Turn Me Out

How Chicks Get Turned Out Generally

If you read enough about the pimp game, you undoubtedly come across how they get their first chick.

Usually his first chick is a girl that loves him to pieces, and he convinces her to sleep with a guy they meet for money. She’s unsure, but she trusts his confidence in him. After the act she feels horrible, like she’s done something terrible. So the pimp who used to be her boyfriend comes into the picture to console her. Bring her spirits back up, convince her that selling her value is okay, and he doesn’t think less of her. It was a good thing, *they* needed the money.

This turns my stomach, but I understand the psychology.

The Americans Get Into the Pimp Game?

So I’m watching the Americans, a show primarily about manipulating people in order to get them to do something against their country and against their personal interest.  This particular episode tickled my player bone.

In a metaphorical sense, the people that they manipulate are whores. Instead of a pimp’s love, they get to get revenge against employers, against their parents, against their corrupt government

But the first person turned on the show is a blonde white wife of a State Department official. The male spy (Matthew Rhys’s character) sleeps with her. She falls in love with him, and he starts her doing small things. This is his m.o. and sleeps with women for mother Russia throughout the series. (So does his Russian spy wife)

The blonde knows him as an agent of Sweden intelligence. He finally gets her to the point where he convinces her to sleep with a Pakistani spy.

In a weird moment her character tells Matthew Rhys that


Color me surprised.

We’ll return to this series as there is a fair amount of game in it

  • The meta Game that TV runs on the watcher.
  • The Characters using each other
  • The internal dynamics of the central character’s relationship


5 thoughts on “Turn Me Out”

  1. Hey WIA, not related to the article, but I was wondering what you thought about the old Tyler Durdern “Secret Society” theory. Have things played out like that for you?

  2. Great show, one of the best scenes in this last season is Phillip having to keep a broad on the hook.

    She gets bored and decides to break up with him. How does Philip get her back?

    He calls and leaves a voicemail on her answering machine saying that he’s married. She instantly picks up when she hears that lol

    Chick crack

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