Natural Born vs Self Made Players

How I see naturals game, and how i took what they did and used in my game.

1. There are guys who fuck a lot, and then there are natural born players.

Fuck a lot guys – meatheads, gangsters, pretty boys, rich and popular types, guys with status, guys with power. These guys attract women, and women are choosing to fuck these guys, even if their game isn’t that tight. But fuck enough bitches, you could learn a thing or two, but chances are low. See most professional athletes who’ve had pussy thrown at them since middle school. I’ve read that male porn stars have this issue as well. There is probably something to be said about James Deen here as well.

Natural players may have some of these built in advantages – but the natural player has other things going for him. There are so many styles of natural game that I’ve seen but let me start off

1) there is some attention paid to looks and fitness, but not take steroids and get a full back tattoo. He cares about his appearance.

2) Approach anxiety is nil. They rightly see women as just mere people. When there is no pedestal, he just gets his holla on.

– She goes negative, she’s affected by him
– Positive? he’s in there,
– Indifference – must not have heard him, repeat

With flirting, physical, or sexual escalation – no hesitation, like he’s manhandling some kids on the schoolyard. He’s not afraid to touch. He’s not afraid to let go either.

Verbally, a crass or sexual joke might leave his lips in mixed company. See point four below

3) No canned openers per se, but every natural I know has
– 1) some shit that just happened to him, and he is going to tell everyone in earshot no matter if they heard him.
– 2) a story for most common situations. First bang, first time getting drunk, first time in love. All that shit is canned. But like normal conversation, it just comes up. He doesn’t steer the conversation

4) The asshole vibe is not trying to be mean, nor is it conscious self amusement, – but he unconsciously cares what he thinks about first and foremost.

The kinda dude that can say some shit, offend people, and then give a non apology like “Sorry if you were offended..”

The implication being, I’m not changing my mind/mood/actions to fit into the group. He’ll try to make someone else feel better, but not at the expense of his own happiness.

Underlying this asshole attitude is true abundance. Not some mantra repeated online someplace, but he thinks a good looking chick is commonplace, because so far in his life that’s the reality.

5) The last thing – a chick might get his attention. But she doesn’t have his curiosity.

So if he does approach – he’s trying to figure out if he’s interested.

This is where I get off the train.

Now to me, coming from a learned, deconstructed, backwards engineered style of game – anything but organic – this has been the hardest to figure out, but this principle ends up being the secret sauce.

If i see a short hourglass figure in some heels, i never used to need anymore information. That is baby making material, no questions asked. Like a lot of guys who see what they want – I’d basically try to do anything to get inside of her. A phat ass and some double dees gives a man a certain sense of clarity.

So in that state of mind, I’d miss obvious red flags, for both DTF and LTR.

Headache after headache, heartbreak after heartbreak I figured out #5 from an artificial intelligence player pov. (Robot game ftw?)

Me walking over and running some jibba jabba means I’m sexually interested, that’s just biology.

But am I interested in putting up with her shit?

That’s what these guys are doing. Showing serious interest coupled with reservation strikes at both the ego and the emotional core of the chick. And the hotter and more socially involved a chick is – the greater the effect.

The backwards engineered aspect of game builds this in, and we put chicks on a validation treadmill with it. Where she is seeking our approval, but the “why” aspect of this for the natural is born from real self-preservation, not just a part of some clever psychological funnel.

Or as Scarface once said, I can tell right now, it’s going to be a long day.

#inspired by lifeguard thread

How to Handle A Pair of Girls

This post is a little technique heavy.  Can’t be mindset and game all the time right?

There are many problems with a pair of girls

  • You only want one
  • You like both
  • One likes you, the other is hating
  • One likes you, but you like her friend, who doesn’t like you
  • The one that you like, pushes her friend on you

But the biggest one is that when you interact with one, the other gets bored.

So here are your options

1) Win over A & B, to game A

2) Three screw

3) Win over both, convince them to come with you, or with them as social proof.

4) Game C at the new venue and bring C in to your collective. Now both A and B have someone to talk to while you semi isolate.

5) Almost the same as 3, merge them into a mixed set, to distract and isolate.

6) You guys are cool, number close all, call back the one you feel the most

Options 3, 4, and 5 are classic Mystery Method.  Arguably so is option 1.   Going for the 3 some – well, that’s one more guys should go for because…it’s hilarious and fun,and might just work.

More often I personally use #6.  Number close both, and possibly hit them up later that evening.

She wants to Move up the Roster

Not going to be a full on break down, but here are some guidelines.

1) Never give a chick roster status if she has nothing to do on a Friday. Insist she keep her male friends, and social engagements

2) Don’t spend more than 1 day per week together. And you can’t see her without sex.

3) Avoid all activity that goes beyond courtesy and into boyfriend stuff. Take her to breakfast after, not dinner before.

That should keep the ball rolling.  Both of you having fun.

But eventually…if you’re the sort of guy that swept her off of her feet, and then keeps her on her toes – she’s going to develop feelings.

4) She asks so what are we?

You don’t like what we have?
Babe, I’m not trying to block your blessings.
You need a man?
What kind of guy are you looking for?

Basically make it clear you’re not the guy for her.

She might insist on you though.  Might not take no for an answer.

You have to be honest with yourself.  Are you really cutting for this chick, or are you stringing her along.  (By stringing, you’re promising a future that you know you will not deliver)

If you’re not, the next part is putting a price on her having more access to you.

When she worms her way into an extra day per week, a lot of time, no more time for your other chicks – DANGER WILL ROBINSON.

So here’s how I usually come at a chick that’s insisting on being in the passenger seat

I’ve been locked down before, and it never worked out. Chicks kept bringing me their problems, chicks not knowing how to make themselves useful in my life…

To say any of this, the player needs to know what he wants and that that she’s not it.  Said it before, will say it over and over.  If you can’t break hearts, you can’t do this.  It’s not even about hurting her, but more about keeping sane.

Now the chick will usually just bounce, playing on the fact that you’re gonna come after her.  RESIST.

The next move in the playbook is for her to date other guys AND flaunt it in your face.  RESIST.

Aren’t you hurting the chick by not submitting to her demands? (LOL, by the way I ask it, of course not)

The player realizes that this state of agony for her is also part of her ecstasy. Though it might not look like it, she is getting something from you not giving her what she “wants”.

Why do girls listen to sad songs, watch romantic movies, soap operas, gossip, mischief and intrigue, like to have a good cry every now and then…

Why do we, as men, have such a problem giving these chicks what they clearly want?

It’s because we don’t want what they want, so we can’t fathom giving it to them.  This is why it’s hard to logic your way into some romance.  If man could make sense of woman, there would be no need for game.   But the average girl just has a different set of criteria and a different way of going about it.

So when a chick wants to jump from booty calls to regular rotation, letting her convince you is part of her pleasure. Even if it doesn’t look like it to masculine eyes. If you’re fucking her,, chances are high 10 other guys want to fuck her.

The final piece is that just like you led her to bed, you’ve got to push her away if she’s exhibiting harmful behavior. A chick can and will fixate on you, to her detriment, despite what you’ve told her, despite what you’ve agreed upon.  That’s when you have to be an adult and cut her off.   It’s not easy for you, won’t be for her – but dependence is not sexy.


Game 101 – Bar and Club over view

Here’s my basic road map when I know want to go out.

So if I’m going to hit the bars at 10

  1.  At 6 am the day of, I start to get hype
  2. I  talk to people on my way to work
  3. I talk to people at work
  4.  I get preliminary intelligence on the bar and the area- WHILE I’M AT WORK.  I’m going to this club, on this street.  What does yelp say about it?  What does google map says is nearby?
    1. chill bars nearby?
    2. Hotels?
    3. Late Night Restaurants.
    4. When things start to pop with me and Ms. Right Now, where can I take her?
  5. No offensive meals for lunch.  So no heavy garlic and hummus for lunch
  6. When I get home – I take a shower and get nice
  7. I head out, park close or have a good spot for Uber to pick me up staked out.  I don’t like catching the uber right in front of the hot spot, because it can be drama.
  8. If there is a line, I talk to folks in line. I talk to guy working the door. I talk to bouncer and security during the pat down. Talk to the chick taking cover charge
  9. Once I get inside I have 2 options-
    1. Option A – After I pass the threshold, quick glance around.  Make a Bee line to the bathroom. Scope out the bar, dance floor, pool table. VIP?
      1. When I’m in the loo, quick smell check and face wash.
      2. Wwalk out, re-scope the place for people.
      3. To the bar, grab a club soda and lime. (never drink)
      4. Meet the bartender and shoot the shit if it’s not busy.
      5. Get intel on the clientele.  Hoods? Preps? 100% vanilla?
    2. Option B – when the place is obviously packed
      1. Open the first set of people I see.
      2. Give value. Stay social.
      3. Grab me a drank and talk to whoever is next to me.
  10. From there the clock is ticking.
  11. If the night is early – I know what happens
    1. Chicks get tipsy first, come in groups, and leave first.
    2. Most guys will either do laps around the club or post up at the wall, until their alcohol kicks in.
    3. Ideally I want to circulate, run little sets, and circle back to chicks with favorable logistics.

So that’s my basic game plan.  I know where i’m going.  I get social all day long.  I get the lay of the land when I’m in the bar, and meet and greet staff.  Make friends with them, shoot the shit, and pump them for intel.  Then it’s talking to strangers – any set of strangers – until I start looking for some company for later.

Looking for new lines

So the context of this post is from one earlier today over at McQueen’s.

Potna is running into the issue of how to deal with the amount of rejection

Here’s what he gets from my long ass post

“So keep on reframing.

“I like how quiet you are.”

That’s one way if she’s not reacting to your rap.

But a player is still thinking in terms of getting her to react. Because I can tell you right now, that line may or may not get reaction. When it fails to work, when you can’t provoke a chick into reaction, you’ll go into the emotional spiral that comes with repeated rejections during the night.

You can’t keep looking for new lines to reframe her misgivings and lack of interest.

I’m saying is that you need to shift your own mind.

Right now a lot of players are approaching with the intent of getting a reaction. Humor, physical stuff, cold reads, generally looking good – but it’s about her in most of those instances. And that stuff is necessary. It’s vital. You don’t need a six pack and memorized every routine known to man to get laid. Those things can assist you on changing her frame of reference.

But the problem  I’ve outlined above says to me that you need to change your own frame of reference.

You need to run game on yourself.

When most guys give advice on how to deal with repeated rejection, cats will say,

Why so serious?

Be Cool


Better than telling you what NOT to do, I’m trying to give you something you can do.   Action is better than inaction.  Doing something is better than trying to stop yourself from doing something – especially in these early stages.

When you try and chill, you’re inactive, but your mind dwells on stuff.

When we’re not talking about women, when we talk about sports this is what guys refer to as inner game.  Inner game has gotten a bad rap, because very few people who use the term actually read the book.   Inner game is not some woo woos shit. These chicks don’t give a fuck about your self image and instances of childhood psychological trauma, lol.

Just like you can see someone and tell they have something on their minds – a chick can tell when you’re “trying to be cool” A dog can sense that from your body language. Is your jaw kinda tight when she teases your pudge?  Boom – her comments are affecting you and it’s showing up in how you literally hold yourself.  Your muscles, your pace, your breathing

Part of the game to get over approach anxiety, to handle rejections, is give yourself a new mental model. That changes your frame. Then when the rap is going nowhere with a chick, you attempt to change her frame, and she’s still not biting – you’re nonplussed. Her failure to come into your vibe isn’t affecting your vibe. You aren’t crushed.

That lets you step to the next chick, or just stay on the one that’s not biting…yet

I’ve said this before.

You will run out of moves.

Every night, every encounter, something new will pop up, that you don’t have the answer for.

Most guys scour the forums for answers to specific situations. That “find a new line” mentality keeps them at the basic level with inconsistent bangs but an unsettled persona.

What we’re trying to get to is internalization.
Where you know what to do, because you’ve done it. So game ends up being something that you actively do,


She suggests the date, who pays?

Let’s assume it’s early in your courtship, defined as within the first three encounters.

A quick aside on romance timetables

The old industry standard was romance by the end of the third date. That was the mark of a decent guy. The 00’s era pick up standard is seven hours of face time, cumulative.   They soon discovered that you could get a connection in far less time, but the effect of applying psychology for seven hours was to get far more than a brief interlude.  If you had emotional value past the physical, you had a good shot at doing more than the typical. How that played out for various celebrities we’ll talk about in a different post.

In this age of Fresh Direct and Netflix and Chill, with atrophied social skills and a degradation of culture and morals, even on a first night “connection”, a man might not get a second opportunity for connection much less be able to build something more substantial.

Back to the question

Chick is feeling you, and wants to go do something.  Wait hold up a second.

An aside on event dates in the modern age

Often these girls are nominally interested in “cool” Instagram worthy activities. She wants to “check in” at some hot spot. Again, for players my age (40+) this is NEW behavior. These chicks that are 18-22/23-26 are doing something different in terms of dating. You’re even more of an accessory in the life that is her movie. Topic #2 of things to explore in later posts.

Back to the lecture at hand

A dating expert *cough female cough* or a guy who thinks he can deduce his way into romance thinks of three options

  1. If she asks, she pays
  2. Split
  3. He pays

And if you know nothing about game, these seem like three obvious options. So just based on this square way of thinking you’ll decide.

But where does that lead a guy?

She pays? She might get offended, and guys believe in the tight rope of game, where any little breeze will knock him off.

She pays? Is it because you’re secretly broke? DLV Bro! *demonstration of lower value

Split?  You’re either cheap or broke.  Better to be broke.

You pay? Simp! (lol) A girl might punish you for agreeing to her frame and investing in the interaction.  She could be turned off, which is an extreme reaction to your “kindness” and “generosity”. More likely is that you’ll be slotted into the provider role, and she’ll keep asking for more.

That’s why a square mentality gets a player fucked up. He has no good options when the question is framed that way.

This is not a pay for play site.

This is not a site that believes in dead end philosophies like “You pay either way, directly or indirectly, with cash or with time”

When it comes to cash, the player uses cash judiciously, and primarily for logistics, facilitating action, expediting things.

He rarely uses cash to attract, because in most situations in the West, cash repulses.  Let me be clear, cash doesn’t attract the girl in the right headspace for our interests.  She might want to bang, hoping to secure provisioning (see Seeking Arrangement secret threads) – but it’s not because she’s dying to hop on your truth.

So like I always do, let’s break down the scenarios where a girl you haven’t connected with suggests a place, and creates this tension about who pays?

Some of my initial questions

  • How much money does she make?
  • How old is she?
  • How old are you in comparison up her?
  • How feminist?
  • What kind of money are we talking about?
  • How many other chicks in your rotation?
  • How badly do you want this chick?
  • How good is your one on one game?
  • Do you live in a place where you can be seen, recognized?
  • Culture?
  • Social consequences?

That’s what comes to my mind, and hopefully it will start coming to your mind as well.   Because this site isn’t about tactics.  Gambits and techniques changes – psychology largely stays the same.

I’ve been on other forums where guys are being cheapskates in South East Asia.  Funny how they couldn’t get quality in the states. Wonder if that’s related? (LOL)

Once we have those questions in our mind, now what?

The goal of this style of game is to use common scenarios to show value. You want to use your knowledge of culture, typical female logic and interests, as well as her psychology,, human psychology, to get closer to your goal of connection.

On a personal

EE stripper student I’ve dealt with
– Third world/ee mentality – mercenary
– Old school mentality – man pays, woman loves
– Money makes her wet – typical Russian chick that cares about labels. Used to being used by older men

Average American chick with a job?
– She suggests drinks or dessert, cool. Trivial
– She wants Red Lobster or Benihana’s and fixes her face to ask me that before we bang – I made a mistake somewhere along the way.

Fresh off the boat Chinese chick
– If her purse is a fake, and she likes a lot of cute stuff – she is often the worst of both worlds – expects you to pay, but not sexually/culturally mature.  The type of chick that believes in true romance like the movies.

Where I’m Coming From

I have gainful employment, so I’m not trying to find ways to get out of paying. I’m also very secure on who I am, so it’s not about appearing like a square.

So what is my thought process?

I will pay or not pay, or use the situation in order to get my desired end.

My style of game is about getting as much value out of a situation and getting as much investment on her part. Both options can get me what I want.

So let’s take some typical cases, where it’s not clear on the surface how to respond.

Scenario #1 –

Assume – You make a little bit more money than the girl, the same, or slightly less. The money could be spent, but you’re not reaching for your pockets when the check comes.

The easiest work around is, you pay, but you expect her to contribute.  It’s not that you need her money, it’s that to get closer, she needs to invest.

“You got cash for the tip?”

Take me for ice cream -> which can easily parlay into, let’s go to the store and get some ice cream, let’s eat the ice cream in your fridge.  in any of these ice cream scenarios, you move her around, chance to build trust, show social proof, and get closer to good isolation. The ice cream scenario can easily lead to spoon feeding, spooning…you know the rest.

So you can do dinner the player way.

Scenario 2 – The Big Outlay

What about tickets to an event when you haven’t connected?

She wants to see Kanye or maybe some less extravagant act

You’re going to have to shell out, and there’s a possibility, that she could cancel at the last minute.

There is no situation I can think of where this is a lock.  This is definitely a gamble.    And this is a Vegas bet, she’s the house, so there’s a good chance that you’re going to lose. You lose either in that there is no bang, she does bang  you…her new provider boyfriend, or you balk and she walks.

We’re trying to avoid gambles.

Be out of town or something.  Or the night of, FLAKE.

“Aw man, client came through at the last minute, sorry baby”

And these are just a few situations.


When She Makes The First Move

opening-gambitI interpret anything said to me by a female stranger as her attempt to pull me. In general, girls just don’t randomly talk to men that are strangers.

So the useful fiction here is that girls do not go around giving compliments to strangers, I then must be special.

I assume she’s in to me.

Making that assumption lets me be in the right frame of mind to connect. And interpreting her actions as positive towards me, often changes the tenor of the encounter.

That’s not always the case, but some assumptions help you to take action. And new players usually need to take action more than observe or delay.

So assuming the positive and the positive pushes me to act…

Experience has taught me that anytime a chick initiates a chat, she *still* wants any romantic chat to proceed as if she was the buyer. (Like you approached her, and she’s in her normal judging mode)

The typical guy assumes that it’s in the bag, so he doesn’t give her the pleasure of flirting.

That’s a mistake.  There are guys in this for the chase, and guys in it for the kill.  More often than not, these chicks are in it for the chase.  Cause they don’t hunt, they farm, they go to the grocery store, they have other people pay for food.

Failing to play a little bit of back and forth, let her win you over is one of the ways good looking guys don’t pull chicks that get the balls to approach.

A key thing to remember is that in her mind, your looks are supposed to give you a certain character, certain behavior.  If you look a certain way, she expects you to behave that certain way,  to complete the fantasy.

The idea that if you look good, you must be good (and her idea of good is “skewed) –  is a well known psychological concept called the halo effect.

His visual is supposed to correspond with the behaviors that she desires.

And in my experience, the behaviors tend to matter a great deal.  Indeed, if you can give her the behavioral experience she craves – she starts to test you to see if you’re real deal – and when you pass those tests – attractions goes through the roof.  When the attractive behavior carries over from word into deed – that’s the congruence guys are looking for.

Visual attraction has to be very high if the guy doesn’t push the right emotional buttons.  It has to be entirely about his genes in such a situation.  (Fame is another  one of these things that works despite poor behavior)

In Practice

As a rule, I don’t verbally acknowledge the compliment, nor do I respond with a typical compliment – which is what good manners aka socialization tells you to do.

I might nod/smile to accept the compliment, and then launch into something that I’m thinking about right then and there. And talking to her like you know her, like you’ve already been intimate, like you can share some inside joke – that *demeanor* can build trust and attraction. A chick will jump into that role because it’s one that she knows well.

That’s when the game really starts. Because I take her compliment as an opportunity to play. And I want to know if she’s going to be fun to play with.

In general, people are weird about words. And adding words to a set of actions can give actions different meaning. “I’m you’re boyfriend”, “I love you” – are the two biggest ones that come to mind. Saying “Hello”, or calling someone “ma’am” can start a cascade of predictable behaviors.

So if she says “Nice Shoes”

  • non-verbally acknowledge her statement
  • take it as an invitation to play
  • and then play with her


YaReally’s Last Stand

I don’t really get involved in these internet beefs.

But the best commentor on Rollo’s blog is an old school PUA that goes by the name Yareally.

Reposting this in case it gets deleted

Weird, I haven’t posted in this thread at all and it’s still full of petty snark, guys insulting me, condescension, misrepresentation of everyone’s points, and no one actually talking about Rollo’s article. The RSD videos and I are CLEARLY the problem around here. But don’t worry, this’ll probably be my last post.

Tyler made a video just for you specifically, I time-stamped it at 1:25:27 so no one wastes their time on this useless advertising content:

He’s extending an invite if you want it. Can you make it to 1:28:28 without turning it off? Because I bet you turn it off after the first 30 seconds cause you’ll interpret his first sentence as an attack and the ego-sting and negative assumptions of his intentions you’ll make won’t let you listen to even this little 3 minute snippet lol Try making this 3 minutes the ONE bit of RSD content posted in the last few years that you actually watch.

Compare what he’s saying in that video to your behavior in the last thread and this entire thread (from the dozens of Tyler quote-mines (which take seconds to google but paragraphs to explain the ACTUAL context behind and just result in receiving a reply of more random quote-mines to defend the context of because you don’t actually WANT a discussion, you’re just petty shitposting at this point the same way Jezebel will probably do with your work someday…note that when I reply to people I reply to their entire posts line by line instead of quote-mining one thing out of context to misrepresent them, that’s why my posts are huge), to the taking joy making fun of Mystery’s depression (tell us again how you totally care about men…or at least the ones that agree with everything you say, right? Same thing SJWs/Feminsts do, care about you while you’re in the club but too much wrongthink and you’re out! Hopefully he kills himself so you can use it as an advertising point to brag about how much better TRM is than PUA some more, and yes, we notice how shitty what you’re doing is but no one wants to say it out loud because we keep hoping your emotional tantrum will end and you’ll go back to being a cool chill respectable OMG instead of embarrassing yourself like this), to the taking INSANE levels of over-reactive butthurt offense to people who aren’t even talking shit to you (as Scray and I have explained over and over), just because some people don’t agree with everything you write (what, RSD Luke didn’t fully approve of 100% of your writing?? BLASPHEMY!! He must be trying to destroy his competition!! He said Tony Robbins is cool so they must have a paid deal, it couldn’t be that he found value in Tony’s work and found some problems in mine!! It couldn’t just be that maybe your writing isn’t 100% perfect in the eyes of guys who go out regularly and test shit, just like I and the other guys who go out and test your ideas have been pointing out over the years (but hey, you don’t need to learn anymore, you’re 14 years in, you’re the TEACHER now, everyone stand at the bottom of the mountain and just listen to your wisdom, and whatever you do don’t watch those RSD infields that make you ask questions, just trust me that you can’t get into VIP service despite most PUAs who go out and practice that can do it and explain how they do it step by step), to attacking PEOPLE instead of their IDEAS (you can’t argue the stuff we show, so you resort to trying to attack the person explaining it hoping that people will disregard their content if you can slander them enough, standard SJW/Feminist tactics), to now jumping on the “RSD is all fake infield, paid actresses, paid models” which just shows that you don’t go out and actively do pickup for you to think the footage they get would HAVE to be paid actresses to get (and if you do decide to start going out and testing this stuff, record it so people can link your videos instead of Evil Manipulative RSD’s Free Content That Brainwashes Incel Newbies)

Although hey, if we’re going to point at Mystery and laugh that how he behaves (what an idiot suffering from depression lolol guess he shouldn’t have done that PUA trickery shit, everyone at RSD will probably kill themselves because PUA = makes you depressed and suicidal according to Rollo now that PUA doesn’t agree with some of his ideas) represents the end result of what he teaches…then flipping that around and applying it to the OMGs here, you guys act like petty gossiping 15yo girls just shitting on everything that isn’t a part of your clique. And you guys are in your 40s+. You think any of this thread is “role model alpha male” behavior from you guys? That ANYONE is reading these comments thinking “I want to be like these guys quote-mining Tyler and trying to tear people down and condescend and insult them and get butthurt sensitive and over-reactive to any criticism anyone gives me”? lol I mean is the behavior you guys are displaying in this thread the end result of your guys’ OMG teachings? Because the end result leaves a lot to be desired. I encourage anyone reading this to go back to the start of this “The Unbearable Rightness of Being Female” and read the comment section, this has been a beautiful display of high-value OMGs being super high-value lol

I can guarantee you if any of your marriages fell apart, or you lost access to your kids etc, guys like Mystery and Tyler finding out about it would be the first to say “shit, that sucks dude” and offer help/support instead of laughing and pointing their fingers at you to discredit your books and you as a person. But THIS behavior is the real OMG STATUS(TM)(TM) of real boss successful older men that we should all want to aspire to be. How about you one of you badass inspiring OMGs DEMONSTRATE this Red Pill mastery you have and shoot the guys some Rollo books or open the lines of communication? Whoops, wouldn’t want to do that with the “competition”.

And of course, as expected, I’m now being painted as a guy who just manipulates naive incels despite repeatedly encouraging them to think for themselves and disregard what Tyler or myself says and go out and test it for themselves (what reason would I even have to spend my free time trying to, what, build a cult, for all the no products I don’t sell?). And painted as a guy who says “ONLY LEARN EXTERNAL GAME NEVER EVER LEARN INTERNAL GAME EVER IT’S USELESS GARBAGE EXTERNALS ARE THE ONLY THING THAT MATTER” when I’ve REPEATEDLY said (go ahead and check my archive) that a balance is necessary and the two feed into eachother and build eachother and that newbies are easier to teach when you give them externals to work on so they can gain some positive feedback to start building better internals with and then the pendulum swings back and forth as they grow and progress), and that I’ve apparently said hobbies are all a waste of time (lol no, I said climbing mountains doesn’t trigger sexual attraction in women, subcomms trigger sexual attraction and climbing a mountain might give you some decent subcomms but you’ll get more relevant subcomms faster by sarging, and that you should only hyperfocus on game (not pussy, GAME, there are nuances in that) for a period so you can get a good start on this and then do all that other hobby shit and balance yourself out (which is what PUAs including RSD have been recommending for YEARS). And painted as a guy who hates all the women I’m with when I’ve said no such thing and am perfectly happy and have been for years and have talked about that repeatedly (it’s all in my archives) and choose not to get into deeper relationships because I have other shit going on in my life and I enjoy the variety. And painted as a guy who said ignore everything the OMGs or TRM ever says (which is retarded, scray has pointed out multiple times that we’ve praised these guys and the writing on TRM but are just pointing out that there are nuances and better ways to reach and help men digest these concepts besides talking AT them) and insulted them all (the only thing I ever said that was even close to ACTUALLY offensive was “your post-wall wives aren’t 10s in the SMP” and that’s just an inarguable reality, sorry guys, but Blax & crew got ego-butthurt over that interpreting that as me saying their wives are all ugly shit). And painted as a guy with bitter incel baggage (lol no I was just a social retard, I hang with lots of Naturals I don’t resent them, that’s projection from anyone who thinks that that’s my mentality lol). And all the discussions we’ve had will be painted as “he was clearly wrong and we were clearly right” even though that wasn’t the case at all, but guys know no one will go through my archives and actually read for themselves so they’re free to rewrite history.

For anyone who hears about all the “horrible” things I do and am, feel free to look through my archive and see for yourself how much of this will be history being rewritten by the TRM hugbox.

Haven’t decided if I’m leaving but I’m too tired to keep putting up a fight right now because of the time investment involved in these 10 VS 1 fights…now that Rollo himself has joined in the doggypile and is finally showing how anti-PUA in general he is, there’s no way I can really compete with that. First it’s deleting my content without warning like he’s already done, then it’s joining the shitposting doggypile (no discussion, just memes and quote mining and misrepresentation and side-tangents and character assassinations) like this thread, then it’ll be editing my content to remove or rewrite things I’ve said to make me look dumb, then it’ll be a flat out ban and doxxing me, I know how this works I’ve seen forums get censored by angry hosts before (reddit & spez most recently). Posting here is a massive net negative for me when I have to spend 90% of my posts just defending myself or some Tyler quote-mine or a bunch of snark and worry about my posts being deleted, censored, edited, etc and navigate a minefield of OMG emotional feels-triggers just to explain to Hank “hey, here’s how to make out with that girl you talked to”…Talking game is a fun hobby but I know when to call it a night, and that’s when the host of the site himself is on full attack of me, every PUA instructor (except the ones he approves of, I’m sure another “brilliant” Krauser revelation of concepts that have already been mapped out in full, will be the topic of another article), the PUA community in general, and PUA as a system (the view here now is the same view Jezebel has of PUA, talk about a plot twist lol).

It’s clear that PUA is just garbage parlor tricks to the guys here, their true opinions are finally coming out in this thread and the last one. Quite frankly it’s nice to see Rollo FINALLY being honest about what he ACTUALLY thinks about PUA, I noticed glimpses of it over the last 6 months even though he tries to stay out of the fights. He doesn’t WANT to start a Field Report board guys, and he KNOWS it. He doesn’t give a shit about FRs, FRs just risk him having to revise some of his ideas when guys go out and disprove stuff like “looks don’t matter” or bring out more material for the OMGs to argue isn’t happening out there. If he was as honest as the OMGs brag about with all their honor and integrity shit, he would just say “look, fuck off PUAs, I don’t want your shit here, I don’t even think it works or is legitimate and will just make you all suicidal so I don’t want discussion of it here, or for men to see information that might turn their lives around (as many men have admitted), I’m busy building a Brand(TM) and you PUAs are fucking it up”) Just be honest dude, it’s your blog you can do whatever you want, be your own MPO, you don’t want to help men that way so why keep pretending? So no one says anything bad about you or the TRM Brand(TM)? The guys who write FRs won’t sit around hating on you for it the way you invest this much time hating on Tyler, Mystery, Luke etc, they’ll just be a little disappointed in seeing behind the curtain, like I am. Even Scray won’t shit on the Brand(TM) if you don’t start an FR section (because he LIKES TRM despite what your ego-butthurt overreaction of his opinion is), so go ahead and just tell everyone you don’t want to do it. Follow your own advice and just own your feelings dude.

That’s what deleting my VIP clubgame RSD video was about (that I posted entirely to help the guys going out that night, I had no idea Rollo even viewed a content-heavy video like that that doesn’t even mention bootcamps or products, as advertising, you can read the original post and see I tagged everyone and was excited to share just GOOD USEFUL INFORMATION for them to apply), Rollo has been trotting out his “I really appreciate YaReally and the PUAs for their infield experience that balances out my theory” feel-good PR line for the sake of the Brand(TM) for months when in reality he’s been fucking STEWING about this shit and that VIP game video (that he didn’t even watch, as he demonstrated last thread equating VIP in the middle of a club with no rope with VIP cabanas lol) triggered an emotional butthurt reaction because I guess Luke didn’t praise his work enough and he assumes anyone RSD praises must have marketing deals etc to scam and manipulate naive incel newbies with, and Rollo finally let the calm cool Red Pill image slip and lashed out emotionally instead of having a reasonable adult discussion about it (like the rest of us would have expected from him, that’s why everyone was like “dude wtf??” in that thread…I mean what happened to all your boss internals that are so important and all you OMGs have dude? Does TRM’s teachings create over-reactive ego-invested old men who get butthurt on the internet?? Guys who hold their real opinions back pretending they aren’t mad when they’re fucking STEWING at every FR or RSD vid posted? lol I certainly wouldn’t say that TRM causes that, I think TRM is fucking GREAT and as I’ve said since day one it should go hand in hand with PUA and personally I’m GLAD the RSD crew is finally looking at TRM and hope the rest of the PUA community does too, as a great supplement to PUA…but going by YOUR logic that you’re using to discredit PUAs now, well, apparently how you act represents the inevitable end result of what you teach…quite the precedent to set, if your marriage happens to fail do we just throw out your 5 years of writing here? Personally I wouldn’t say that that’s fair or makes any sense but you’re the one setting the precedent during your emotional tantrum right now). But Rollo didn’t expect that so many guys ACTUALLY got use out of the RSD vids because he’s never actually WATCHED them (“Do RSD have any videos NOT in a nightclub or street at night?” yes, fucking dozens, I’ve been linking them for years but thanks for showing that you really DON’T look at them, confirming that you don’t ACTUALLY do any research…until you need to quote-mine to try to cast shade on Tyler and discredit his teaching the same way you’re doing with Mystery now).

I’ve been attacked ever since I got to the Manosphere and it’s never really bothered me because I know it’s just a lack of understanding what I’m saying or not having enough reference experience to understand it (because a lot of the Manosphere doesn’t actually sarge, they just observe and extrapolate and rely on old memories etc), and I’ve helped enough Blue Pill guys digest the Red Pill to understand the rabid pushback that causes when you challenge their FI-conditioning…but it’s ramped up in the last year when I started bringing up things that the guys here REALLY don’t want to confront or question because it would reveal that they’re still pushing FI-conditioned beliefs and haven’t fully swallowed the Red Pill the way they think they have. And even that wasn’t a big deal, but now that the host of the site himself will be fighting me at every turn and spamming 20 quote-mines a day to try to respond to, I’m just tired and I’m sure after this post I won’t be welcome here anyway lol With me gone, Scray, Hank, etc will end up getting the brunt of what I’ve put up with in every thread over and over because the clique will shift it’s 14yo girl bullying tactics to them without a nice big red YaReally target to shoot at. Best of luck guys to you guys lol

Like Scray says (you’re slaying this whole thread btw I lol’ed my way through the entire thread with each of your logical obliterations of this silly wordplay/semantics/feels game they keep using lol amazing to see your progress compared to when I first threw some advice your way on CH, now that I’ve FULLY BRAINWASHED YOU YOU NAIVE INCEL FOOL lol): boil everything you non-PUAs think about how this stuff works down past the woo-woo feels-based platitudes and fortune cookie wisdom you spout and the distilled result of it will look exactly like what PUA teaches. Just like Blax with finally understanding social pressure when he was 100% adamantly convinced I was full of shit because he doesn’t look past his solipsistic woo-woo feels arguments and as a Natural he can’t ever be wrong about anything (except stuff his ego isn’t directly attached to). 90% of you wouldn’t even disagree with what we’re saying if you stopped and looked at what we were actually saying because half the time we aren’t even disagreeing. PUA is just the boiled down nuts & bolts that everyone discovers when they spend enough time testing shit and pushing the boundaries.

I fully expect this comment to be deleted, edited, quote-mined and misrepresented, whatever. It’s not like anyone trying to descredit PUAs will be too busy being infield tonight to spend their night doing that lol Props to the guys who’ve taken up PUA. Keep at it and use your own discretion about what’s helpful or not helpful and understand that someone can have both useful and not-useful advice and you should test everything to see for yourself what holds up under pressure-testing. Don’t be a LARPer thinking that sitting in your computer chair shadow-boxing and reading theory adequetly prepares you for the MMA octagon. Get out there and take some hits and don’t trust anyone who acts like they don’t take hits or treats you like you’re too stupid/naive to think for yourself and disregards your life experiences and, when they can’t relate to you, treats you like YOU’RE the problem instead of their ability to teach and dismisses you instead of learning to relate to you…cause you’ll get that same treatment from the Blue Pill world. Think for yourselves and do your research to form your own opinions like a rational male. And to anyone who discovers my archive, enjoy the content, but go apply it or it will be worthless in the longrun for you.

And now because it’s Friday night I’m gonna go shower up and get ready to use a bunch of manipulative tricks that don’t work except on worthless bar sluts who mean nothing to me after sex before I cry myself to sleep about how empty my life is compared to the OMGs spending their Fridays making fun of suicidal/incel/value-giving men while I desperately hope no one looks beneath my shallow fake-it-until-I-kill-myself surface to see the depressed suicidal void in my soul that I can only fill by collecting my next BIG PHAT TYLER ROYALTY CHECK from posting that RSD video above. Have fun character assassinating me lol ❤❤