Day Game vs Everyday Game

  1. When I think of game, my mind goes to a bar or club.  I’m thinking of where to go to tonight, and what are my “after party” options.

My game is essentially

  • Bar/club hop
  • Connect with a chick
  • Get her out of the venue to a new venue
  • Get her back to my place to read the Bible. (this is a Family blog!)

I’m basically all about night game.  Night game means you’ve got girl density and girl propensity.  Lots of chicks, and lots of them down to party.  Now do they necessarily want to party with me?  That’s what game is for.

That being said, there are tons of opportunities to make connections outside of these “socially sanctioned times and places to socialize”.

As an alternative to bars and dance clubs, there are “softer” events.

Down tempo night game stuff like – Restaurant Bars, Whisky/Wine Tastings, Museums, Art Shows – it’s pretty much night game, but lite.  So you have the propensity to socialize, but the crowd is older and usually more laid back.

A step up from that is street game in the party district.

In these areas, girls are open to talking to random dudes on the street.  The infamous talk to a chick waiting for an Uber, and then jump in the car with her is sort of in this vein. (or convince random Uber Pool user to go with you instead of going to whatever lame event they’re going to)

For hardcore night game guys, there’s usually a pre-party spot where chicks are ramping up for the club, but still have that low key approachability but also propensity to be social.

What day game offers is much more approachability, but not so much propensity for romance.

I talk about this in the book. If you aren’t autistic, you understand that during the day, most people are going about their daily business.

I know that during my morning commute I don’t want to deal with anything. By lunch, I’ll generally more sociable. At the end of the day, I’m dying to deal with people that I choose to deal with.

I’m typical. There are some true extroverts out there that get a charge from dealing with strangers – but that is not the norm.

As a side note, the best way to do a morning approach during the work rush is to take advantage of the scene and use an environmental opener.

Taking the morning rush out of the equation, the rest of the day is usually more social for everyone.

And that’s what Day Game offers new guys.  Girls are, oddly, more willing to talk to random guys during the day.  That’s part of modern life, talking to strangers as you go about your day.

But if you’re in anyway sane – you know that these little chats are anything but conversations.

  • Excuse me
  • When’s the train coming
  • I believe you’ve stolen my purse

The premise of day game is that you can start a “man-to-woman” conversation during the day as she goes about her business.  This basically slams you into the “propensity” problem.

Sure you can flirt – you can push and pull – you can have your best stories, your sharpest jokes – but the chick is like


So day game in real life for guys with regular schedules, who aren’t living on passive income, or who’s livelihood his pick up – the interaction has to be something that’s short and sweet that either leads to

  1. A nearby Instadate
  2. A solid #

If you’re running mall game, day time street game in a place with a lot of people, on the weekend – the “formal” Instadate is a possibility.

So there are two plays here.

The new school play – especially for you young cats – Social Media Close.  I’m a little long in the tooth to be posing with Tigers in Thailand or Surfing in Bali.  You young dudes? *by young I mean you can pass for less than 35*  Get that chicks Insta/Twitter/Facebook.  And then follow one of them new gurus on how to create a Fear of Missing Out lifestyle for this chick.

But I’m old school

The old school idea is to make a big emotional impact on the girl – within that 300 seconds – something pushes her to “keep in touch with you”

I broke it down on the thread for the homie Basket Bounce, but I’ll touch on it here as well.

  1. This is the typical day game set up
  2. You’re going about your day as usual.
  3. You see the chick, looking nice.
  4. Approach from the proper angle
  5. Use your opener
  6. Push and Pull to give her that Man to Woman Vibe
  7. Get her logistics and know yours cold

So where a lot of guys try to go romance or try to get “straight to the point” or make her laugh and leave on a high note – what the player goes for is something that will leave a “stain on her brain” as my my Guru used to say

The people we meet and remember – sometimes do something incredible themselves – but more often they say things to us – that stick in our minds.

You guys know I love a good cold read, a good Barnum Statement… That’s why part of your media diet should include anything mystical/girly/astrological.  Chicks love “personality” quizzes – because it tells them about their favorite subject – themselves.

Look at the latest women centered magazine next time you’re picking up your ground turkey and broccoli (eat clean Bro!).

That’s your key insight.  Whatever is on the cover of a gossip rag or Cosmo.  Those people have keyed in on what makes women BUY. Use their knowledge.

Here’s a free one, “I bet sometimes you’re so sure of yourself, but a lot of the time, you doubt yourself”

A statement like that begs for more analysis.  And that’s the HOOK.  She’s not gonna think about how dreamy you are when you leave – but she will think about HERSELF and what you said about her, when you’re no longer in her presence.

  • Like I said on the board
  • Strong emotional read
  • Motion to leave
  • Don’t go
  • It’s cool, I don’t even know your name.

Let her invest by moving first, getting your name, giving her name, and then pushing her # on you.

If she’s not pushing the # on you – chances are so-so on it being a good #.

She needs a reason to call you, and it can’t be for you to play Pizza Delivery Guy in an iPhone budget “art film”.

Give her a reason.



6 thoughts on “Day Game vs Everyday Game”

  1. I think the best route for day game is to go during lunch. You can get 15-30 minutes with a girl easily in that scenario. I would go to an area with food trucks or a food court. Open the girl and say “I know this place around here that has the best hamburger/sandwich/sushi/etc.”. Take her there. Instadate. The best part is that you are already in a “date” whereas in a street approach you have to convince her to go a date spot. If you wanna continue, you can say lets go grab a coffee/froyo. Once she is done, she goes back to her desk and will think about you for the rest of day during her boring ass job.

    Re: Cold reading. I don’t know how much you experimented with it, but its deadly. Combining cold reading/palm reading/astrology has stunning impact on women. One thing Ive done is say that I’m psychic, hold her hand, stare into her eyes (good way to get eye contact), and make a read like “I’m sensing that you are thinking about a man tonight. He is occupying your mind tonight but you want to get him off your mind”. They are thinking in their minds, “how the fuck does he know I’m thinking about an Ex or FWB, that’s crazy!” Another is “oh you are Scorpio, we can’t date. You are the type to take forever to make an order at a restaurant”.

  2. “Night game means you’ve got girl density and girl propensity. ”

    If no one else grabs this a forum signature, I might.

    I don’t want to be comparing everything to magic or hypnotism all the time, but it seems to me, especially as you get older, to implement what you are writing here, guys have to figure out a way to play up the mysterious stranger or international man of mystery aspects of your personality.

    Reminds me of a Thurber New Yorker cartoon from about the 1940’s.

    It is almost like you have to figure out a kind of understated guru game to get her hooked, since you aren’t taking up slack lining and moving to Goa or taking off your shirt and dancing on a railing at a penthouse party.

    It takes a lot of nerve to achieve and maintain this level of certainty about your own spiritual righteousness, because it seems to me that cold reading is simply assuming your frame extends into her soul, and at the moment, I don’t know if I am looking to maintain this level of assumed privilege, no matter the benefits that come from it.

    I haven’t really made this concise, so excuse the rambling, but this is the direction I am seeing what you are talking about is heading. You are making her feel, and feel about deep things about herself, and keeping them open ended so she wants to follow up, if I am getting what you are saying.

    So, back to magicians. I was watching a Derren Brown (Magician/Mentalist from UK) stage show on Youtube called “Something Wicked This Way Comes,” and there is a point where he calls a girl up onstage, gives her a box, and says, “Do you know what is in the box.” She says, “It better not be a mouse.”

    I marveled at that. She doesn’t know him, has never met him, and yet he is already so deep in her head, she thinks he might have put the thing she is most afraid of in a box that he gave her.

    It seems like learning how to have this level of effect on her, making her think that maybe you know all her secrets, and wanting to find out more about what you know, would be the most effective way to reach her and save time.

    Well, now you got me thinking. How can I incorporate this mindset into conversations with women while:

    A. Still being me, and not an imitation of what I think a *man of mystery* is.

    B. Learning how to vary the emotions created so she doesn’t end up either freaked out or wanting you to do mind reading tricks at her next party.

    Food for thought as always brother. Thank you.

  3. Archie

    don’t forget Happy Hour Game. Happy Hour is a golden window… You have girls out socializing and drinking and they are ALL going someplace after, usually separate ways – back to their boring shit apartments… You have natural break from her friends and an instadate to grab something to eat, it’s never too late, etc.

    Tip – mingle, mingle mingle and observe. Let them have that first glass with their girls and gossip… on the second glass – now you start to open.

  4. Free one?

    “Your the type of girl that has thrown a shoe at a guy”, she will admit to some kind of hystrionics, play with those episodes.

    Follow up with “and I know why”

    She will chase…

    “because you are sending a signal”

    “acting up to test a guy” “to find that guy… who….”


    Her “OMGeeeeee!!!!!”

  5. D. Beguiled

    Well, now you got me thinking. How can I incorporate this mindset into conversations with women

    I find that you just present an opportunity for her to project. That’s it. Almost everything she says is projection. You just have to guide the opportunity.

    The mouse is projection.

    With solipsism, you are guaranteed she will fill in the blanks about her favorite subject, her.

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