What does she want?

*Note to my long time readers – just found out we got some ladies checking this blog out.  I’m not gonna tone anything down, but I’m not gonna go out of my way to offend either.

Let’s start with the basic ones using the language of Pick Up/Game 201*

Raw Physical Attraction – She finds you attractive on a primal/genetic level.  Chick gets drunk, you look like a stud, she tries to get your attention.

Primal + Social – you’re cool and popular, and a hunk of beef.

Provisioning – You can make sure that she lives a nice life.

So the way that the modern game is set up, you need to hit this trifecta.  Make as much money as possible, look as good as possible – specifically muscles, and then also be a popular guy.

This sounds like common sense – and it is pretty much what society teaches men to do.

So why are you here?

Because it doesn’t work.  I know it.  You are unsure about it.  But it hasn’t worked for you yet.  And in your mind, it’s because you haven’t buckled down and gone 100% monk mode where you are lifting every day and running an e-commerce site at night.

Lemme rephrase, this path is not available to everyone.  The people who can fully take advantage of the “mainstream” strategy are small in number.  You need the right amount of height.  You need to be in the right social position to make serious money easily.   And popularity…haha..

The reason I know this is because, not only have I done it – with middling success, this was the same advice that players got in the 90’s.  PUA is the result of guys going out and trying a lot of this stuff out, and realizing that the vague script for success didn’t really work.

Breaking apart the components – there are rich guys not getting any, guys that are shredded, ripped, cut, and jacked that are forever alone, and guys that are popular/famous that are not able to tap into that resource and use it for their purposes.   Not everyone can be Screech.

So what guys realized was that all those things are “nice to have’s” but not must haves.   It was figured out (again) in the late 90’s.

Black dudes realized this a long time ago.  I’m pretty sure this is a theme I’ve touched on before – but for the most part – Black Americans/Canadians/Brits have a hard time making the same amount of coin as their mainstream counterparts.  But black women still have the same material desires and need for provisioning that other women do.

What’s a Brohemian to do?

Somebody figured out that you can provide a mental/spiritual/emotional experience as a substitute for material goods.


As time went on, the idea of “game” made many realize that a lot of what we do in life was actually about that mental/spiritual/emotional experience – and we’ve been getting that instead of actual resources.

How many of you guys have given your blood, sweat, and tears to a job on the promise that you’ll get paid 2-3 weeks later?   Usually the employer comes through – but they have you convinced that they shouldn’t pay you the day of.   In fact, they haven’t said a word.  It’s just accepted that they can profit from your labor now and pay you 1/10th of the value later.

You’ve been sold.  You’ve been played.  They have you convinced that paying you for a day’s work (like a waitstaff) is impractical.

Impractical for who you might ask?

I digress.  I hope you guys are starting to see how game is really just how people interact with each other on a day to day basis – and we’re merely rethinking our daily interactions with our eye on the ball.

Back to what I was saying.

What is game doing for the girl?  What happens when you get her wrapped up in a conversation about whether Jay really cheated on Beyonce?  Why is she so invested in proving YOU wrong?  Why is she talking to you, and not that random 6’5″ guy at the venue holding the wall, beer to his chest?

She wants that guy, but is “wasting time” with you.  Why?

You intrigue her.

When you intrigue her, your behavior is that of a “good looking guy.”  I use quotes because “Good Looking Guys” don’t actually have set behavior.

There is this vague ideal out there about how a great guy is supposed to make her feel.  She’s not supposed to feel a certain way when she deals with regular guys.  That feeling is reserved for “Good looking Guys”.


So what does she do?  When your behavior matches that of an “attractive man” but you don’t fit her ideal?

She tests you.  It’s not even conscious and deliberate.   It’s unconscious and a reaction.   Can she rattle you? As YaReally has said, when a chick tests you, that’s her subconscious at the beginning levels of attraction.

If a chick that weighs 105 lbs soaking wet can shake the confidence of a man twice her weight and a foot taller, is he really The Man?   And when you go out, you’ll see these so-called Alphas get some success but also fail horribly.  His behavior towards the chick, the interaction he creates, doesn’t jive with how she actually feels.

So that’s why she wants to go home with you to eat Ben and Jerry’s

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