Dudes who put women on a pedestal have the greatest thirst but the hardest time connecting with them.

But society, culture, media, teaches men to honor and respect women OVER themselves. We’re willing to degrade and debase ourselves for women, when the answer is often in the other direction.

When cats are in the early stages of learning game, they often go from zero to 100 on expressing their misogyny. Misogyny is built into our culture, but if you’ve been getting ignored by broads for the first few decades, even after you’ve done everything that you’ve been told to do – you’re going to be furious. Couple that with raging hormones…

And that is the essence of the red pill, what you’ve been taught about women by both your good mother and Hollywood and confirmation bias is WRONG.

What about Black, Asian, Indian, and Latino dudes?

In our society nothing is prized more than a young preferably blonde white girl.

The upper class prefers a svelte version, the lower class big tits, fake or not. But both prefer white.  It’s everywhere.

To sell products, to sell ideas, we are saturated with those images.

Farrakhan once said something like if you continually show a black man a Lexus, you don’t think that eventually he’s going to want it, and that he’s going to do whatever it takes to get it?

It’s the same thing with white women. And most men of color get caught up in that. Some more than others, but mostly products of their environment.

If you’re lucky enough to grow up in a middle class neighborhood, chances are high that you have been soaked in whiteness. Sexual adolescence hits, and most of the cheerleaders and cute girls by exposure are white. If that’s all you’ve been around, all you’ve been told is good, but never given the tools and understanding of women, of yourself – of course you’re heavily into white girls or the closest thing to it.

Why do black women straighten their hair?
They are not stupid, they see what you like, what you respond to. We not only see it in potential partners, but in our female family members.

But for a lot of us, why would I get the bootleg version of a white girl instead of the real thing?

Look at suburban bred Kanye.

As his fame grew, his chicks went from normal to exotic. He transformed Amber Rose from bisexual stripper to as close to white as you can get with a Cape Verdean. Kim went from vaguely ethnic to a Vogue Model

Keep in mind His mother was woke af. She went under the knife for bigger tits, arguably something that would make her feel better about herself, but also bringer her closer to a white ideal. She died for vanity.

And plenty of brothers that have gone vanilla or anything non chocolate, have realized that it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. Oddly the same conclusion that many a white guy has come to, and the white guy has unfettered access to white chicks.

I did all this bull shit for this?
This is my prize?

Try to switch back to black, and often the mountain is harder to climb. But getting your Kitoy Jackson, you realize that this ain’t the promised land either – and a man comes back to the idea that women as a whole have been oversold. White girls are whatever, Black ones are maddening in their own way. Non binary options lean white (i.e Latina, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian) when you least expect but get ethnic in ways you can’t understand.

No options after that, once the trick is explained, the magic is gone.

Then you realize it’s never been about you.  No one really cares for your wants, desires, and needs.  From a high enough viewpoint – the supposed feminine conspiracy seems dumb as well.   She’s trying to get the best out of her life too, and frequently falls short.  She falls madly in love with a guy that doesn’t love her, and settles for the “good life” with a guy that she doesn’t love.



What is good for society, what makes you feel good right now, is usually not the best thing for you and your mind in the long term.

This isn’t to warn you off of white chicks or chicks in general.  But it’s important to keep a healthy understanding of things that are bigger than you.


2 thoughts on “Vanilla”

  1. “Non binary options lean white (i.e Latina, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian) when you least expect but get ethnic in ways you can’t understand.”

    Can you elaborate on what this means?

    1. Imagine you get pulled over by a cop, you get hassled, you get a ticket, and you keep going.
      In your heart, you know why you got pulled over.
      If the chick in the passenger seat is black – she’ll know why to.

      Now if the chick is white and woke – she might get extra on how messed up the situation is.
      If she’s plain vanilla white, she might say nothing, and just sympathize.
      If she’s “white white” – she’s gonna wonder what YOU did to get the cop’s attention.

      So if a chick is not in the black/white binary – what do you expect that conversation to be like when the cop leaves?

      2nd generation Latina – probably more like the black chick.

      Indian? Asian? Persian? Arab? – You can’t be sure. Though they may be “of color”, their experience in America is different, and they
      don’t make the same assumptions.

      Homey on the forum spoke on an issue with his Latina chick that leaned more towards a Vanilla view of the world.
      He had an issue at work, and it’s clear to anyone black, that the moves made by his co-workers/managers weren’t innocent.
      His girl on the other hand wanted to play devil’s advocate, and really didn’t understand the subtext.

      Depending on where your personal code is, where your politics are, and your level of patience – a perspective like that in your bed can blindside you.
      And that’s because a lot of black dudes don’t really get that just because the chick has melanin doesn’t necessarily mean she’s had the same experiences and teachings.

      The great Jariel said something about Mike Brown to his chick, and the chick was like “why do you care?”

      Off the the team with that.

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