Worst Thing You Can Do To Your Game?

The usual suspects

  • Is it porn? No
  • Visiting Prostitutes? No
  • Get into a relationship? No.
  • Get dumped? No.
  • Get Married? No.
  • Have Kids? No.
  • Get divorced? No.
  • Drugs and Alcohol? No
  • Moving to a military base or an Oil Field? No, but that’s up there.
  • Leaning on your money and lavish lifestyle to attract girls? Getting close, but no.

The absolute worst thing you can do to your game is


I usually am between 40-50 hours, but I’ve chosen to bump back up to 60-70 hours per week.

I remember the first time I traded my free time for additional dollars.  It didn’t go well.  In theory I could run through some of the staffers in nearby buildings, but after being on my feet 6 days a week and yapping at contractors – I have no energy to talk to chicks.

So that’s what happened to the blog for the past 2 weeks.

Aside from that, I’ve been writing the book in the morning, more like rewriting, and rethinking.  But the progress is steady.  No George RR Martin over here.

Back to the work thing

When you don’t have energy

When the work takes time out of your day

Your ready game is diminished.

It’s getting colder here in the Northern Hemisphere so Fall/Winter is a good time to step up your work out game as well as your stack money efforts – but there is definitely a cost.



19 thoughts on “Worst Thing You Can Do To Your Game?”

    1. Sharp reduction in number of women.
      Great increase in the # of paper alphas and human furniture when it comes to socializing.

  1. I thought visiting prostitutes was a nono for game? Something about making you lazy and passive in running game on regular chicks. But if u got cash, limited time, and horny I guess it looks like the best option. Your opinion?

    1. I’ll write a post about it, but don’t use my post as an excuse to patronize prostitutes.

      That having been said, there is a good Black Phillip episode where Patrice O’Neal breaks down the Brazilian dynamic versus the dynamic in the West. Brazil is largely a traditional society where resource acquisition is rewarded by femininity. So men aim to get resources and women become feminine so as to get resources from the men. That general dynamic “works” to some extent, but there are plenty of places in the world, where women are basically livestock.

      1. Yup, Archie is right here. Going for prossies is generally only bad in the West. It’s a cultural thing possibly due to the ‘fact’, although this might be a notion rather than a reality that both sexes get rewarded and get the same access to resources that were once largely in the possession of men.
        This being said, in many other countries, prostitution is a fuzzy concept and it’s normal for women to give up the punani in exchange for goods, services etc. One could argue that here in the West we essentially hold back on payment but end up trading time and attention to get her fanny but that could be opening up a can of worms and starting a form of male hamster wheel…

        1. And this is a road that I don’t want to go down.

          It could be said that the regular guy is trading his time to learn something to make money in order to attract women. He’d really be better off, by just coming up with some cash to pay for the gash. It’s a much more honest transaction than 4-7 years of college/grad school + more years in industry to have enough disposable cash to maybe attract a woman.

          But it’s overall dumb to earn money in order to attract women, and “pay” them with dates, flowers, and chocolates to get mediocre sex.

          It’s only more honest than prostitution because our society needs men to go out and do the stuff that keeps society running.

          What we know as players, is that chicks love sex, and if you make it easy for them to have it, by basically handling all the logistical stuff and not making her feel bad about it – there’s more sex out there than you can deal with.

          Think about it. If you meet a woman on the street, catch her eye, start a conversation, take that conversation to the coffee spot, and get her so involved in the coffee shop chat, that you can take a stroll, then get an alcoholic drink, maybe a dance a bit if the bar has a dark dance floor, and then go home real quick just to let the dog out, so it’s just you and her on the couch…lemme put some netflix on, and try this slice of cake…

          A player makes things easy, natural. She doesn’t look at the clock. He figures out how to take her annoying phone out of the equation – and the chick just falls into his world.

          Why would she not have sex if she’s attracted and there’s no strings attached?

          The guys that don’t know about game, don’t understand women, don’t realize that this is going on millions of time a day.

          You can get a lot of this done for a pittance. It would be hard to really improve on this sequence with money. The smartest way to spend money for this is to live in a place where you can make this happen on a 40 hour a week salary.

  2. Any way you can swing work functions in to social stuff and get some kind of double duty out of it?

    I work a TON but luckily get to be out and about for a lot of it and Solo so can use work time for pleasure as well as the reverse.

    I hardly ever turn off work though this may be a function of age and current position for me.

  3. I’m in the same position. I’m working 6-7 days a week. I have resorted to bumble (dating app where the chicks can only msg you first) almost exclusively. I got 4 bangs in 3 weeks, but that was after a lot of time spent swiping.

    Between time swiping and time working I have very little energy left. I also look like a guy who doesn’t sleep enough as a result of this schedule so that also hurts my game.

    I gotta tell you, I get sick of online dating after about a month. Even if I have some success with it, like I did this month. Swiping through thot’s just feels like a shitty way to spend my time. In order to counter this, I made two profiles on two devices and double-swiped constantly for awhile, and would weed out the fat/ugly chicks as they came in. Problem with that was i got MORE fat n’ ugly chicks matching me as a result.

    So, my point is that you can use apps in order to short-cut your time spent but only to an extent…the use of the apps is as much of a time sink and is more annoying / fruitless than time spent actually gaming, working your social skills.


    1. Agree 100%. I’d rather spend an evening at a salsa class than spend an hour reading profiles, looking at pics, trying to think of an opener, wondering when she’ll message back, etc.

  4. Hey Archie.

    Agree. Too many hours saps your energy for endeavors outside of work. We have to be mindful of this because stacking chips gets to be quite addictive and most of us are goal oriented.

    I used to work crazy hours when I was a younger man. Chasing paper. In my mid 30’s I wanted to have a more regimented work schedule that was predictable and unchanging. So for the past 20+ years I’ve settled back to 50 hour weeks.

    It can become habitual. Only now am I thinking about stopping because of energy issues that affect my ability to be social and spend enough time around people I enjoy spending time with.

    If I was ” in the field ” it would be an emergency.

    Time management is an art when we try to fit 10 pounds of sh*t in a 5 pound bag.

  5. Gives way more respect to those RSD guys – esp Tyler. He posted the other day that hes been going out 7 days a week (again) while running a multi million dollar business.

    I understand its different for them (its work too) but how many people would still go out 7 nights a week when they could focus on work and lean on social circle + hollywood hills mansion game.

    How many people would pass up dozens of HB9s (legit) to go down to a regular club and face rejection after rejection just to pull a 7.

    True love for the game

    1. Yeah…being busy just lends itself well to “Hollywood Hills mansion” game.

      Really looking forward to the banker/corporate lawyer/millionaire doctor/tech bro manosphere blogger who talks about how he just leans on an entertainment-centric social circle and dope online profile.

      But to get to WIA’s post…seems like a problem that solid online game could assuage.

      Hate that I am slowly warming up to the online train.

      1. I think online game can help but still can’t be leaned on as a crutch. Too many guys use it as a gauge to determine their market worth. It’s cool swiping while you are in a meeting or in the office though.

    2. “How many people would pass up dozens of HB9s (legit) to go down to a regular club and face rejection after rejection just to pull a 7.”

      I’m going to guess that RSD Tyler does not have any 9’s in his stable and never been with a 9. I doubt he has a harem of 7’s right now either. Something is off with him even though he has done game for 10 years straight and can write good game books.

      1. ISO – Say you were an ugly male 4.5/10 but you were kind of cool, not socially awkward, could tell a few funny jokes and you had all the following attributes, do you think you could get laid with 9s and 10s?

        -lived in LA for 10 years, minor YouTube celebrity, multi millionaire, know other famous YouTube celebrities, live in a 10 million dollar Hollywood hills mansion with an ex drug smuggler

      2. I’ve met him. I’ve met his girl. Just on the visual, she’s an 8. If the little slice of conversation was any indication of her personality – she’s a 9.

        Most guys don’t get Tyler because the camera is on him, and guys focus on him.
        They notice
        – he cuts his people off
        – he disagrees with his people even though agreeing with them
        – he takes a joke too long or too gross out or both.

        He gets uncalibrated.

        But when you see how people respond to him – you understand how his game works.

        Watch the eyes of his people
        Watch the body language of the girls he approaches.

        You realize that his quirkiness and fun gets transmitted as soon as he walks in the room.
        All of the RSD guys have that to some extent.

        The game he gives you in content, what he says, is different than the game he’s actually broadcasting.

        This gets into a circular discussion about teaching game – if so much of game really rides on your non-verbal language and sub-communications – things that can’t be adequately described by most of us.

        The saving grace is that the mindset/philosophy + the tangible techniques can produce the same results time and time again. Just like lifting weights – my body @ 12% body fat will look different than the next man @ 12% – because we are different men.

        However, the process of self improvement – the journey that we all take – is essentially the same. And though our results aren’t identical – that’s half of the fun.

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