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IQ, at least the way common people think about it is your ability to recognize patterns, and then extrapolate from those patterns.

So the scenario is very simple

You’re at the gym.  You notice that the girl at the front desk is cute.  Maybe she says “Have a good work out” a little TOO earnestly.

So now your nose is open.

What do most people tell you to do?

They tell you to ask for her # or ask her out on the spot.

And most guys do just that, come hell or high water.

Next time they go in or out of the gym, they just ask the girl out, or ask for her #.

Do I really need to explain why this is a bad idea?

  • How do you smell?
  • What do you look like
  • What’s your competition?
  • Who’s watching you and her?
  • What will her manager think?
  • If she says no, can you deal?
  • If she says yes, you hit and it quit, can you ghost?

This is where having an academic mind, book learning, High IQ, and nerd’s point of view is actually helpful.  Not so much that you can come up with every possible contingency and have your Love Kryptonite Arrow ready to go. It’s because you have thought of the angles

  • I look good
  • I smell good
  • I’ve been working out
  • I’m going to bust a move so other guys, customers, and management can’t get in OUR business.

So you go into a situation with knowledge.  I have assessed the social dynamics of this.  How can I maximize my upside, and minimize my downside?

What a high IQ guy looks like in the game?

It’s not this cartoonish – where you’re wearing a fedora and suspenders, and the cool you is in a sportscoat with a nice pocket square.   Steve Urkel (if you recall) would hit on Laura (why i’ll never know) and basically show off his intelligence in the most nerdish of ways.   Stephan Urquelle was smart, but not trying to impress her with intelligence – but trying to reach the chick where she lived (emotionally).  The way this played out in the show, as that Stefan was so “narcissistic” that he drove Laura away. (yeah right)

But in Stefan’s case – IQ was in the service of his game, not his game.


2 thoughts on “High IQ”

  1. Archie,

    Do you think that High IQ can be detrimental because High IQ individuals tend to be analytical which is not good during an approach? If you are thinking about everything during an approach, you can’t be in the present moment. High IQ people tend to have minds that are racing with thoughts

    1. When average IQ gurus give advice to smart guys, the angle is “you think too much, so stop thinking so much”
      For a really smart guy, that’s like asking him to breathe less oxygen.
      One of the keys to teaching any discipline is to focus the student on what can be actively done, not on what must be restrained.

      So the key for the smart guy is to give him one opener, have him understand how the opener works, but also that he’s going to improvise.
      “If you can not improvise, are you truly intelligent?” is what you tell him.
      Then have him go into the 3 second rule.

      See, assess, walk over in 3 seconds, deliver opener, and the interaction begins.

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