Defending Elaborate Routines


Fuck it.  It’s my site, I’ll write whatever I want to.

Over at the forum, them boys talking about the pointlessness of routines.

I beg to differ.

I’ll totally agree that a routine like the Cube is overkill for just getting a chick in bed.

But stuff like the Cube, 3 Animals, Strawberry Fields – it’s more than just ego stroking for the player.

Part of the game is giving the chick the “feels”.

More than just making her feel like she wants to fuck, but mad, angry, happy, laughing, she wants to pee, sad, confused, tension relieved, etc

The reason you do this is that if she’s wearing a sheer top, and she catches a draft of hot air, her nipples harden. That causes a biological response in her that leads towards sex.  So she has to self-regulate.

She’s very good at self regulation, when there’s only *one* thing coming at her.  One thing that she can recognize and understand.

Magicians and Comedians like to throw all these things at the audience – because it weakens their defenses.  Getting stimulated from all different directions – girls go out to loud, dark, smoky, dance clubs for THAT REASON.

It’s not just the punchline, it’s the set up, the pledge, it’s the mannerisms, the pauses. They not only deepen the effect of the punchline, but the effect can stay with you for years.

When you strip down routines to the core, a lot of them operate the same way.

But without the salient details, you get sub-optimal results.  Maybe not sub-optimal, you get different results.  It’s ordering the first thing on the menu without turning the page.  It’s dumping a bottle of hot sauce

Let’s say you do the palm reading shit as a joke, and it’s really an excuse for compliance and kino.

Cool, no problem.  She’s attracted, touch barrier is broken, play the comfort game well, handle the uber, and you’re fucking.

Let’s say you do the palm reading stuff seriously, and you do the life line, love line, # of partners….

All shit she’s probably heard before…but say you “notice” something “peculiar”, and then immediately clam up.

You try and change the subject to whether Khloe Kardashian is meant to be single.

“Wait a minute, what did you see…”

Her interest in you, her willingness to comply has shot through the roof.

What was funny ha ha, is no longer a joke.

You’re not going to get that with half-assing the routine.

You’re certainly not going to get that by just doing the “routine” outline.

If you’re just looking for some fun that night, you don’t need all the technique and nuance.

But the whole point of 7 hours, elaborate routines, feather boas was not just to put your dick in a chick.

It was to capture her.

Even on the PUA boards that have guys that were there to see all of this happen – they don’t think like this anymore.

It’s all about minimum effective doses, the least game possible, EFFICIENCY, minimalism, low to no effort.

To be honest, it’s weird to me that game has devolved.   It should have evolved.  It should have gotten more ornate, more baroque.

But maybe that’s why the peacock isn’t running the planet.  All those details are no match for efficient killers.

To switch gears with a metaphor

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Information wants to be free” – which is used as a justification for piracy.  This music can’t be contained by your stupid copyright laws

But it was taken from this statement.

“It seems like there’s a couple of interesting paradoxes we’re working with here. That’s why I’m especially interested in what Bob Wallace has done with PC-WRITE and what Andrew Flugelman did before that with PC-TALK. On the one hand information wants to be expensive, because it’s so valuable. The right information in the right place just changes your life. On the other hand, information wants to be free, because the cost of getting it out is getting lower and lower all the time.

How the phrase is used now, is a shortened and entirely different way than it was used before.   They don’t mean the same things.

The meme is a de-evolution of the original.  It’s not even clear that people would understand this debate about information in 2016.

Stripping down old school pua/nlp/speed seduction/magician/comedian game into the moving parts – basically doesn’t get at what is possible.

What if you were thinking deeply about your game – and any chick you banged – you wanted her to bang you strictly for the sex.

Not just be her Fuck Buddy – but she’s penciling you in her calendar, dieting, exercising, doing kegels, working on her gag reflex at work – because she’s now approaching having sex with you like it was some grand undertaking.   Where she’s putting off important shit, because she’s got to finish working on her Wonder Woman costume for your planned activities on Friday night.

Or you when you meet her, you have you, her, and her girlfriend doing triple kisses  – and that lights a fire in her mind.  And then you go into some personality quiz about the “sexual fluidity”.

It’s not even really about the routines.  It’s about thinking about possibilities, and making them into realities.




Connecting the Short Game to the Long Game

The scenario was that a young dude moved in with a chick, and shortly thereafter the chick started acting up.  But he didn’t really have the funds to move out.


So the way the conversation evolved was basically that a guy needed to have his own affairs straight – and that if there was going to be any living together, it would be at is place, on his terms.

For guys that are new to this, maybe they’ve figured out the short game – got a great Tinder – Instagram for social proof and pre-selection, which then ramps up both attraction and trust during the first meet – making the “Hey come check out my World of Warcraft set up at my house” pretty easy.

The way this works is that you basically piqued her interest, engaged with her, and then you keep making her invest in you, until she bangs.  And the bang is more investment.

The young player figured  out the short game.  Once he sees the structure, all the permutations of game just become obvious.  His SMV is bullshit, because he makes the girl invest.  His ability to make her invest is his VALUE, because she invests in NO ONE.

So young player goes from a few dates here and there, to more than Poon Tang Clan than you can handle.

He thinks he knows their behavior, because you’ve been able to master that behavior in a dating context.

So the somewhat wise player does recognize that when he has a chick on his home turf, he has advantages.  When it comes to the short game, a chick’s rottweiler isn’t going to jump in the bed – because he’s at his place not at hers.

So the journeyman player doesn’t make this mistake of moving in with a chick.

So clearly the answer this issue is to have her move in to yours.

Well that’s basically the story of human civilization.

He doesn’t think chicks know how to turn his place into hers.

*opens curtains*

*brings some incense*

Suddenly that Japanese Sword Collection gets moved out of the living room….

Before he knows it, the mini skirt crew is watching Love and Hip Hop Scottsdale on his flat screen, heels up on his leather couch.   On some, “Honey can you bring me a drink…”

How’d he get here?

Young Player
   She must come to you and let you take care of her.

Veteran Player
She must come to you and you *let* her take care of *you*.

The veteran player knows that even if he has “home turf advantage”, a chick will organize and clean all that stuff away.  Suddenly your clear bathroom sink is full of beauty products – as she turns 6.5 visage into the 8 that you pulled from the Meet Up Group. (Cringe all you want, the perfect 10 that you pulled that stays a perfect 10 will eventually bore you before she gets old.  Growing used to a woman’s beauty is a topic for another time)

So the real value of a chick to you is her behavior.  And whether that behavior subtracts or supports YOUR mission.   Even if your only mission is to be #1 Dad – does she bolster your efforts or undermine you?

Thus, you can’t have a situation where she comes to live with you and you take care of her.   That violates how you pulled her.

A woman must be capable of taking care of herself.

A woman worth living with has to be self sufficient. If I let one of these 23 year olds live with me, all they do is ask me to solve their problems.

When I went from Papi to Daddy to Dad, I got role confusion on her part. They got to be irresponsible. Before long, they want girls night out and return to that single life.

Scenario –  She putting on makeup and it’s not for you…da fuck?

Question – How’d I get here? I had six chicks in rotation

Answer –     “Whatever issue comes up, Archie will fix it”

I did these chicks a disservice to be honest, stunted their growth as adults.

A woman’s eventual role is going to be caretaking.  But to do so, she has to be able to handle her own stuff and get used to being an adult.

Let that broad make you lasagna, so she skills up, invests in you, invests in herself.  That’s what got you the bang, that’s how it continues to work.

I don’t know if my current approach will get you to death do us part, but I tell you for sure that taking care of a broad won’t get you there.

She will not appreciate what you bring into her life when you’re basically supporting her antics and behavior. I done helped chicks get jobs, get through school, get through tough emotional times, change careers, start businesses, meet a whole new social circle – them broads ain’t sent your boy as much as a fruit basket.

If I had known then what I know now. There wasn’t a West Indian Archie in the old days. It was guys just getting their first piece of pussy and fucks on the regular. I still see some of that mentality now, but some of those very bitter men found the game and have been telling their stories.

Some players have tried to technique their way out of these issues, but it comes back to the same psychology that got you the pull.

Am I reacting to her? No pussy, all problems
Is she reacting to me? All pussy, no problems

Part of the reason meth dealer biker guy can have stripper pussy on lock is because she’s always trying to fix his life. He keeps her mentally engaged with his drama, not the reverse.  She keeps putting so much into the relationship, and he puts in 1/10th.   But it’s not because he’s playing a game.  Not because he’s using dread or competition anxiety.  Mr. Son of Anarchy has his own mission.  The chick can only be around him, if she supports that mission.   The fact that she wants to turn his attention away from that – is just her job.

Now you don’t ignore a chick. She’ll pour boiling water on you.

So let’s put it together.

  1. You pull a girl based on her reacting to you. (She reacts to you often because your frame is strong and you’re engaging her, but not reacting to her)
  2. You make nice with the Bible Reading.
  3. Now she becomes a person that might get on your team.
  4. She rises through the ranks, showing you not only her behavior towards you, but her behavior towards other.
  5. When she starts angling for keys to the crib, trying to basically lock you down – you have to define what you’re getting into and put a price on your freedom.
  6. If you want to keep her around, she needs to want to stay around.  She’ll want to do that, if she invests. She won’t invest in you, if you’re always investing in her.

When you get this far, hit me up in the comments section.


A Change Gone Come

In light of recent events, this blog will definitely shift focus.  I’m not going away from the game, far from it.  A change in regime means I actually need to fully invest in all forms of game.

I primarily talk about the following

  • The Player’s Mindset
  • The Lady’s Mindset
  • Social Context
  • One on One Game
  • Group Game
  • Night Game
  • Cold Approach
  • LTR Management

What I neglect, because it’s not my area of expertise or general experience

  • Social Circle Game – specifically meeting people and building a social circle
  • Raw Day Game – that insane run up on a chick game, or hang out in a coffee shop and hit on patrons.
  • Lifestyle “Game” – the quotes should tip you off, I don’t put much stock in lifestyle as “game”.  At least not the rich playboy type of game that people think of.
  • Internet Game – Using marketing techniques and a funnel to get dates, and then using one on one game during the date to build trust.
  • Game outside of Romantic Contexts – We’ll get into this, as I plan on breaking down historical leaders.  There’s an interplay between you making a girl feel the roller coaster – and everyone else watching.  The chick in the sideline who’s rolling her eyes at you, changes her tune when some other girls really start to feel you.  Basically you don’t convince the skeptic – you find the true believers – and they convince your skeptic through sexual preselection and social proof.
  • World Game

It’s this last one that I’ve been attempting to get a handle on this year.  But my day time commitments as a Intellect-For-Hire have kept me out of the World Game like I need to be.

So one of the homies asked me on the forum about how to break out for the girls that are kinda cute (he calls them 6’s) and into the 7’s and above.

Well you know just on that scenario, there’s a whole lot of things to break down…If he were talking about the North American context, and by extension the Anglosphere.   You can extend a lot of Game developed in Canada, LA, DC, Vegas, and NYC to the Australia, New Zealand, England, et cetera – because all the cultures basically draw from the same well in terms of “romance”.   There’s a huge cultural component of game that most American players deal with.

Now if you’ve been doing this as long as I have, and have stayed in touch with the “community” more or less – one of the things that everyone has noticed was that travel makes  your game better.

Having to connect with a woman who doesn’t speak your tongue or know to get you the Kola Champagne and not the Pineapple Soda is a challenge that most guys don’t really know how to handle.

Indeed, if you read the traveling players, a lot of them are getting over on 2 things

  • Exotic Factor
  • Western (i.e. rich) factor

Very brute force game.  And I prefer finesse.  But finesse in American game depends on you understanding social context, social cues, and how things are done.  What rules can be broken, must be followed, and can be done away with.

What World Game can teach you

  • These broads are mostly the same.  They all want everything, even if everything isn’t good for them.
  • Overall female behavioral cues

It’s this second one that makes your game better at home.  This latest generation of international players, have the money to go abroad, bang chicks with inelegant approaches, and then they have to come home and deal with culturally savvy chicks who see that these men aren’t even trying to learn the ropes.    The players of old came back from Mongolia with much better eye contact, noticing more of when a chick was responding by body language, how to close distance, and how to really build trust at the most basic level.

Whatever inelegant game the “old school pua’s” had in a foreign context, they learned to strip down and strip out cultural assumptions and get to the core.

Why is this important?  Why were they able to?  What does night game have to do with this?

Night game comes in 2 basic flavors.  Mostly Verbal and Mostly-Non-Verbal.  If you’re at a bar, even a loud bar, you can shout your way into a good situation.  If you’re at a concert or a mega-night club, the entire club is designed to overwhelm your senses.   You’re supposed to embrace the madness.  It’s essentially an orgy/a mob/a controlled riot.

That sort of thing is where good old American Night Club game intersects with World Game.

Back to other posts – this game “thingy” is about giving her feels.  And that’s true in every context.  What World Game can teach a player is how to focus on the sub-communications and the non-verbal game to give the girls feels.   And World Game has to be done in the context outside of being overwhelmed.

So that means my efforts to learn portable skills, which I got some decent mileage out of this year – go to the front burner.

It’s time to get out there.



Scared Chick wants to meet me at a coffee shop

This was on the forum.   Here’s my expanded answer

Bumble bitch. Messages me. We chit chat. I ask for #. She says not till we meet because stalker in her past or some shit. I say ok. (first mistake no doubt).

So I continue to talk to her over the stupid app. Seems like playing into her frame. I say we should meet. She agrees. She then says coffee….which i absolutely hate for a date. But i agree because this bitch is hot.

So far I’ve been playing by her rules, again which I hate. Going to meet later today and need input on how to rapidly reset the frame so that I’ll be the one calling the shots if we ever meet again.

My take on the advice so far

1) Just Do Your Thing
– summed up as “it’s not an issue”
– not particularly practical or helpul

2) Lack of Frame
Basically you should just force the issue.

The problem with forcing the frame is that she hasn’t accepted it.
Trying to smash her into your world – ESPECIALLY A CHICK YOU JUST “MET” ONLINE – is a gamble and doesn’t address the problems in this scenario

3) Agree to her terms

Agree to her and then extend the date the way you see fit.

Somebody just put on their first pair of Gators!

Probably the best answer that handles some of the problems, even if it only frames this as a logistical problem.

[Ed. Hint Hint, it’s more than that that.]

The reason why guys don’t think of this answer is because


Too much EGO leads to missing this solution.

This is not understanding your own psychology, or male psychology.

4) Agree to her terms/tour the town style date + “stop in” at your place

Takes the decent work around of #3, but then tries to sneak in some shit that she actually should expect, and would start flashing alarms.

5) Tease the chick about her situation but sandwich it with jokes

Teasing builds attraction by breaking rapport.

Is it possible that a few text messages can shoot your stock so high, change her mood and change her mind – Maybe. Anything is possible.
I write and persuade people for a living, so it could be in the cards…

6) Agree, Get Frame, Lead & don’t take her literally

Super strong answer. It’s like a better illustration of #3.

Other options that I wrote down at work, but didn’t actually make an appearance

8) Fuck you bitch, here’s why, BLOCK

Surprised there was no “take the Alpha high road” answers, which is what I expected to see a lot of.

What the veteran player sees?

In my view, the game is all about psychology
– Knowing your own – Why does her doing this make me so mad?
– Knowing what other guys do – What do other guys typically do i n
– Knowing what girls typically do – And this chick is not doing what they typically do
– Knowing what your particular chick is doing and how it fits into her particular psychology – This chick had a bad experience.  Baggage to deal with

What’s really going on in this scenario?

Let’s really break it down.

It’s a meet stemming from online
– In person, at a night club, you wouldn’t be going through this
– In the day time, she’d be able to give you a smell test and figure out if you’re bad news
– Social Circle would be ideal for her – because she can vet you through other sources. You just being in the same circle is almost enough.

So from jump, what kind of problem do you have?

Do you have a sex problem? No.
Do you have an attraction problem? No.
Do you have logistical issues? No

What you have is an issue of basic trust.

So this is what that Netflix and Chill Post #2 was about, my post in the player’s lounge about rapid trust building, and the thread about a girl wanting to google your name.

Chicks that act like this do not have trust. (This will be important, follow)

What about attraction?

Glad you asked.
– This is an online meet at first – so a girl that responds well, means that you at least have a decent social profile. Give yourself a +1
– The fact that this was Bumble – which is girls choose – means that you definitely have a face/body/style that she’s looking for.

What about your text game?

– I didn’t read anything about it. But I’m just going to assume you’re the typical RVF guy, and you only text logistics, thus your text game is weak.


Write a shit load more. Write as much as I do, and your text game will become a strength and not a weakness. Not something that you can fuck up. Something that you can use so that you can fuck.

What about your online game?
– Again, this is an online pull, and I don’t see where you used any thing aside from your Bumble profile to pull this chick.

Did you like your awesome webpage of amazing travels, yachts, foods, chicks, memes, and puppies?

I’m guessing not. But if you have group shots of you with people, some of which are attractive girls, then that’s a way to show social proof, pre-selection, which helps with attraction. And also can convey that other bitches are SAFE around you.

Right off the bat, you’re not using tools that are available to you.

That’s neither her nor there.

This, so far, has been all about you.

What about her?

This broad told you she has a stalker.
Two implications

1) Really bitch?
You have a stalker?
Like is he liking all your shit on Instagram?
He’s a stalker now?
Are you really that fine?
What the fuck are you doing on Bumble then?

An actually fine bitch has high quality offers IN REAL FUCKING LIFE.

2) Oh and you think *I’m* going to be a stalker?

That’s awfully presumptuous. Like I ain’t pumped and dumped finer bitches than you that gave me less of a hassle.

That’s whatever though.

In terms of game, what is she communicating to you?

She has enough attraction to come see you, but she does not TRUST you, or any man.

So that’s the real problem with this scenario.

She is telling you that she needs to build trust.

What happens when you build trust, comfort, and rapport AT A COFFEE SHOP?

You become her friend.
Her friends that are boys don’t fuck her.

She’s setting you up to fail.

She wants you to build trust first, not realizing her own psychology. MESSAGE.

So I just said you had attraction. This is perfectly in line with the sequence…right?

Let’s take a step back.

Before you can put P into V, you need 3 things.
– Attraction
– Trust
– Location

Classically, you build attraction first, and you build trust afterwards. And it all culminates at the final location.

But it’s better to think of Attraction, Trust, and Location as slider knobs on a studio mixer. You keep adjusting the sliders to get the right sound, no distortion.

To get the date, let’s say you need an attraction level of 2 and a comfort level of 2. (please you inboxing newbs, don’t get pedantic about the #’s shit. IT’S A METAPHOR not an EQUATION)

– 2 on attraction – she can be seen in public with you
– 2 on trust – you’re not going to kill her
– 0 on logistics (unless you can sneak her into the bathroom for a quick bang)

As the date progresses
– Attraction moves up to 5-6 – she’s hanging on to your every word, eating out of your hand, going along with role plays, she’s adopted your frame. She’s in to you.

– Trust moves up to 5-6 – she’s very cool with you moving her around, touching her non-sexually. You aren’t doing weird shit. If you grab for her hand, she gives it. But when she pulls away, you’re w/o reaction. No neediness, no bad reactions. She doesn’t need to be careful around you.

– Logistics are at a 3 (you’ve changed venues, and you could engage in some PDA – though a smart player wouldn’t)

As you get closer to the end of the date
– attraction level hits 10
– the trust is about an 8
– logistics are at 8-10 as well. So that’s the walk to your car, in your car, the walk up to your place, in your living room, with 10 being her on the bed naked in your bed.

I don’t want to get too deep into this metaphor, but there’s a tension between all 3. When one goes up, the others go down, or sideways.

Most notably, When she really wants to fuck attraction wise, and when she’s in the place where she can fuck – That trust level isn’t a steady riser from 8 to 10. That 8 might just sit there for a long ass time, so long that attraction (the dopamine and other chemicals coursing through her brain start to subside)

There is something about being so turned on, and being in a place where shit can go down where her brain is like “YO, WE’RE NOT SURE ABOUT THIS”

And that’s where the player really shines. It’s the most important part of the short game – and it happens WAY BEFORE you get her back home.

The game is played in comfort.
Is she comfortable with you, around you, having you put your P into her V.

The game is about TRUST.

Where the bangs fail to happen, is that you can’t get that trust level to 10.

So that’s LMR in a nutshell. You’ve got attraction and a place to bang, but not enough trust. She trusted you enough to come home – but there’s that final hurdle of trust that she just can’t jump. And it’s usually something that happened WELL BEFORE you got her back to your spot.

And if you have to pull out an LMR buster, the way that typically works is you withdraw attraction, and she has to buy into your frame. This is her giving in, as opposed to her tearing your clothes off, or enthusiastically wanting her to fuck you. I don’t want to get deep into the LMR discussion either.

I bring this up because if you take her on a “tour of the city” style date – it builds trust – each place you go – each person you talk to – builds TRUST.

The walking date also provides a “plot” to your date. (Everyone thinks in narratives. Every body is a star in their own movie)

Here the chick has you at 2/2/0 with this coffee date

To get the P into V, you need the trust to get to 10….

Here the logic is inverted.

She wants trust NOW. Not when she’s more attracted, not when she’s in a place where she can be “free”.

The veteran knows that her thinking brain, the mammal brain, wants this thing that her reptilian brain (the ‘gina) does not want.

We can talk about attraction theory if you want – but as any dude here can tell you – getting a chick to trust you to the level she seems to want – will more likely than not dry up the pussy.

What usually makes it wet is NOVELTY (most attraction technique is showing her novelty, not letting her get it when she wants it, putting her in a validation cycle, and adopting your frame and exchanging pussy and everything else for a the novelty of being in your life).

Novelty is the enemy of Security.
Novelty is the enemy of Trust.

Trust is usually known as comfort and rapport.
Attraction material, the better stuff in my view, is about BREAKING rapport.

Weak dudes seek rapport.  Players break rapport.

Players only seek rapport, after she INVESTS heavily.

So to get comfort, to get rapport, to get trust – you need to give her what she asked for.

And if a chick knows basically what to expect, and you meet her expectations – she’ll have the trust she needs.

She just won’t have the attraction.

Bitches secretly love this shit, even if they aren’t conscious of it.
From a male p.o.v, most broads are just problems for you to figure out, and
they love to make it has hard as possible.

So the walk around date is an option, especially if you come at it from the perspective that I NEED TO BUILD TRUST.
– paying for coffee
– having a plan to do something to afterwards
– interacting with customers, shop keepers, baristas – showing you’re social and normal
– guiding her through a crowd
– being decisive
– taking her to new places, and nothing bad happens
– taking her to new places, and you deal well with strangers
– taking her to new places, where people, girls esp, know you
– touching her, and then pulling back.
– showing some vulnerability, and getting her to volunteer it.

So you do the walkabout – with a purpose to get at the chick’s mind.

That’s the 1st strategy. She wants coffee shop, you pick one, and have an itinerary in line. The intermediate guy doesn’t just pick a centrally located coffee shop. The fail safe coffee shop is that if she flakes, you’ve got places to go.

The other options are more out of the box, advanced in nature.  But they get at the main issue she has.   She can’t really trust herself to make decisions.  I’ve touched on this with the “Girl wants to bring a dog, or girl has a dog” type posts.  Where the girl outsources her decision making to the dog.

A) Go to her fave coffee shop – charm the fuck out of everyone there. And have a plan.

B) Make her invite a friend – and then nip the trust thing in the bud – and charm both of them.

These options actually do what I would call a trust transference, a social safety blanket.  But they use the trust factors of TRUSTED third parties to reinforce that she should trust you.  Plus you get the added benefit of vetting her friend/friends to see if this is the type of chick you can stick your dick into, and whether she has hot friends that you can fuck on the low read The Bible with.