afraid?

The old school game of the 90’s/early 00’s was less efficient than what Mystery came up with, and not nearly as efficient as what we can do to day.  But a whole lot of old game focused on taking a chick “deeper”.

So that’s how you use Walter White in your game.  You know that his character was this nebbish guy getting pushed around.  He found himself in dire straits, and he did something about it.  He let go of his fear.   And teaching a girl how to let go of her fears, and to do what she really wants – that’s a key to making a better connection.


5 thoughts on “The Game of Walter White”

  1. This seems to be an effective tool to use to overcome the “I can’t go home with this stranger” objection once she’s decided she would like to read scripture together.

    A lot of us (I know I do) have problems before we even get to that point. I think it would benefit a lot of readers if you broke down how you go from “this guys cool” to “I want to get biblical with him”

    She can like and trust you but that doesn’t mean she’s going home with you. Most social guys can get girls to think “this guys cool” but with the amount of options women have it needs to go beyond that

    Scenario from last weekend;
    During the debrief I asked “At the bar, when did you know you wanted me?” and got “I didn’t, I just thought you were cool. I wasn’t expecting this”

    In the bar I was just “cool social guy” to her, end of the night offered a ride to save her cab money, “can I use your bathroom real quick?” continued to be cool social guy then seduced her physically.

    IMO; journeymen players seduce physically. We need to elevate to the next level and seduce her mind emotionally so she says “I want this guy” instead of just going with it if you’re lucky enough to get her into isolation

    Would enjoy your perspective on this

  2. “I wasn’t expecting this”

    If she was expecting it it couldn’t “just happen” and you couldn’t be a guy that “just gets it” and you couldn’t lead her as much. These are all reinforcing feedback loops. These concepts all tie back to the biology of concealed ovulation.

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