You Should Learn Direct Game First

This entire blog is about indirect game (pua/mm) and drawing in traditional game concepts (as in black man’s game, mack game, hustler game, pimp game) as well as how applied psychology works in other areas of life (leadership, sales, and advertising).

If you’re a guy that’s new to the game, and has never really explored or been attracted to direct game – the reason for indirect/applied psychology game is not very clear.

I mean indirect game makes sense in an intellectual way, but that fire to really work on your indirect game comes from giving direct game a try.

A lot of cerebral, smart, introverted guys are attracted to the things I talk about – because – it seems like they can basically learn some spells, hit the club, say the magic words, and in 2 hours they’re giving the chicks the Prince Yashua. (don’t google that name at work, Ladies. Because the fellas know who I’m talking about)

Indirect game has this false promise of not putting your ego at risk, and basically deploying your analytical skills in the art of meeting women.

Indirect game gives you an excuse not to be social – to stay the same person.

So within this paradigm – the new player stays basically the same, a guy who is not really that social.

Which is why DIRECT game is the medicine that he needs.

The new player needs to put himself out there, be aggressive, close as much as possible, put his ego at risk, put his precious self image out there for all to dissect…

What direct did for me was a few things

It unleashed the lion

To a large extent the “game” I thought I was running was placebo. I was getting success – not because I was really orchestrating subtle moves – but mostly because I was seriously interacting.  I went from the classic INTJ introvert to a guy that could be extroverted.

Introversion doesn’t mean shy – it means that you find social interactions draining.  Extroverts on the other hand are “anti-fragile”. The chaos of socializing makes them better.  And although most people rate themselves as extroverts – if you’re at a party – you can point out who the life of a party is.  Handful of people among dozens.

And once you take the chains off, once you put your toes in the water, what happens is that the existential fear disappears.

You get to breathe.  Often times, a quick little make over, 1 or 2 opening lines, and a guy is well on his way.  He can get the dates, he can talk to the cute girls, he might even get a shot at one of the chicks he dreams about.

It’s really only until you’ve seen what direct game has to offer, that you understand the value of indirect game.

Direct game is showing up, letting the world know that you’re ready, and getting to the point with the girls you meet.  There is little doubt in her mind what you are about.

Now the way Direct Game Guys present this – if you are basically honest with the chick on wanting to have a sped up sexual encounter – she’s relieved and sometimes finds your honest approach refreshing.

As a veteran, I can tell you that shaking what your Daddy gave you at a chick RARELY nets you the result that you want.  Most chicks do not respond to that unless it’s dark, she’s drunk, and you’re hot.

Whether you want to or not – Direct Game leads you to value DISCRETION.

Direct game actually teaches you more about how humans actually behave when presented with opportunities and scenarios than indirect does.  The guy that has done direct game, will intuitively understand why after he engages with the chick, he doesn’t just ask her to come home with him.

The woman has both a public face and private needs.  She has also publicized things that she wants in a man, and unpublicized ones as well.

So what direct game does for a young player is simple.  It’s a quick way to level up in terms of socializing and seeing social cues. Just like a girl will test your boundaries by taking a hat off your head – the man that swings to extroversion and tries to bring the side he shows his close family and friends to complete strangers – he levels up.  He is working with a lot more data.   He learns quickly how to bring value into an interaction.

He may also learn that expressing his interest before the chick shows her hand is not a tight strategy in comparison to waiting for her to buy in – which is the essence of indirect game.  I really think conditional game is a better way to describe what is happening….I digress


4 thoughts on “You Should Learn Direct Game First”

  1. 1. Once you reach the player stage, is there a ever situation to prefer direct game over indirect game?

    2. Can you give an example of a direct game interaction you had? Are you telling her you wanted sex from the first sentence?

    1. 1) Spring Break type scenarios – high density/low time/low barriers
      2) See above. Although I think you could run an “apocalypse” opener – I’ve found better success with looks and non-verbal communication.
      Typical Direct game for me was going to a night club after 12:30 am, hitting the dance floor, and then no deep chat just rhythm.
      Literally just being a good dancer, a good partner, a good leader has been enough.

      1. Thanks Archie.

        That’s how I imagined your direct game would be. I never pictured you as the type to go up to a girl and say “Hey babe. I find you sexy”

        I’ll give a common scenario that I encounter:

        12:00 A.M: Spot a girl on the dance floor that meets my criteria. Go up to her from the side and offer my hand to dance. Start dancing. Grind up on her for about 15 minutes/4 songs. This is where it gets tricky. You can’t really dance with the girl for hours because she will get tired. I have tried a few methods:

        1. Go for the makeout. It’s risky but a makeout is a decent indicator that she has some sexual attraction to you. If that goes well, maybe grab her hand and lead her out the venue hoping that she is heated up enough.

        2. Tell her “lets go get some drinks”. Buy a drink for both of you. Then chat a little or go back to dancing.

        3. Get her phone number then move on. Probably the worst option. Chances are she won’t remember me.

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