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Before we get too deep – the TL DR of the Future of Game post is that we need to become brands offline and online.  We do that by creating a consistent image offline and online with pictures. We then link that online persona OFFLINE.  So when you pull a chick, you add her to your ‘Gram.  When you don’t pull a chick, YOU AD HER TO YOUR ‘Gram (snapchat, etc).

Let’ s Recap Real Quick

  • You should be getting offline experience – because you need to be used to the behavior of women at all times and in all situations
  • You should be getting online dating site experience.
  • You should be using best practices for your online dating (good quality photos, narrative photos, good profile, good messages, sending messages at the right time, getting them off the app and onto text, enough value to get the meet – and then using your offline game to make the connection)

But Dating Sites, Tumble, Binder, Plenty of Cupids that’s just the beginning.

What I’m talking about is building a brand.  I haven’t actually done the full deep dive on The Thin Man method – but he’s an older gentleman in NYC – but one of the key ideas he brings to the fold that McQueen and others have also touched on is developing a personal brand.

The Personal Brand

You wear a suit.  You have a money clip.  Your shirt has cuff links.  You cut your hair in a certain style.  Wherever you go – you always look like you, but you always stand out.

These two dudes right here have a ton of style – but it’s manufactured.  Imagine doing this every day all day.  It’s a commitment.  But if you’re in a essentially static environment (your local club circuit that is 20-40% regulars with new jacks on the weekends) – This can actually work well for you.  You can become a local celebrity by committing to a certain look.

So what I’m proposing is inline with how women are making decisions nowadays.  Less girls are going to clubs, more girls are getting dates online.  And they’re making a lot of these decisions based on photos only.   You can only do so much for your face.  You can definitely diet and get in the gym. Things that you should be doing for yourself anyway.  You can dress better (which costs either time or money).   And the pics you take, aren’t you in the bathroom – but you grab yourself a college kid with a good camera and you create something like this


This is the sort of photo that will grab some attention and show you off in a flattering light.  You can always make these better.  Some action shots, and if you got biceps, shoulders, abs, glutes – you know how to get sports shorts so it doesn’t look blatant.

Although if you’re really killing it- you can go for the blatant look – and write a suggestive profile for those chicks looking for the one and done. (and by one and done I mean sharing a banana split – as this is a family blog)

The key here is that the future of game is developing this overall look that’s both online and offline.  When you pick the chick up – she knows what she’s getting.

Now this doesn’t need to be GQ.  Doing cool stuff – stuff that she wants to see herself doing is the key.

What girl doesn’t want to be in the crowd, on the side, back stage with a rocker?

This is (one of the reasons) why guys buy motorcycles – because girls want to look cute riding on the back.

So this starts us on the journey towards the future.

Crafting an image.

The next step is obviously to live up to the image, record it, share it.

I remember talking to soup about this.  He’s an artist.  I don’t know about his groupie situation, but chicks dig artists.  He can offer her a lifestyle that me a 40-80hr a week desk jockey cannot.

Because girls are now basically living online and doing things for the ‘Gram – we have to adapt. We need to be on the ‘Gram, constructing an image, a fantasy life that she can be a part of.

That doesn’t mean being the black Dan Bilzerian.  It does mean thinking about your Instagram/Online Persona and doing things that other people want to do.

Outdoors stuff, parties, travel, cooking – something that looks good to the eye.

It also means that all of your candid stuff – has to be things that will look good.

Now if you’re like me, a dinosaur – this means you actively have to start seeking photogenic opportunities.  So instead of a regular party, you go to a White Party.

That’s something she wants to go to, to be a part of. (this one happened in St Tropez – mine will happen at some bourgie brunch spot)

Now when you show that you’re a guy that like mudding on your profile (I dunno maybe you like redneck chicks)

She can see that when you’re OFFLINE.

The image is now being constructed – and you’re playing in to her fantasy.

And just like regular game, once you have them hooked, once you have them desiring something – you don’t let them get it until you get something – until they invest.

So let’s recap

  • You should be doing your offline game – that means getting your behavior to back up your words and image
  • You should be doing online dating
  • Now you’re creating persona/brand that is your instagram/snapchat, your dating site profile, and you back up the behavior in real life.

And what a lot of guys are doing now – is straight instagram game.  They have a kicking profile, use the various services out there to build followers, and then meet girls with a high # of followers.   The # of pics you have showing the depth of your lifestyle – translates into chicks desiring that lifestyle and you being able to leverage what’s going on in her mind.

Now, I’m not saying you need to go down to your Ferrari dealership, location tag, and then snap this pic

Or this one…

Never that.  This ain’t a how to get over on Seeking Ahrangeeement post…

But now that you’re creating a wonderland in her mind, and backing it up with your behavior in person – that’s going to be the new thing that she looks for.



9 thoughts on “Becoming a Brand – Future of Game”

    1. Most Def. Taking it back to the “essence” – Mys was talking about tribes, Brad P (who I don’t think gets nearly enough credit) was on the sexy stereotype.
      The Thin Man “personal brand” thing is in the same space. Basically – we want to carve out an idea in her mind.
      As for the 3 Archetypes – I always found that interesting. In the old mASF days there was the one straight ripped out of the pimp game
      – the slut – low self esteem, trades sex for feeling better
      – the freak – high self esteem, but loves sex
      – the good girl – the well adjusted high self esteem girl that values sex very highly

      I hated this. But I do see the value in it. Just using my “slider” analogy, everyone has these traits, but sometimes the traits are on 2, and then they’re on 10.
      Maybe that’s something to write about in the future.

    2. This is the thread. It is pretty long…

      It is my view that to truly seduce a woman is to seduce her imagination, her body, and her memory… A properly seduced woman will masturbate while remembering/fanaticizing about the things you did on a week long holiday tryst 5 years previous.

      I think there are 3 archetypical plot lines to woman’s fantasy scenarios they can of course play out in a myriad of different ways but if you know what the archetypes are you can listen and question to determine which scenario is the primary one for the woman you are with. Most woman respond to some degree to all three, but in my experience there is a primary scenario and if you adjust your game to deliver it to her she will respond powerfully:

      [con’t. ]

  1. That’s what ‘game’ is turning into these days. Going through a metamorphosis so you can bang basic ass bitches. It’ll be less about your so-called game and more about your image/lifestyle.

    1. I don’t use words like “so-called”. (either in the scientific way, or in the common parlance either)

      And as I’ve tried to impress upon people throughout the blog, guys with the right “image” rarely have the behavioral aspects down.
      I can’t tell you the # of guys that have “it all” that can’t go head to head with me. They rely on good looks, muscles, money…etc – but they don’t actually engage the chick’s mind.
      If I wasn’t there – the natural “assortative” mating happens. Fairly attractive guys end up with mediocre girls, because of how our (Western American) culture works on the surface.

      What game does, is pull the mask off of that bs.

      Traditional relationships in America basically follow the global pattern
      – boy sees girl
      – boy offers girl resources
      – girl decides

      That’s a typical relationship, usually all of this is mediated through culture.

      With game – especially in contemporary time – you don’t offer the girl resources or anything tangible.
      The hotter the girl is, the more likely she’s been there and done that, and has Mr. Money Bags on the speed dial.

      A player has to offer her something that she can’t get, that’s usually not so obvious.

      The whole idea of pre-selection makes sense when the guy is attractive already.
      When the guy is average looking, or nothing special, yet chicks dig him – in the mind of the socially aware women

      “Why are they into him like that?”

      The average guy is passively baiting a chick’s interest.

      It’s that mental trap that guys with “lifestyle” rarely have.

  2. This post leapfrogged anything I was going to say on the last one about online game.

    Good timing as always Archie.

    Years ago I worked for a guy who did this, and watched him apply it in real time. Dude was definitely game aware, and was deliberately crafting an image and business geared towards bringing him girls. He found a niche, and worked at it hosting events and I watched as the women in various venues across the country would approach him after and he had is pick. Even being a game denialist back in the day like that, I didn’t fault him for this behavior because I saw how it was smart.

    One aspect where I have a disconnect, is how I can do this doing what I do professionally and still keep it within an ethical framework I can be comfortable with. With old boy I mentioned, he definitely got himself in hot water the way one will when one games their social circles. The womanizing didn’t bother me at all, but he had other behaviors that I didn’t appreciate.

    1. This is where things start to get fun.
      So the game that i’m most familiar with was
      – cold approach @ clubs
      – get to know club staff and regulars
      – extend my social circle to club staff and regulars
      – see those people at other events.

      The way guys are doing it now – is one more degree of separation.
      So I know the bouncer, but I also know friends of the bouncer.
      I know the club queen, but I also know her cute friends that don’t go out as much.

      In Malcolm Gladwell speak – this is an example of “weak ties”
      I have strong ties to my close friends from age 12.
      Medium strength ties to the people I end partying with
      Weak ties to the “friends of friends”

      The key is then to really get to know the friends of friends – and extend the social circle.

      What modern technology allows us to do is – post on a chick’s wall, something cool, so all of her FRIENDS see it.
      They then get caught in the web.
      You take pics with the chick you know, tag her etc.

      So even if your primary goal is to get with the FRIEND, your best bet is to woo her friends.
      Just like group game in the club, this is group game online…delayed and dispersed.

      And since it’s pseudo-social circle game – you go after the friends of friends, and then circle back to the target on a secret society angle.

      Keeping in line with your party/just have a good time image. You don’t frame it as some sort of boyfriend/gf thing, but part of the “scene”.

      The key being to keep things light. And always DENY hooking up.

      “Man I just dropped her off”
      “We made out, but it was all good”

      So if your “prayer game” is tight and you have good discretion – you can really get out of the whole “club” matrix.
      You want to be the guy that folks are wanting to hang out with.

      It all ends up cycling back. You have good in person game, you have good club game, good social circle game, you take pics,
      it looks good online, you engage other’s social circle and expand your own.

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