Fall and Winter Steez for 2017

It’s getting cold here in the Northern Hemisphere.

You know what that means!  Style up!

So let’s recap where we were just 2 months ago

Bright colors, big designs, short sleeves, no sleeves – that’s basically how you do summer.


But now that it’s getting a little bit nippy, it’s time to refine the garments.

The best thing about cold weather for the good looking player is that you get to add a few things to your arsenal.


You can spend a million on these things, but the leather jacket is a classic.

It’s clever to wear your leather in the winter

Jackets are the move.

This is a simple set up.

Maybe swap out the white sneakers for something else, but a suede bomber and some pants.

Me?  I lean towards sweaters

For my professional brothers

So what we have here

  • Jacket that looks a smidge tighter than most guys would wear it
  • Watch that say slook at me.  Pay no attention to the collar pin.
  • Pocket square complementing the tie
  • Essentially solid tie with visible texture. (ooh grain)

But most of all, the scarf is what gives you that touch of “class”.  Keep in mind, this is not actually a good way to wear a scarf if you want to be warm.  But taking a note from our counterparts – comfort is often traded for style.

The scarf is both an accessory and a layer.  When it’s cold, you can get away with layering.


This is a Hi-Tech layer over a traditional suit.

Looks like a blazer and some pants. He’s got on too much jewelry for my tastes, but that’s the exact sort of thing that catches a chick’s eye and gives her a reason to talk to you.  The tie needs a dimple, but like the last one – it has visual texture.  It may be wool, could be linen, I can’t really tell from here.  Tie clip is cool, but the not is actually too big for the collar.

It’s a solid look.  Keep in mind what makes the jacket stand out so much is that it doesn’t actually blend in well with the other colors.  But it’s also not hazard orange like I would buy, lol.

J. Crew Level Layering

This looks like a t-shirt, with a denim “shacket” – shirt/jacket, under a wool blazer.  This doesn’t look comfortable at all – but one of the rules of style is that you trade comfort for attention.

Accessories doing a lot of the work

If it’s actually cold, neither the scarf nor the gloves are doing any work.  This type of get up is sure to annoy the more manly among you, but it’s just the sort of oddness that sticks a chick’s craw.

Doing too Much

Unless you’re the CEO of a fashion house…

  • Wearing his top coat like a cape
  • The gloves pretending to be a pocket square
  • Vestigal scarf
  • The glasses
  • Yes that’s a big pocket square
  • The damn turtleneck

I wouldn’t try this, but by looking at all the elements, you can see what the stylist is trying to achieve.

There are some things that you need to be like my man HwuzHere

As it gets colder though, you’re going to want to step your protection game up.

This is going a little bit far.

We’ll get into deeper winter weather in the next post on the topic.

Sup with the grooming though?

Wolf Out when it gets cold

So by the time spring rolls back around you can do this.

February Specifically?

Given that it’s getting cold, don’t be like your boy

No Good Prospects for Cuffing Season


– Archie

10 thoughts on “Fall and Winter Steez for 2017”

  1. Style primer…

    First be comfortable in what you have on, if your clothing is wearing you, you are doing it wrong.

    Then keep this order in mind Color/Pattern > Fit > Quality [quality does not have to mean cost]…

    Get the color and pattern right, for most of you the color is blue, gray or black and the pattern is solid – no pattern.

    Then make sure what you have on fits properly… the advent of the “little suit” the last 10 years did no one any favors except menswear manufacturers… Look into classic proportions for jackets, i.e. lapel almost half the width of the breast, button point around the navel, length to the first knuckle of the thumb with hands at sides, shoulders should fit natural shoulder, not extend past and for god sakes no gapping at the back of the neck.

    Pants, shirts sweaters etc should fit close to the body but loose enough so no gapping or tugging. Having clothes that fit will set you apart from 70% of men.

    Finally, pay attention to the quality of the fabric… Natural fiber fabrics of course, and pay for better quality. better to have one navy crew neck 2 ply cashmere sweater than a drawerful of acrylics in every shade. Also look at blends of natural fibers… so instead of 100 cotton khaki, a linen cotton or a wool and silk, will drape differently and set you of in an imperceptible way.

    do not be afraid to be boring and where the same thing or same style… I have over half a dozen navy blazers for example, because the right navy blazer is versatile and looks great. You will find yourself pulling the same 3 ties over and over, the same few shirts over and over, the same jacket etc. so just focus your wardrobe on a few quality items and take care of them.

    as to acquisition – buy 100% cotton dress shirts on sale and then have a local seamstress dart them or shorten them. Just make sure the neck fits and they are long enough in the sleeve. shirts are disposable so need to get custom.

    Jackets – ebay is your friend. Measure a jacket that you love the fit on, then buy used on ebay… You can get $2500 jackets in high est quality fabrics for $150… Hint – dispense with bidding and make cash offer to seller. If they don’t hit it right away during the auction, they will often circle back to you. Then take the jacket to a good alterations tailor. How to find a good one? A good one is one who makes his own custom suits… Find someone like this… Take in your ebay and he can recut it for $100 to $150 and it will fit perfect…

    style – if in doubt – go military… Military styled items suit most men, especially if you have some leaness to you. check out the Danial Craig Bond pics online… Simple sweater, simple jackets…

    Buena Vista had a seminal series of posts on “Hedge Fund Gigolo” style, close to my own style…

    here is the link to his discussion


    Now on shoes…. spend your money… get the best English shoe you can afford. Keep it simple… and suede is your friend. a suede loafer or pair of boots… solid.

  2. Favorites for winter…

    Boots… Military cut jackets… cashmere sweaters, girls love to touch them, and the soft feel against the hard body.

    1. Turns out there were like 40 replies in my spam folder that were not spam, even some from guys that i’ve approved to post w/o me moderating it.


  3. WIA, i realize i`ve somewhat failed at transitioning my style from hip-hop to a dude in his 30`s..
    Its hard to find a classy style that has some rugged in it. Or maybe its just in my head.
    Any words of wisdom?

    I bought the bane coat for the winter, which is cool as fuck but probably a bit over the top (cant find anything to match it with)

    1. Once you realize there is a problem, you can fix it.

      In terms of updating your style.

      What I do – I read style tumblrs EVERY DAY.
      What you should do – Figure out what Celebrity that you resemble – and copy them.

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