Opening Two Sets Is Easy, Closing is the Problem

Handling a Two Set in Game

You hit your favorite venue.  The staff knows your name when you enter the spot.


Got your Indochino on…after 4-5 suits, they finally got your pattern down.  Smelling like the most expensive thing that Sephora has to offer, You’re feeling yourself. …and then you see them.

Two smoking hot chicas, dressed to kill, in your place of worship.  One is obviously cuter than the other.  They’re engaged in some chit chat, but you can feel that the cute one likes you.

How does a player handle this situation?

The average player basically has two thoughts on this.


sniper approachI’m going to observe these young ladies, and then wait for the moment when the cute one separates from the less attractive one and then make my move!!

The veteran knows that when two girls come to a venue together, they’re attached at the hip.  Sniper style approaches are only useful in situations where you can not be seen talking to  a girl. (Like her wedding)

The Guns Blazing Approach

Guns Blazing Approach

“I’m going to just go in guns blazing and approach the one I like”.   You’d think that this is the weaker of the two common strategies, but sometimes the one you want to talk to  is receptive

With no other options, or other ways to think about the issue, this is how you can do it.

Thinking Outside the Box

How does a veteran think about this issue?

The problem of the two set is not present with a girl on her own, or three girls, or a mixed group.   The issue is that there’s a dynamic between the two girls.

So you have to recognize the social dynamic, and then figure out how to use that to your advantage.

Here’s a classic way to handle it, it’s called the Best Friends Test

Here’s how the written version.  (Don’t you hate it when folks have you watch a video?  Dude, I’m at work…)

Best Friend Test

Style goes on to say that after you open the two set this way you can really start tap into their frequency and get all sorts of intel from the two of them.

Best friends?  Are you sisters?

“You two are terrible, I bet your best friends”

  • accusation
  • put them on notice
  • put them on defense
  • your playful mood CAN make them playful

The key here is the that you have to approach an interact with the two girls as one.

To be honest, opening them is the easy part.

Lemme paraphrase another 2 set opener that I read recently.

You see two chicks.  and then…

WIA – “You know anything about drama?  Dig this.  One of the homies been with his chick for a good 4 months.  They make the cutest couple. ”

*stand with girl A, grab her hand, lean on her like a boyfriend*

But then they sort of broke up all of a sudden.

A’s “friend’, more like a frienemy is always up in Ol Boy’s face, So Bertha gets with my boy after Agatha breaks up with him.

Should Agatha be mad?  They did break up.

So the idea here is

  • Talk about a social situation
  • You can get into roleplaying
  • Make sure you get kino with Girl A and Girl B

There are situations where it’s actually difficult.  Two seated chicks having what looks like to be a heart to heart conversation is probably the hardest situation that a player sees on a regular basis. These rude chicks are ruining fun environments by being serious, and then are pushing away the world to stay in serious mode.

Isolation of the Target in a Two Set

….Great, now that you’ve opened the two of them and they’re talking to you…HOW DO YOU GET ONE?

Wait…before you focus on one….

Maybe you can bag both.  (Vicky Cristina Barcelona)

Overall, you’ve got some options.

  1. Recruit a Wing Man
    1. Be very careful, a bad wingman can kill everything
  2. Recruit the Crowd by merging the Set.
    1. That is ask a question that they *can’t* seem to answer, and just grab a stranger.  “Hey Stranger, We’re trying to settle a bet….figure this out…”
    2. From there
  3. Engage both, show one more attention but be respectful of the other one, and get the contact information.
  4. Neutral Close them both, call the one you want. m “Yeah, we should totally get together on that thing I was talking about”

Still a tough situation.

– Archie

Then I Realized I Hadn’t Launched the Site…

You’d think I’d know my way around WordPress after launching a dozen Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites…

Site’s here.  It should grow a lot.  I’ve written a bunch online, in different forums, and on my laptop.

The point of the site is for me to collect and organize my ideas so I can write a series of books.

No, I will actually finish my books

The tone will be very WIA.

No Red Pill, Alt-Right, Manosophere BS here at all.

Trying to figure out the comments.  I don’t want to be the guy that has to read comments then approve them.

And my site won’t be a free for all.  Fuck that.

So site’s up.  More content is coming.


Cop seeks rapport with Suspect

As far as I’m concerned.  Game technology really hasn’t advanced since the late Aughties.   New technology has changed the scene a bit.  Back in the day, there was not swipe right or swipe left.  So maybe I’m not 100% correct…

But in terms of the game that matter, not more efficient scheduling, not a whole lot has changed.

  1. See A Girl
  2. Walk Over There
  3. Get her attention
  4. Keep talking until she reacts
  5. Use her reaction as fuel to really start the interaction going.

There is some stuff at the edges that you should do to make things easy, but the basic premise is that you want to light a fire under a girl and turn it into a blaze…for you.

So the game that I concern myself with is the stuff that gets her emotions going.  The working theory that I’ve cobbled together from comparing my experiences to those of others is essentially that real game is sub-communicating.   The mere fact that you can sub-communicate is attractive.  And send the right signals…

Well you know the rest.

So to that end, I’ve been looking for deeper forms of sub-communication in game, but also outside of game.

Enter Interrogation.

A Severed Head, Two Cops, and the Radical Future of Interrogation

A novel interrogation technique borrowed from the war on terror..

Here’s the key phrase

But the central finding running through much of HIG’s research is this: If you want accurate information, be as non-accusatorial as possible—the HIG term is “rapport-building.” This may sound like coddling, but it’s a means to an end. The more suspects say, the more that can be checked against the record. The whole posture of the interrogation—or interview, as the HIG prefers to call it—is geared not toward the extraction of a confession but toward the pursuit of information.

Rapport Building.

Now i’ve you been in the game a minute, Rapport is something that happens when a girl realizes that she can share anything.  Rapport is typically achieved when she opens and the conversation goes from you talking 90% of the time and her giving one word answers, to a nice back and forth.

Wide Rapport is talking freely about a lot of topics.

Deep rapport is talking in depth, typically about personal topics.

So the cops have figured out that you can get a whole lot of information out of suspects by creating rapport.   Who said cops had game?

For we who pursue the playerly arts, this is not news.

But let’s break down stuff in the article that stands out.

intense stare

Intense stare?  Already stacking the deck here Wired.

married to a woman

One should raise an eyebrow here.  It’s 2016, shouldn’t his past be his past? lol.  It’s interesting when the mainstream media bucks the mainstream media trends.  (You know I gotta throw a bone to my Red Pill fans.)

Now we get to some interesting stuff.  Criminal Interrogation and Confessions by Fred Inbau and John Reid.

If you’ve watched a cop/lawyer show in the past 5 decades, this is the stuff where they got the perp in the interrogation room, and they basically badger him, lie to him, and break him down psychologically in order to eke out a confession.   The way the cop shows play this out is that they keep pulling out evidence until the perp decides to come clean.

In the real world, it’s more like the scene from Menace II Society

“You know you done fucked up”..

They keep having them repeat the story over and over again, until they misremember something, or one detail isn’t exact.

I hate this sort of thing.  And if you live in a free country, you should too.  This is psychological abuse.

But there’s game here.  The cops believe that they are so right, that they have free license to press their versions of reality on the suspect.

  • the claustro­phobic room
  • the interrogators’ outward projection of cer­tainty
  • the insistence on a theory of the case that assumes the suspect’s guilt

Another juicy quote, “The manual gave rise to a new archetype: the silver-tongued interrogator-someone who, through intimidation and seduction can get anyone to admit to anything.

But you and I both know that browbeating can get you into “romance”.    Indeed, this sort of thing, where you judge yourself to be right can have you at the wrong end of a set of furry handcuffs.

Here’s another good piece.

end up believing

Ignore the lies, but focus on “end up believing they did it”

Okay, hmm. Interested?  Me too.  Not for nefarious reasons of course.  But I see pieces of these techniques in how they motivate people at my undisclosed corporate job.

But can only cops do this?

Of course not.

A researcher learned how to do it, and here’s what she found.

It’s Not About You – Motivations for DTF

According to Grand Puba, there’s only 1 way in and 2 ways out.

There are 4 ways in as far as I’m concerned.  Three ways that have to do with the player, and one that has to do with the girl.

It’s Not About You

A lot of “surface” players do the minimum to get some trim.  They brush their teeth, put on some clean clothes, spritz a little cologne, and head down to their local booty shaking establishment.

If you’ve been to these things before, the scene is pretty much the same.   Guys gather around “guy” areas.   They hold the wall, beer at chest level.  And they watch…they watch…and if the club closes @ 2 a.m. they finally get the courage to spit at a chick at 1:10.

If you’re sober and know what to look for, you see this in every city and in every club.

What you will also notice is that a lot of the girls are just as stiff and just as afraid to talk to people.

Not all of them.

Some of them have their game face on, and their positioning themselves to attract the most attention.  Partly because they’re attention whores, but some of them chicks are trying to bang that night. (Forthcoming post DTF tells)

What motivates that DTF State?

Sometimes it is hormonal.   The right time of the month hits, ovulation, and unconsciously she shows more skin, and is more open to getting into it with someone.

Standard ‘internet pick up stuff’ focuses on these sort of bio-signals.  WIA is not about the standard bullshit.

When you really deal with women, you’ll see how little sex means to them, and how much their inner life and emotions dictate their actions.  For the truly sharp readers, they see these patterns in women and notice them in men.  For the God-Like among you, ultimately you’ll see these things within yourself.

A chick will want to sow her oats for all sorts of reasons, things that have very little to do with the guy.

She could have just gotten into a fight with her man.  And sleeping with another guy is her way of getting back at him.

She could be down in the dumps, maybe she doesn’t feel sexy or pretty.  Sleeping with a guy is something that strokes her ego.

It could be her birthday and she’s in a good mood.  Instead of flaming hot cheetos or Talenti Gelato she wants a banana to split her in two.

Men do not really have the option to have sex to fill some other emotional needs.

Women do.

So even when your game is on,  It’s not always about you.

How would you use 1,000 bucks to improve your game.

First things first, you already have all the tools you need right now.  Game, increasing your romantic options is one of those things that is very hard to throw money at.

Sure, people will sell you something that they claim will fix your problem – but even if it was Denzel Washington and Don “Magic” Juan’s personal advice tailored to you – the typical game problem is that a guy is afraid to try it out.   So they look for hacks, ways around doing the work.

Your game won’t get better if you don’t face your fears.  If you don’t try to talk to girls to see what sort of impression you are making.

With that said, if I was just starting out, knowing what I know now

  1. Knowledge – I used to say Bang (Roosh V) was a good option, but I think a new player needs to reach further back into the classic era. So now I’d recommend Magic Bullets by Savoy.  It’s very close to the Mystery Method.  To round out the classics, I’d locate Juggler’s stuff on conversation and Brad P’s underground dating seminar. (Most of this stuff is a google search away).  Then circle back to more modern stuff and smooth it out.
  2. Voice Coaching – People need to be able to hear you (volume and projection) and understand your words (enunciation). A few sessions with a vocal coach will help you immensely.  Finding a voice coach isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and you’re more likely going to have to check out offerings at a university, specifically their theater department.  Which leads me to…
  3. Acting Class – Yes you have to memorize lines, but acting is more than just repeating what someone else said. You have to understand the material and have the volume, tone, and body language of the person in the script.  There are lots of opportunities to learn how to act. (There are not as many opportunities to act professionally)  As a side benefit, theater people tend to attract hotties.  Anything that can make someone famous and popular attracts women.
  4. Improvisation Class – “Just go with it” is the main lesson of improvisation, but this will immensely help out your ability to keep a conversation going. This can be a subset of theater or of comedy.  A couple classes, not an entire course, will sort you out.
  5. Personal Trainer – Game is primarily communication and communication is 93% non-verbal. If you aren’t in shape, or you could be in better shape [iron game link] – a personal trainer will put you on the right path.  That being said, fat loss is 95% diet, and 5% exercise.  Muscle gain is 50/50 diet and exercise.  Is it possible to lose fat and maintain/grow muscle?  Yes, but it won’t be easy. [link for lean gains]
  6. Professional Photographs for your Online Dating Profile – I don’t mean the ones that you got as a kid at Sear’s. Just not using your camera phone, not taking selfies, but actual shots of you looking cool.

What I wouldn’t spend 1,000 bucks on in order to do well with the ladies?

  1. Clothing – Great clothes can draw the female eye, but then you still have to approach and deal with her nonsense. So that 500 dollar sports coat you got from SuitSupply didn’t get you $500 closer to your goal.
  2. Anything for your car – chicks do not care about that stuff, by and large. Big shiny rims are great for parking lot pimping – but like the suit or the flashy designer threads – what they say to the chick is that you’re successful.  She has to equate monetary success with sex, and there are plenty of old men with long bread that can’t get a chick to even look in their direction, despite the S-Class in the parking lot.

What I’m on the fence about

  1. Pick Up Coaching – I don’t know if you can get personalized, in-field coaching for 1,000 to begin with. What a pro can do for you is point out your flaws in field. That’s useful.  But it’s only useful if you learn from the pro, and go back out there and practice.  In terms of securing a good coach, that’s a whole new can of worms. Who do you trust? Who’s going to be able to see your issues?
  2. Travel – As of this writing, you can catch a roundtrip flight to Bogota Colombia for less than 400 bucks. 600 is more than enough money to do some damage in Latin America. Travel broadens your experience and makes you a better man.  In a roundabout way this does help your game.  However if you find yourself knee deep in some Brazilian gunch one week and then come back home and have to deal with these entitled chicks the next week – you’re going to move to the past of least resistance.  White guys that go to Asia deal with this a lot. Why figure out how to bang American hotties when you cannot change a thing about yourself and have a much easier time in Asia? We’ll talk about “love” trips as time goes on – but I think the correct reason to visit Thailand, Czech Republic, or Peru is because you want to be where that flavor is abundant, not because you can’t get quality at home.
  3. Language – This will open up the # of girls that you can talk to. So if you living in Miami and don’t speak Spanish, or California and don’t know Korean/Vietnamese, or Brooklyn and don’t know Russian. But unless you get on a plane, this is of marginal use for running game in America.
  4. Making More Money – In general, making money hurts your game.  It takes time away from the important things in life.  It makes you a target for gold diggers and women 26 and over.  We’ll come back to this, but the fantasy that having a billion dollars cash will make the chicks you want run in the door, and you can bang them, and you can manage them… Well that’s a pipe dream.


Tell Me I Ain’t Finesse – Part 1 of 2

Arguably the best Mc to ever do it, Rakim lays the game down flat in this.   Listen to the tune, and we’ll break it down tomorrow


Me and Eric B was coolin’ at the Paladium
Seen an all-world covered girl, I said “Hey lady I’m
Sorry if You’re in a rush – Don’t let me hold ya up
Or intervene or interrupt, but. . .
You got the look – I wanna get to know ya better
I had to let her know – but yo, I didn’t sweat her
‘Cause if you woulda seen what I was seein’
Almost looked Korean, but European.
When she spoke, her accent was self-explanatory –
Even her body language told the story
Her name was Mahogany – twin’s name was Ebony
I said “My name is Ra – and this is Eric B”
Since the music was loud, I said “let’s take a walk,
So we could talk and see New York.
Show time doesn’t start until one o’clock
And once I entered your mind I wouldn’t wanna stop
Caressin’ ya thoughts till we was thinkin’ the same
Calm ya nerves, massage ya brain
Each moment is a mineral, poetry’s protein
Verse is a vitamin – Affects like Codiene
So tell me how you feel and I’ll reveal
A pill that’ll heal ya pain – ’cause I’m real
She musta OD’d ’cause she couldn’t resist
She spoke slowly when she told me this, she said

Over Me, She’s goin’ crazy
She’ll rub me on my chest and call me Mr. Sexy
She said she’d have my kids and help me make my next G
Tell me I ain’t finesse Mahogany . . .

So I prescribed her, something to revive
And surprise her, she’s liver and much more wiser
From the light I shine when the brain cells spark,
Constantly so we can glow in the dark
And soon, you can represent the moon
As long as I keep ya in tune
I’ll tell ya who ya are and why ya here
Take it in stride ’cause it might take a year
It’s funny – how time flies when ya havin’ fun
We got close and it was almost one
She kissed me slow, but you know how far a kiss can go
F*ck around and miss the show
So I told her to hold that thought real tight
We can finish where we left off later on tonight
Back to the scene of the crime on time
As they introduced the ‘Fiend of the Rhyme’
She stood in the crowd with a birds-eye view of me
Thinkin’ of later on of what she would do to me
The back of the room I could see her eyes gloom
Patient, but hopin’ that the show was over soon
As the place was ripped in half, she made her way to the front row
So I said “let’s go”
I packed my mic as they screamed for an encore
The speakers were blown, plus my mic was sore
Besides I got places to go, ladies to see
And she could tell me how crazy she was over me
We drove off – she said she liked the way that I performed
And couldn’t wait to get ‘soft and warm’, I said,
“I’ve was watchin’ you, watchin’ me
Looks I received made it hard to MC
I can take a hint, so I knew that she
Wanted my “Agony Agony Ag-on-y” in her bod-y
Showed her some sites, then I took her to the Condo
She was pipin’ hot, but I kept my calm So
She asked how come I don’t smile
I said, “Everything’s fine, but I’m in a New York state of mind!”
As we reached the kingdom, she said bring some
Champagne, she’ll entertain then sing some
Sentimental, songs real gentle,
It hit the spot and you know where it went to
As we embraced I felt her heart pumpin’
I knew she was in the mood for somethin’
So I laid on my back and relaxed
It wasn’t the Perignon that made her collaspe
Over me

Over Me, She’s goin’ crazy
She’ll rub me on my chest and call me Mr. Sexy
She said she’d have my kids and help me make my next G
Tell me I ain’t finesse Mahogany . . .

And special bonus for my old school players, just let the first few minutes rock.

– Archie